Monday, June 10, 2013

Wow, it's been a while.

I had a very strong urge to log in and blog today. I hadn't felt that need in a long time and I don't even know if half of my bloggy friends still blog. It's amazing how Jumble Mash use to be apart of my daily life and then life got really busy. I'm not saying I'm making a comeback, but I am saying, I miss it.

I opened up the blog and realized the very last thing I wrote about was introducing my new niece to the world. She's now an amazingly beautiful and smart 1+ year old who I still cannot get enough of. I follow her around all the time with my camera and these are the looks I usually get. I imagine she is saying, "Would you puh-lease stop taking pictures and just play with me?"
Also since then, I of course got married to the love of my life. The wedding was fabulous and as nervous as I was and at most times overwhelmed, it was all so worth it. It did go by in a blur, but the blur is full of happy memories and very little hiccups.
But even before that, in March of last year, our landlord approached us and told us they wanted to sell the house we were living in. So Hubby and I took the plunge and we bought our first house. A one story, three bedroom, two bathroom little house in a cul-de-sac with a huge fenced in back yard for our dog to play. You remember Bowen, don't you? We thought about getting another dog when we moved in for him to play with but then we were given a whole new task. Two little baby kittens showed up at a co-workers house and needed a home. I was just going to take one, until I convinced Hubby that separating them was just cruel. And so, we took them both. 



I am so very thankful that we did not separate them, because after a year, they still cannot get enough of each other. Charlie is the orange one and the cuddle bug. Ash is the little girl who only likes to be petted on her own terms. And don't worry, Bowen took them right under his
 But all of that excitement, all of those changes don't even compare to what is in store for us next.

Stay tuned :)


Bubbles said...

oh! Its so good of you to pop by and read all your wonderful new. How exciting your going to be a mum. Hopefully your dad will survive this one :D

Amy said...

I was surprised to see your blog pop up in my feed!! Congratulations on the big news! Those kitties are adorable!!!

PirateGeek9 said...

Wow. It seems like a lot of us got the bug to return to blogging at roughly the same time. Cool beans. Also, your kitties are adorable and CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Meg O. said...

Oh my goodness, it's so good to see you here again! Such wonderful things in your life and congrats on the little baby!! Going to the next post!