Saturday, June 15, 2013

Our little bun- Part 2

This was it! The appointment I had been waiting for! I had our guest room all cleaned out and was just waiting to see if I was painting it pink or blue. Everyone knew we were expecting at this point and they were all anxiously waiting to hear from us.

I climbed up on that table with a huge smile on my face while the technician slathered that gel all over my growing tummy.

We hadn't seen the baby since our 9 week appointment so we were shocked at how big it'd grown! I watched as the technician pointed out the nose, the ears, the mouth, etc. It was all cute and I was thrilled to see it, but in my head I was screaming "IS IT A BOY OR GIRL!?"

Finally, we were going down the body more. Passed the little arms. Passed the little tummy. And then, the moment of truth.....


"Ugh, seems like the baby is shy." The technician said.

"Stubborn more like it. Just like his momma." Hubby chimed in.

I sighed. "It's clearly a boy. Girls don't play with their junk."

They both laughed at me and then the technician continued to take measurements. We saw baby in there wiggling around and trying to get away from us. We laughed and teared up a little bit when we saw a thumb go in his mouth.

"OH! THUMB! OH!" The technician yelled after realizing at least one hand wasn't near the junk anymore.  And in one swift movement,  she put the wand back between the crotch. And then the hand came back down to cover it up.  

Hubby and I sighed in disappointment. "I guess we aren't supposed to know."

"Just hang on..." The technician rewinded the tape and quickly hit pause. It was only a split second that she was able to get without the hands in the way, but that split second was enough.

We are having a boy! I knew it. We only hope that our child will be healthy, but I can't say we weren't both silently praying that it was a boy!  Hubby was beyond excited and called and told all of his friends before we even got out of the room! It was amazing to see him so proud. I can't even imagine how he'll be once we finally get to meet the little fellow.

Even though, we thought at this point, we were in the clear, that the rest of the pregnancy would just be a blur of cravings and swollen feet, we were mistaken. And quite so. As it turned out, our little boy had yet another curve ball for us.

Stay tuned!


Bouncin Barb said...

Seems like yesterday you guys got engaged!! Wow! So good to see you on here. I'm barely blogging but just can't give it up completely. Can't wait to read more! Hugs.

P.S. How is your father?

Amy said...

Amazing!!! I would be ecstatic to hear I was having a boy first! However, I'd be happy if we were having a girl too since that's what Joel wants.

I'm all for having a big bro :)

Congratulations! I'm excited for you to share the rest of your story!!

thisisme said...

Well well, fancy seeing you back here again!! Long time no see! So thrilled to hear your news. Many congratulations to you and hubby. Take care.

Tress said...

Thanks ladies! It's definitely been a roller coaster with this pregnancy and yes, it seems like just yesterday we got engaged! But we've already celebrated our first anniversary!

Dad is doing great...enjoying his granddaughter and excited to welcome his grandson!

Meg O. said...

YAY!!!! A BOY!!!!! And I'm going to the next part...

becca said...

congrats so excited for you and hubby. BTW if you want an awesome site to follow that is written by fierce mamas for mamas then check this out