Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Our little bun-PART 1

On election day of last year, November 6th, I believe, I woke up knowing that I was six days late. Hubby and I had decided about four months prior that we'd just stop trying to prevent pregnancy. We didn't do anything else. No calendar, no ovulating tests, nothing. We just let nature take its course.

I told Hubby I'd wait at least five days after my missed period so that I wouldn't get my hopes up. On day six, I woke up, ran to the bathroom, peed on the stick and.....


The stupid test was faulty!!! I was so angry, I dressed for work without even taking a shower so that I could stop by the drug store and buy another one. I bought a two pack and went to work. I went straight to the bathroom, peed on the stick again and before I could even blink, the lines turned.

It was positive!!  I called Hubby and had to first convince him I that I was not lying, then we cried, giggled and oh-my-gosh'd before hanging up. It'd be a long 8 hours before I'd see him again to celebrate in person.

Now fast forward a little bit, to our first doctor's appointment. I wasn't supposed to go until I was 8 weeks along, but I kept having this really bad pain in my side. The doctor I talked to feared that I may have a tubal pregnancy and wanted to see me right away. We did an ultrasound to reveal that no, it wasn't tubal, but instead a cyst. Relief! I was scheduled for another ultrasound in two weeks.

We weren't telling anybody just yet. We wanted to make sure everything was okay before spreading our news. At the next ultrasound, we were so excited to see our little baby. We held hands as the technician poured ooey gel on my stomach and ran a little wand around. There was a large black hole that he called the sac, but he cold not find a fetal pole. I didn't know what that meant exactly, so he ushered us into the doctor's office. I knew something was wrong. We weren't even scheduled to see a doctor that day.

"I hate to carry this news to you, but I do believe we should be able to see a fetal pole by now." The doctor said as soon as he walked in. He explained to us that it looked to him like nothing was going to grow in there except an empty sac. We were devastated. He scheduled us in for the next three days to get blood work. He wanted to see if my hCG levels were raising or falling. After the third day of blood work and many tears, the doctor called. "The blood levels are raising, which is a good thing. Can you come in tomorrow for another ultrasound?"

To be honest, I was baffled. I hadn't expected that. I, of course, expected the worst. I was convinced we were going to miscarry. The next hours were the slowest of my life. Hubby tried and tried but couldn't get off work the next day, so I asked my BFF to go. She held my hand as I lay on the table and waited for the ultrasound technician to start. She rubbed the little wand on my stomach and I felt my BFF squeeze my hand suddenly. She has had a baby, she knew what we were looking for. She didn't say anything though, not until the technician said, "There's your baby."

It was the most relieving thing I'd ever heard in my life. She turned on the sound and we heard the heartbeat and it was a strong one! Our little peanut was just fine! They had just had my conception date wrong. At that point, they thought I was 9 weeks along, when in reality, I was only 6. Little mistake, but HUGE heartache for the longest three days ever.

And then before we knew it, we were going in for our 18 week appointment to find out if our little peanut was a boy or a girl! Stay tuned!


Danger Boy said...


Rebecca said...

Welcome back good to see you blogging again. Plus congrats on the wedding and the new little angel on the way.

Jumble Mash said...

Thanks guys! It feels good to be back!

Meg O. said...

Wowza, that would have made me crazy, too!! Thank goodness little bun was okay! And how funny... I found out at 9 weeks, too :)

Amy said...

Ahhh that's SO intense! So happy your little baby is okay!

Unknown said...

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