Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wee Bit Wednesday

{one} did you buy a christmas tree this year?

Yes I did. I don't think I'll ever take it down :)

{two} what is your favorite holiday tradition?

Christmas at Dad's house. We usually wake him up in the wee hours of the morning and he lets us open presents and I always feel like a big kid because he goes ALL out. The stalkings are the best part because he puts really random crap in there. Like last year, among other things, I got a bottle of Midol, a Hannah Montana hair brush, a lump of coal, and like 6,000 tubes of chap stick.

{three} do you open your gifts on christmas eve or christmas day?

Both. I have three family get-togethers to attend between the 23rd and the 24th. Then on Christmas day, I have three more to go to. Gifts at all of them. Boyfriend and I will exchange gifts on Christmas morning.

{four} at what age did you stop believing in santa claus?

What do you mean? Santa isn't real?

{five} do you fill stockings?

Nope. Our stockings are empty. We let Dad handle those at his house.

{six} handmade presents or store bought presents?

Either. Honestly, I just like unwrapping stuff and the thoughtfulness is enough.

{seven} do you have a favorite christmas meal?

Ok, every year at my grandma's house I mix mashed potatoes, turkey, turkey gravy and a crumbled up homemade roll in a bowl and eat it. That's usually all I have, but its THE best thing ever.

{eight} is your christmas tree real or artificial?
Fake. I don't think a real tree will come into play until I start having kids.

{nine} what is your favorite christmas song?

I love the Hippopotamus song and Little Drummer Boy

{ten} did you send out christmas cards this year?

No I sure didn't.


Bursts of Bubbles said...

You were fast in answering the wee bits this week... shhhh don't tell your dad his stocking fillers are crap :P... I think its still fun though.

I won't be taking part in this weeks as I can only answer about 4 of the questions so its pointless, hopefully my friends will ask me tonnes of questions on my posts so that I can have a question session today.

becca said...

phew you scared me there for a minute i thought you were going to tell me Santa wasn't real then me and my imaginary friends would have been crushed. go to know he is real just go to remember he owes me 20.00 from last years poker game

Daffy said...

I love the random crap in the stockings! Thats pure awesomeness! I am so excited for Christmas this year with my Little Duck. It will be 1,000% different than any Christmas I've ever had in all the 31 Christmases I've ever experienced in my life time but....I think that's part of the excitement. We're starting new in every way entire family is...

Amy said...

thanks for your message yesterday :)
I love that your dad goes all out it's amazing! My mom fills my stocking with random stuff too, sometimes I think they are things she is actually trying with too.

Anonymous said...

My turn!!

{one} did you buy a christmas tree this year?

I used the same one we always use. This is the last year for it. We're going shopping for a new fake tree after Christmas.

{two} what is your favorite holiday tradition?

I love Christmas Eve. We have dinner with my brother, s.i.l. and nephews, my parents, hubs and the kiddos. A little food, a little wine, then to church. After church we go look at Christmas lights then get ready for Santa.

{three} do you open your gifts on christmas eve or christmas day?

I have about five Christmasses so it goes on all month long.

{four} at what age did you stop believing in santa claus?

What do you mean? Santa isn't real? LIAR!!

{five} do you fill stockings?

Yep. Four of them.

{six} handmade presents or store bought presents?

Either. My brother is a big Greenie and scavenger. He finds the coolest stuff ever at antique malls and thrift stores. My mom is a Coach type lady, my kids make great gifts.

{seven} do you have a favorite christmas meal?

Christmas morning we go to my parent's house and have a themed dinner. One year it will be Mardi Gras, the next Chirtmas in the Caribbean, maybe Old Fashioned Christmas. My mom always surprises us and cooks to the theme, complete with decorations and music.

{eight} is your christmas tree real or artificial?

{nine} what is your favorite christmas song?

O Holy Night or All I Want for Christmas is a Real Good Tan

{ten} did you send out christmas cards this year?

Yep. And early!

The Empress said...

Christmas stockings are the best! And your dad is very inventive when it comes to filling them up.

lyndylou said...

I do the same as your dad re the random stuff in the stocking!

Thankfully Holly loves it :)

Thisisme said...

That turkey meal you make at your grandma's house sounds awesome! I might have to try that this year. I'm so glad that you said Father Christmas is REAL, because I'd hate anybody to be disappointed when reading your blog.

Krissy said...

We have always loved the stockings because it's the one thing we were allowed to look at before my parents got up. I don't think I've ever gotten drugs in them though, unless you count chocolate. Santa is no fool! :)

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Three times to open gifts sounds pretty awesome

Ingrid Gray said...

Oh. my. goodness. You mix mashed potatoes, turkey, gravy, AND a roll? That is just crazy talk. None of my food can touch. If there's a chance at all that my food might touch, I get a plate with sections or a side plate to prevent such an atrocity. Of the four things, it would be ok for light meat turkey and the roll to touch because they don't have juices.

Krissy said...

LOL Ingrid... My mom is still amazed that I'll even eat things together because I used to be the same as you, and I'd eat all of one thing and then all of the next, etc.

Jumble Mash said...

Hahahaha I love you all. Thanks for the lovely comments.

Bouncin' Barb said...

Excellent info. Sounds like fun at Dad's house. What time should we be there?

Krissy said...

Oh, we're invading Dad's for Christmas now? Does he know he's doing stockings for all of us? :)

Mrs. Hyde said...

Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer = BEST. SONG. EVER.

Krissy said...

Mrs. Hyde... You'll have to check out my blog for a post to come that's similar to that that's true! LOL

caterpillar said...

We do not follow the same Christmas traditions in this part of the world...but the excitement and the holiday spirit is catching on... :)

Tress said...

LOL Dad will probably be happy to know ya'll are invading his house.

DW said...

Even though I usually steal the WBW questions for my blog, I'm going to skip it this time. I feel like a bit of a Scrooge, but going to my parent's house just isn't fun anymore. Between their addictions, mental illness, and untrained animals, we stay away as much as possible. My bf and I will be there xmas day, but that's all I can handle. Hey, I emailed xmas cards, though! Does that count? I saved on ink, paper, and stamps. Makes my unenjoyment check stretch further, ya know.

Tress said...

Emailing Christmas cards in the new hip thing to do, DW. No worries :)