Thursday, May 26, 2011

Weird things kids do.

Remember in school when one person would buy something and then suddenly it was the cool thing to own until that person or someone else moved onto something else? You know, like Pokemon cards, Pogs, Walkmans, etc?

We had a temp in at work earlier this week and her name was Bianca. Every time I heard it, I thought of Binaca Breath Spray.

And I remembered when pretty much every girl in my class (like 8th grade) carried around Binaca like it was THE coolest thing in the world. Then of course, I got to thinking. What else did the girls in my class go coo-coo over?

1. Mint Strips. Nasty as hell, but we all had them in our pockets after the Binaca went out of style.

2. Tamagotchis. Do you all remember these things? You had to take care of them, like feed them and play with them, or they’d die (I think). Not sure what the appeal was.

3. Clear Lip Gloss. Every girl in our damn school looked like they were drooling at the mouth because they had layers and layers of clear lip gloss on. At any given time you could see a girl pull a tube out of her pocket and smear it on. I may or may not have had a large supply of clear lip gloss.

4. The Backpack Purse. To carry all that lip gloss of course.
5. Beaded Bracelets. This is a really sucky picture but it was the only one I could find with the very specific type of beaded bracelet. If you got any other kind, it wasn't cool.
6. Water Bottles. Yeaaaah. We would freeze water overnight, take it to school the next day and sip on it all day long as it melted. Don't ask, because I'm still unsure.
What were some odd fads when you were growing up?


Amy said...

hahahaha amazing! I totally was into the clear lipgloss, the mouth strips and I had a nano (not iPod) the kitty kind of COURSE! It was orange.

Also furby's were HUGE here! I had one - they were so dumb and never did ANYTHING.

Lip smackers were crazy popular when I was really little too - you had to have one in every flavour imaginable.

Modrobes (were they big in the States?)

Gel pens!

Can't think of anything else right now!

Oilfield Trash said...

Smoking and drinking on the way to school was a fad when I was in school.

Brent Wescott said...

Binaca was popular in my middle school days, too. Is it a fad in all middle schools? Does it come and go?

And that water bottle thing is weird as a fad. I can understand needing to drink water during the day, but drinking water because everyone else is doing it it is weird.

Tress said...

@Amy- Totally forgot about the gel pens!!! Those were definitely a fad in the middle school days. I have no clue what Modrobes are, so no. lol.

@OT- LOL In middle school?

@Brent- I know, right? And it had to be frozen water to sip on. It was so freakin weird.

PencilGirl said...

Guilty on numbers 3 and 6... Also, we sometimes substituted the frozen water with frozen orangeade.. :\ It was fun.. :P

Thisisme. said...

Hi there. Oh my, yes I can certainly remember a lot of those things, mostly from when my children were at school, but it certainly brought back some memories! I certainly used to use those Listerine strips! And those Tamogotches! My daughters had those, and I had to feed the flipping things whilst they were at school, so they wouldn't die!! What us mothers do for our children!

steph c said...

Sooo. I had all of these. Still have the water bottle ;) And I was just thinking about Binaca the other day.. do they even still make that?!

GotThatSwing said...

I only remember walkmens and tamagochi of these things. We didn't have fashion for the others you listed in Poland (pokemon came when I was too old for that already:P) but of course we had lots of other fashions. Colorful papers to file binders, stickers, handmade bracelets of embroidery floss, gameboys... :D Cool post. I love childhood memories :D

The Empress said...

Revealing that sort of information would be counter productive to my desire to remain anonymous. Even so, it was fun to think back on all the crazy fads back in the day ...that may or may not had something to do with lip gloss ; )

The Ranter's Box

Anonymous said...

I remember Tamagotchis and Pogs!! They were like drugs back then, everyone wanted them ;)

Mrs. Hyde said...

Wait...what? We're not still wearing clear lip gloss?

The Onion said...

Ack! I am so old. Here is my list:

Binaca made an entrance
cinnamon toothpicks
"sketti" bracelets (those rubber bracelets madonna wore in the 80's)
toppers for pencils

troll dolls. (blushing)

Toni Rose said...

haha :) i remember my tamagotchi. i had one a kerokeroppi version..

and it was still working when i was in highschool. I decided to put some batteries on and bring it to school.

during gradeschool it was not allowed in school, but in highschool.. it was cellphones which were popular and then banned... but who would think someone will still bring tamagotchi?

i did, and it was atleast LEGAL lol... my classmates (weird as it may be) and i were exchanging chances of playing with it.. lol its a funny memory to remember...

Anonymous said...

I remember those things. I also remember furbies, and schrunchies and basically 90's stuff because that was the era I grew up in. Oh FANNY PACKS!

Jo-Anne Rambling said...

While I was at my sister in-laws on Sunday I noticed her daughter had a Tamagotchi she was playing with it all day and I thought didn't know they where back in fashion.

I don't remember what fads there was when I was at school it was to long

Toni Rose said...

Lol, tamagotchis nowadays are different. The classic ones were better

Nicki said...

I actually started making those damn beaded bracelets. I also made beaded lizards....?