Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I Have A Guest: Long Distance Love Affair

Next up is Miss Innocent from Long Distance Love Affair.

Miss Innocent has chosen topic # 1...Marriage/Relationships

On single or being single - God may be slow, but He is never too late :)

"Look at us. running around. Always Rushed. Always late. I guess that's why they call it the human race. What we crave the most is connection. For some people it happens at first sight. It's when you know, you know. It's faith working it's magic. Well that's great for them. But that's not how it really works. For the rest of us it's a bit less romantic. It's complicated. It's messy. It's about horrible timing and fumbled opportunities. And not being able to say, what you need to say, when you need to say it."- from the movie "The Switch"

Hello guys, I'm Miss Innocent and I have a blog which is Long Distance Love Affair. Jumblemash actually made me choose from 5 topics on which to make a guest post about. It wasn't that easy but then I thought, my blog is mostly about my love life so might as well guest post about LOVE right? lol. I'm not an expert, nor do I work for Dr. Love and not all of you might have a love life to be interested in the topic anyway. But what I do know is that the post that I'm going to share is something that all of us can relate.

finding "the one"

To tell you the truth, I'm not really the type of girl who collected boyfriends. To be honest, unlike most girls I knew, I never had a single boyfriend back in high school or even before. I had my first boyfriend when I graduated high school at 17. And I wouldn't even know if he counted as a boyfriend since we only lasted for 2 weeks and we barely saw each other because my father grounded me when he found out. LOL. My second boyfriend was in college and it was my first or longest commitment I ever had. Eighth months. I wouldn't know if you would consider that a long commitment, but hey... it WAS for me! My third boyfriend was AFTER college. Well... he's my current boyfriend now. And we just had our 2nd year anniversary last Saturday, September 11, 2010. With that I have told you that I only had THREE boyfriends out of these twenty-two years.

Again, unlike my other friends... they HAD TONS.

I won't say that I'm ugly but if you must judge, hey... my class chose me to be a candidate of our school's pageant! I won't say much details what happened about that pageant because that's some history I want to keep in pandora's box (lol).

So anyway... I had a lot of admirers.

But I never had a boyfriend.

Not because I had high maintenance or I turned them down.

But because no one actually courted me. *blech*

I would always say... I was the type for guys to have a crush on, but never was the type that they would woo.

I had a couple of crushes, or mutual understandings... And I KNEW, a lot of boys had a crush on me too... but I never had any chance to be in any kind of commitment.

I would always tell my girlfriends that my motto was: "Why have one? When you can have many?" I had a lot of girls getting jealous because I was hanging out with their crushes and their suitors. My girlfriends would just agree and envy, because I got to hang out and be one of the boys anytime I wanted. And on events, I would drag my attached best friends with me and pretend to have a singles day out, hunting for boys to flirt with. I would almost forget that they had a boyfriend.

I had so much belief and self-esteem in myself that my friends actually tell me "I wish I was single like you."

But little did they knew.. that I did not want to be single. I wanted to have a boyfriend too.



People always say, "there are lots of fishes in the sea". I would say,"Why fish? When you can dive?"

But not all of us are the lucky ones are we? There are just those girls who would have suitors lining up for them and there are just those girls who would have boyfriends one after another. While some of us, stay single as the same.

I guess, what I'm about to say is going to be a b.s. of cliche. But I just have to say it myself.

It's all about the timing.

I've explained in my first blog post, how fast my boyfriend and I got together. It's like I met him today... and tonight we're a couple. We've had our own obstacles, and we've had our moments of questioning ourselves. But in the end we always had the same results, we just had to get back together. 

I do not know if he is "the one" nor did I expect that we were going to last for more than a couple of months. But now we just had our second anniversary. And even though we are not physically together, we are still committed to one another. Talk about love at second sight. Talk about just going with life's "flow".

And I've learned in the process, never to push it. We have to learn our limitations when to stop. Because if we do force things to happen, we only end up getting the wrong results. I would say "God may be slow... but He is never late."

And you know what? .... Remember those friends who had one boyfriend after another?  Who had tons of suitors every now and then? Well they still do have a lot of suitors, I am still envious. But not one of those suitors were the type that my friends would want to have a "long term commitment" with. Every time I meet my friends, it's just a different new boyfriend. Some of them were just passing and I didn't had the chance to meet.

One of my friends actually told me that she's happy that I have a boyfriend now. And she's happier because I have the same boyfriend for so long. I told her "I thought you enjoy dating and flirting with various men?". She said, "I do, but because I have no choice. None of them are a long term commitment type"

 "Look at us. running around. Always Rushed. Always late. I guess that's why they call it the human race.   But sometimes, it slows down just as enough for all the pieces to fall into place. faith works it's magic. Every once in a while, in all the randomness, something unexpected happens and it pushes us all forward. And the truth is when I'm starting to think, when I'm starting to feel, is that maybe the human race isn't a race at all." - from the Movie "The Switch"

-the end-

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Molly Malone said...

Awwwwww : Great post!

TeamJazz1 said...

I follow!

Jess said...

Good post, as usual. :)

Traveliztera said...

Well I know a lot who keep on having a lot of new boyfriends and one of the reasons is the guys are just not ready for a serious commitment... The thing is, they keep on going and going ... They need to slow it down and think well with their choices because with all the rush, they will not be able to see the clear path that was planned for them.
I'm glad you guys are strong... You're in a tough situation and it takes great courage and strength to keep that relationship up... Nice post. :)

Anonymous said...

Aawww... it really is a nice post. We're kinda the same, you know. I didn't have lots of suitors lining up for me back in high school or college. They'd just flirt a bit then disappear. Once, I had to "courage" to ask this one boy "Why is that?".. and he said, "You're very intimidating." Hehe.. Hay, ewan. Ganun talaga ang buhay..

Again, a very nice entry. =D Thanks for sharing this.

Tong-tong said...

ito ba yoong link?

Pinx said...

my hubby and i used to be in a long distance relationship, there were a lot of obstacles. but now? we ended up being so happy together. it just takes a lot of trust, patience and understanding. it's not easy indeed but it's all worth it!

great post!

E•M•O•T•E•R•A said...

Ganito lang yan eh: (in my own opinion/reaction)

• Iba yung bf-gf thing pag high school. Parang mataas na level ng "puppy love".

• Sa college naman, may mga prons and cons. Dapat serious na level ang relationship. At syempre pag nasaktan ka - bongga! rin ang sakit. ouch.

• LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP: okay... 2 years na kau. (congrats!) "trust" and "constant communication" with each other are the important in this kind of relationship. :) text, email, chat, video chat/call and etc. do it, to keep your relationship alive or to keep more stronger.

• Pero eto nasa entry ko na ito eh, uulitin ko lang:



read this:

PS: nice post btw. :D

Tong-tong said...

ok ill share some, i got inspired kasi by your entry...

when i was in college, long distance seems to be the biggest problem that we had encounter. this ruined our relationship..

but now i know... and thanks for the pointers here that i can use.

Kelvin said...

This is quite a nice post, but long term commitment or not can't really known with just a few dates.

Mitchie said...

`hahah . nkarelate ako ng bongga .. :))
I've never had a boyfriend way back in HS ..
heheh .. at ngaun IT'S COMPLICATED =))

"I did not want to be single. I wanted to have a boyfriend too."
pero mas masarap minsan kapag single ..
walang boyfriend na magagalit kpag gumigimik ka with friends .. walang boyfriend na daig pa ung tatay mo sa pagbabawal sau kahit wala k nman ginagawa ..

masarap din nman ung may boyfriend kase may nag.aalaga sau , may at nagmamahal sau ng bongga ..
ah basta , depende n cguro un sa tao .. heheh .. :))

nice post :)

definella said...

naalala ko tuloy yung M.U ko nuon, long distance din yun :D

Copyboy said...

As far as looks go. Some women are so good looking, guys are afraid to approach 'em. Just saying. :) Awesome guest post!

MissEmy said...

Great post!! It's easy to make mistakes when your only goal is to have a boyfriend/get married/etc... timing and the right dude is everything.

Miss Innocent said...

hey jm!!!! i havent commented on my own post. ive been a little busy with the family around. good thing i wrote this last week. lol
haha anyway wow. i had fun doing the guest post! thanks again! :) and im overwhelmed.

i havent recieved this many comments in one day on my own blog. hahahaha i should guest post more often then! haha i apologize to some of my friends tho, i guess they got so excited on commenting that they spoke in filipino language. hihihi

id like to translate them if u like. haha man im gonna have a long time replying to these guys on their comments! haha :) btw.

the quote i placed from the switch, you'll notice you'll get a lot of google searches landin on your site. i checked my keyword section in stats and i received a lot of referrals because of that... hahaha :)

Miss Innocent said...

@ copy boy...

so... you think im a good looking woman??? hahahaha lol.. thanks..

i prefer to think it that way then! haha ;)

The Frisky Virgin said...

Wonderful guest post! I know so many women who date to date, even when they know he will never be the one. Why bother? Maybe it's fun, but, after a while, I would think it could get awfully the same type of "going-nowhere" guy over and over again. But, for them, it's more important to have a date on Friday or Saturday night. Me? I'd rather curl up with a good movie or a good book than go out with someone my gut tells me it's not going to work with...of course, sometimes you never know until you try. And then you try and he howls at the moon or coughs up his food on the table. Ugh. Fabulous.

Miss Innocent said...

hahahhahahaha frisky virgin! i loved the last line! hahaha <3

i know right.. but just like i said.. i wanted to be those type of women (or atleast experience) to date and date.. haha.. so some asshole can bullshit me all night for all I want :)

Zabrinah said...

This is wonderful, Miss Innocent.

You and I are sooooooo alike, you don't even know.

That quote from The Switch is really awesome. Sums everything up about love and life perfectly.



Emmaleigh said...

It pays to wait for the right one. ;)

I honestly don't know what to say anymore, I think most of the bloggers here had said everything I wanted to say.

so good luck to you & the bf and you guys stay strong!

you know my name said...

wow, i used to hate long distance relationship. i thought it could never work out. so thanks for this post. :)


Queen of the Rant said...

Great post and that quote just brings it all together for me

Loykens said...

I really like this post...i remember my past experience. Can we exchange links?

Diamond R said...

Wow! ang lalim.Pag love ang pinaguusapan.lahat makakarelate.

Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

So sweet! Love is like that :)

Alice X said...

Great post Miss Innocent thanks for pointing it out to me. I think some guys are to afraid to ask women out so maybe that's why you had a lot of crushes but no boyfriends. I have only had a couple relationships in my life, and the guy i am with now i have been woth for over 7 years, a long time i know. I have no idea what or who the one is but what i do know is that i love love the one i'm with and i wouldnt trade him for the world, even if he does annoy the crap out of me sometimes :)

Miss Innocent said...

HAHAHAHAHA... it's great to find that one person you wanna annoy for the rest of you life... isn't it? :)