Friday, October 29, 2010

Pep Talk

5 Things That Drive Me Crazy is taking a break this week, because honestly, I have about 1,000 things that are driving me crazy but I can't classify them into one category. By the you guys like the Friday bitching?

Anyways, I've been trying to follow everyone's 30 Days of Truth Challenges and I've read a few of the "Letter to Yourself" posts, which I think is number 30 but that doesn't really matter. I read Barb's the other day and I decided I would give it a try, even though I didn't do the 30 Days of Truth. But it's my blog, I'll write to myself if I want to :)

Dear Self,

You have been aggravating me as of late. You simply have no self control and have very addictive behavior. Just because you have stopped smoking, does not mean that you can replace the nicotine with cookies and other sugary sweets. Cookies will not make everything better. Cookies will only make you fatter. So stop eating so many. You can go to the grocery store without buying cookies. Honestly, you’ve done it before.
Also, please stop shoving your feet into those stupid heels of yours just because they look awesome and make you taller. Yes, your legs look longer, but your feet are going to simply fall off if you do not stop.

Go outside and do some yard work instead of sitting inside all day watching different TV series on Netflix just because you can. You are not seriously interested in Deadliest Catch, so just delete it off your instant queue and move on. And no, do not move onto season one of Hoarders just because it is sitting in your queue untouched.

One more thing...stop stressing about money so much. Moving into a new place is expensive; you know that, you’ve done it before. So suck it up and stop worrying. If you cannot buy Boyfriend that totally awesome Christmas gift that you’ve had your eye on, then don’t sweat it. He can surely live without it, but probably is getting tired of living with your crankiness.
Stuff No One Told Me (Awesome blog, go check it out)
Take more hot baths. Stop buying expensive video games. Eat more healthy foods. Go on more dates. And I think it’s about time to highlight that hair of yours. It’s looking dull.

Your own worst enemy.


Bursts of Bubbles said...

I really like this and mine would probably be just as cranky.. I've started a Dear... on my blog for random thoughts but it would be fun to do something like this. I won't though as my brain is already on ideas overload.

Bouncin' Barb said...

Hi JM...Thanks for menioning my blog. I really enjoyed that challenge. This is a great letter to yourself. Good for you. Glad to hear the no smoking is still in effect. You go girl!

Mamarazzi said...

great post. i have seen everyone doing the 30 days of truth...makes me want to jump on board but i have been lying to myself for so long i kinda doubt myself will believe itself.

Jess said...

Mine would have much of the same in it. Great post!

Thisisme said...

Mine would certainly say stop eating the cookies! It's like a box of chocolates, once you start, you just can't stop! Well, I can't anyway. Mind would also say STOP playing farmville and frontierville (via facebook). I've only been blogging for a week and am so enjoying reading all these interesting (and sad (sometimes) and funny (sometimes)blogs!

FreeFlying said...

That was great. It totally makes me want to do one. Maybe Monday. Then I can address the inevitable gluttony that will take place.

amchornetgirl said...

Yep, I too have developed a cookie habit! Together, we can kick it!

becca said...

great post as always

Aimee said...

I love this letter to yourself. Totally had a shoegasm over those heels. I love them. Me and my bf get into arguments over me wearing heels too often. Its gotten to th point where I wont wear any type of shoe...who cares that i have a bad ankle and my feet swell? I love my heels.

Oh and I ear youon lack of motivation. Netflix is the deathof all productivity. And now that it has gone discless on PS3 all bets are off.

Kevin Michael said...

As she stated, I'm always yelling at Aimee about her stupid heels...stop wearing them already!!!

Great blog by the way!

Happy Wife said...

I just discovered Hoarders and it both horrifies and educates. No time wasting there. Can lawn work really increase your self confidence by about a million percent? Because Hoarders can. It's for the learnin' and self examinin'. No matter how many cookies I eat during a show (or how much Halloween candy), I know no one will ever find THIRTEEN DEAD CATS in my house, so my lifestyle choices... So healthy. It's a win-win! You know, except for the cats. That's just sad. Damn. Now I'm sad about the cats again. You know what will make me feel better? A cookie and more Hoarders. And... we're back to win-win?

StephanieC said...

Jeebus, this is eerily similar to my own life. Just substitute blogging/reading other people's blogs with Netflix.

I need more self control and am undoubtedly my worst enemy.

I have to read more of your posts now!!

Roberta said...

haha, you crack me up. It's hard being honest with yourself-- that's when you find your bestie and have him/her slap you a good one to put you back into your place! :)

I like the letter to self idea's like an early "new years resolution" project. I suspect mine would include (a) stop spending so much money on beauty products (b) stop eating so much fro-yo and (c) work out more.

Gluttony will seriously be the world's downfall...everyone has it in some way shape of form.

hed. said...

Meh, you gotta have a vice...its like we die of random crap no matter what! I'd choose sugar over nicotine any day (or maybe sex ha ha...but sometimes isn't ice cream better than sex??). Hed hed down under

Tress said...

Haha thanks guys! I'm glad you enjoyed the letter. If ya'll write a letter to yourselves, please let me know! I'll probably see it anyways though because I'm always out visiting other blogs:)

And all you newbies- WELCOME!! So glad you could make it! Stick around for a while :)

Anonymous said...

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