Thursday, June 9, 2011

Giggle, Wiggle, and Jiggle

Good morning Jumble Mashers! This is this first Giggle, Wiggle, and Jiggle I've done in a while. Let's see if I remember how to do this!

We'll start with the Giggle Button winner. Lyndylou was the first to answer the question, What was the name of Morgan Freeman's character in the 2007 film Bucket List? It was indeed Carter Chambers. By the way, what did you guys think of that movie?

Lyndylou picked the next Giggle Button occupant. Go click and find out! I will tell you, that she didn't pick herself!

This week, I highly recommend to you Make Daddy a Sammich.

His blog name alone should let you know that he is one funny dude. And definitely not afraid to said what's on his mind. You've been warned :)
Now for the first poll in FOREVER!
Where does your music come from? I'm talking about the majority of your music. Do you love your Ipod or do you prefer CDs? Please vote! (Poll over on your right)


Sunshine said...

My iPod sucks. It's from 2004, and it has about 1/2 hour timeframe for me to play stuff... and as I'm always in my car, I'd say I go w/ CD's more. <3

SkippyMom said...

Nice pick Lyndylou! YAY!

My music is all loaded on my computer - I don't have an ipod anymore - my dog ate it [I swear!] And most of the music on my computer was loaded by the kids.

If I don't listen to that I pop over to youtube and listen to stuff I pick.

steph c said...

Much fun that you're bringing all this back!! I def get most of my music from iTunes. I will buy an actual CD on a VERY rare occasion - but it's definitely been at least a year or two since I have!

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

great pick for the giggle. i had to go over and read a few of her entries. i started at the beginning.

Oilfield Trash said...

I still buy stuff on CD and put it on my iPod so I have a back up if my iTunes takes a dump.

And thanks for the pimping of me!!!

Jewels said...

YAY for Oilfield Trash...gotta love him.

I get my music from iTunes and on rare occasion actually buy the physical CD. I have XM/Sirius in my car and am thinking about downloading Pandora for my computer. Think I love music? hehe

The Empress said...

Yay for pimping Oily! Make Daddy a Sammich is a classic.

Being a technotard who loves music I either listen to the radio or CD's...

Somnia said...

Yay!! Still lovin' that the giggle button is back and the polls :D I have to say I always buy CDs because I am a weirdo who usually likes the songs that don't become singles. The only way to get both the singles and in my opinion some of the best songs I have ever heard is to get the physical copy. I then put it on my ipod and usually listen to it on there but it technically comes from the CDs. I just started listening to the radio again because my area finally got a country music radio station!! I only get it when I go out east but still we didn't have anything before so I am happy. I think I like my music a little too much... this is a bit long for a comment, sorry.

Toni Rose said...

Good Thing that Music Library was an option! :))

Julie said...

Can i just say Oh shucks and i'm honoured that Lyndylou has put me on your giggle button. Thanks!!
And i love the thought of your dad endingup in a nut house due to the wedding and the baby!!! WHat fun!

Daffy said...

Oilfield is great!

I JUST bought my first seriously in two weeks ago....I still don't have music on it.

I'm still lame. I listen to the radio.