Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Is it too much to ask for?

Dear Santa,
      This year, I would really like for you make it stop snowing. The only time I'd like to see snow is on Christmas day. Please keep it away from me for the 364 remaining days of the year.

      I would like one year paid leave from work...with bonus. And when I return to work, I would like a raise.

     If you cannot provide me with the year off from work, then I would like a clone to go to work for me. I will stay home in my warm house with my dog and blog all day.
     I would like to be the most awesome blogger in the world.  
     I would like to eat as many cookies as I wish and my weight not be affected by them whatsoever.

     I would like to own, but not operate, my very own library.

     I would really like to groceries to be free. Or at least cheaper. Like $.50 for a gallon of milk.

     I would like gas to also be a lot cheaper and to be automatically refillable. Just push a button on your car and BAM you have a full tank. The bill is mailed to you. Or not...that would be cool, too.
    Oh, yeah, and world peace and feed the hungry and all that. Also, bring our troops home.

Girl that was VERY good this year.

Trivia time!! If you were to receive all of the gifts in the song "The 12 Days of Christmas," how many gifts would you receive?

First to answer chooses who goes on the Giggle Button for a week!


Danger Boy said...

And I'm so with you on the cookies. And Santa, please include pie with the cookies. Love, Dangerboy.

steph c said...


Although Danger Boy already answered, damn :(

But I second you on the cookies! Nom.

Vic said...

I know....as much as i miss it...i don't ...driving in it is helllll! too late on the trivia...darn:)

Mrs. Hyde said...

Dear Santa,
I want what JM's having.

Woman who's still wondering what exactly 'good' means.

Tress said...

@Danger Boy- Yay you win! Email me and let me know who will take over the Giggle Button next week! Feel free to use your own blog! jumblemash@gmail.com

@Steph-You almost had it!! Hehe.

@Vic-You miss snow?? And you are right, driving in snow is horrible.

@Mrs. Hyde- As always...you made me chuckle :)

Cap'n Kyrie said...

12 partridges in pear trees.
22 turtle doves
30 french hens
36 calling birds
40 golden rings
42 geese a laying
42 swans a swimming
40 maids a milking
36 ladies dancing
30 lords a leaping
22 pipers piping
12 drummers drumming
Equals 364, I believe.

amchornetgirl said...

I really want the work wish!

Tress said...

Cap'n you are soooo right! Holy crap...I kinda forgot that you get the presents more than once. LOL Well you can pick the Giggle Button winner next week. Just email me and let me know!! jumblemash@gmail.com

Tress said...

@AMC- Meeeeeee too!

Thisisme said...

That is such a good post Jumble! And you already are an AWESOME blogger!

Tress said...

Aw!! Thanks!!! Right back at ya :)

Dad said...

VERY good may be a wee bit of a stretch babe :-)

becca said...

totally want in on the cookie isea would love that and as you know math i ain't so good at anymore..

Nicki said...

HECK YES CHEAPER GROCERIES!!! .50 gallons of milk sounds like the new paradise.

Tress said...

@Dad- What? You can't pull that stuff off, Santa? hehe

@Becca-Well if Santa grants me the wish, I would surely send him your way!

@Nicki- Right?!? If I wouldn't starve, I'd completely boycott grocery stores for taking all of my money just so I can survive. Assholes.

Jess said...

This is a great list. I may steal some of the items for my own list.

caterpillar said...

You think mass petition would be a good idea?If so...I'm in...