Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chuck Norris...Please send me a check.

Either my life really sucks or I am seriously lacking in creativity because I finally have some extra time to blog and I haven’t got much to say.

Let’s see…nothing really new on the home front except we bought the game You Don’t Know Jack for Xbox, which is a trivia game with a twist (as in, the host curses and makes inappropriate remarks, which are hilarious) and it is really fun. Boyfriend and I have spent hours playing that game and I’ve even won…like twice.

Work? Well work is work. Usually busy. Usually annoying. Although we did turn one of our offices into a gym and I got a Total Gym (Chuck Norris’ machine) off of Craig’s List for $70.00 and it is the best thing since sliced bread. Muscles I didn’t even know I had were sore the first day I used it, but I can already see results. I was really concerned about my flabby arms, and they are already started to smooth out. What I didn’t know though was with just a little head tilt you can work your abs at the same time. And it’s fun to do. I actually get mad at myself when I can’t physically do it anymore, because I want to continue. And another thing I found surprising was that it stretches your back out and feels sooooo good. Especially since I sit at a desk every day and my back and neck get stiff.

Wow…ok anyways, enough about the Total Gym.

My little sister rescued a dog from a married couple that buys dogs, breeds them, and then locks them in a crate until they are ready to breed again. Horrible in home puppy mill. She is two years old and her name is Athena and she’s already had two litters of puppies. They say she’s an American Bulldog, but I think she looks like a Boxer. But I am so happy that Athena has found a loving home. My Bowen and Athena have a play date right after Bowen gets neutered. (Yes, I’ve decided on neutering.)

Ok, for someone with nothing to say, this was an unnecessarily wordy post. Trivia anyone? The Giggle Button hasn’t been changed in like two weeks so let’s get someone new on there!!

What is Mulder's first name in 'The X-Files'?


Oilfield Trash said...

Yay for your sister rescuing the dog!!!

A is for Amy said...

I'm sort of embarrassed that I know but his name is Fox Mulder.

And yay for saving dogs!

Tress said...

@OT- Indeed!

Yay Amy!!! Email me at jumblemash@gmail and let me know who you want to go on the Giggle Button!

Thisisme. said...

Really pleased that your sister rescued that poor dog! What a horrible way to treat them. Oh flip! I've missed out on the trivia quiz yet again!!

Anonymous said...

What an adorable puppy! Glad she got rescued. :)

SkippyMom said...

YAY for Athena's new home. She is a cutie.

And good for you - we want to spay our Dachsie but they want almost 600 dollars in our part of the world so we will wait until we make it back to SC and it will be half of that and the vet is awesome.

Bouncin' Barb said...

We're going to to try the trial for that game. If we like it and end up getting it, maybe we can play it together? It'll be a bit with the moving though. Bruce is avid at G.R.A.W.

becca said...

so good to here from you and what's happening

steph c said...

Glad Athena was rescued :) Such a cute puppy.

And my dad used to have YDKJ for his computer.. I totally loved that game. Betting I would love it for Xbox too.. so I'm officially jealous ;)

Jess said...

Cute puppy!

P.S. Chuck Norris is The Man.

gewuerzgurke said...

I used to play you don't know jack a lot when I was younger. Not on an xbox of course, they didn't exist yet. It totally wasn't appropriate for my age, but I loved it :D

Tress said...

@Thisisme- I know! I'm so glad LilSis found her.

@Sam- Me too!!

@Skippy- Aren't vet costs ridiculous? Especially when its promoted so much to spay/neauter your pet?

@Barb- We downloaded the trial first, too and ended up buying it. And that would be AWESOME if we could play together!

@Becca- Thanks! I missed everyone!

@Steph- Yeah, I remember playing it on the computer when I was younger, but idk how I ever did it. Some of those questions are ridiculous!

@Jess- Ineed! On both accounts:)

@Gewuerzgurke- Same here. I remember playing it on Dad's computer.

Nicki said...

My dog's name is Apollo...SO I FREAKING LOVE THE NAME ATHENA. I wish they lived closer so they could have a Greek deity-themed doggie playdate. Because that's not nerdy and slightly pathetic. At all.

amchornetgirl said...

No way, I have a dog named Apollo also! I used to have his brother, Zeus (I'm a big Magnum PI fan), but he sadly disappeared several years ago.

Jumble Mash said...

@nicki- Greek deity-themed doggie playdate sounds EXCELLENT. Definitely not pathetic. Maybe nerdy though :)

@Hornet- Awe, thats sad about Zeus. I love both of those names!