Friday, February 11, 2011

Speed Limit

One of the questions for Wee Bit Wednesdays this week was about traffic. Since then, I've seen a couple posts about traffic and I have a very serious question for you guys.

What is the speed limit where you live?


Where my office is, we are about 10-15 minutes away from two different state lines. So we have people from West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania working here. The lady from Pennsylvania told me over the summer that our road construction speed limit is what their regular speed limit is.

Here is how fast we can drive in WV.

Interstate -70 mph
Freeway -65 mph
Other Primary Roads- 55 mph
Construction Zone- 55 mph
Residential- 25 mph
School Zones- 15 mph

And for my friends that measure in kilometers...

 120 kph = 75 mph
 104 kph = 65 mph
   88 kph = 55 mph
   40 kph = 25 mph
   24 kph = 15 mph

Or something along those lines.

How fast are you allowed to drive?


Oilfield Trash said...

Well I would not say "allowed" per se.

On the freeways/interstates I do between 70-80. Normal roads I do the speed limit on.

Meg O. said...

It's about the same here except school zones are 20 mph. So I guess I have a higher chance of hurting a school kid.

ib said...

Our interstates and highways are 70 but if traffic is moving faster, You have to keep up. City limit is normally 40, school zones and residential areas are 10-15 but those are ignored.

lyndylou said...

Here in the UK it's 70 mph on the dual carriageway, 60 mph on a single carriage way. In town it is 30mph and by schools it is 20 mph

I do find it hard to go from 60 to 30 and do speed a wee bit when I first get into town!

Bouncin' Barb said...

Speed limit? What speed limit? I didn't see any signs here. Bruce tried the "I was keeping up with traffic" excuse in court once but the judge didn't buy it.

Bubbles said...

After my post yesterday Barb answered that it got on her nerves when people drove 50mph, I was going to ask this same question.

The main speed limit here is 30mph

Some roads which aren't as built up with houses, shops etc... its 40mph.

Then you have whats called national speed limit which mostly I've seen on country roads and this is 60mph but there is actually no way you can drive that as they are thin, winding.... a pain generally. Also on what are known as dual carriage ways (a mini motorway with 2 lanes) you can drive 50 to 60 mph.

Then on motorways we can drive 70mph.

In supermarkets etc... its 5mph and some roads with speed bumps are 20mph.

gewuerzgurke said...

Okay now I wont bother to translate this in mph, mostly because I'm lazy, and I have no clue if the road descriptions are actually true, because I am not allowed to drive anyway, and don't really have a clue.
Okay so we have streets where kips can play and stuff, the limit there is 10 kph, then where people live and stuff, small streets, it's mostly 30kph, then still in town, but main streets 50 kph, construction zones and anythiong like that vary, can't really make a generalized statement here...
Then there's short bits when you get in towns, or on a highway or stuff like that, they're between 60 and 80 kph. Highway is 100 kph, and express highway is 120 kph in some parts, but none for the rest.
Whew. Complicated I guess, I hope this makes any sense at all.

Gina said...

In Phoenix, the speed limit on the freeways was 75. Which was awesome. Most of the main roads were only 45, though. But we didn't have any "main roads" without a stop light every half mile, so it's not like you can get going very fast anyway.

Here in Orlando, though, it's all over the place. The main road that my neighborhood borders is 50, but a mile up the road it becomes 35 and then up to 40 and then down to 30 again. It's super annoying.

Thisisme. said...

Our speed limits here in England are 70 mph on motorways and dual carriageways, and 60 mph on ordinary roads, but going through villages or towns, it can be 30 mph or 40 mph. If there is a school nearby, and when children are going to and leaving school, that reduces to 20 mph.

Not the Hero said...

Divided highways - 110 km/h
regular highways - 100 km/h
major roads in town - 80 km/h
minor commercial roads - 60 km/h
residential - 40 km/h
school - 30 km/h
parking lots - 10 km/h

Now I might add in Canada it is common practice to do 10 over the speed limit. Cops won't even pull you over because we know that the tolerance for radar guns is + or - 10 km/h. (except school zones, you speed in a school zone you get fucked)

becca said...

about the same as yours however on my street it says 15mph and yet people drive doing 40mph which means my child nevr leaves the yard unattended

Krissy said...

Interstate -70 mph
Freeway -60 mph
Other Primary Roads- 55 mph (some 45)
Construction Zone- 55 mph (sometimes 45)
Residential- 35 mph
School Zones- 25 mph, I think

Barb, if it's not posted in this state, it's supposed to be 35 though we don't drive that slow. :)

I absolutely hate crossing into Georgia where they make us slow down. I feel like I'm crawling trying to get to Florida!

Daffy said...

Speed limit I laught at thee


I have a torrid love/hate relationship with traffic. It's a long standing thing....use to blog about it quite a bit.

Just depends on where and what kind of roadway...anywhere from 55 to 75 you'll find in my parts.

Well, er...not IN my parts but you know what I mean ;O)

Amy said...

The busy road outside my house is 50 km/hr and that's what most busyish streets are - residential is like 30 km/hr (which is super slow) but also sometimes 40km/hr

all highways (major) are 100 km/hr and highways that are more like a road (aka no divider) are 80 or 90 km/hr... some places in Canada have up to 110 km/hr and that would be AWESOME.

I usually drive within 10-15km/hr over the limit on the highway and 9-10 km/hr over on the streets/roads.

A Redhead Named Sam said...

Speed limit is the ONE thing I like about my new state, Michigan, over my previous state, Colorado. Peeps in MI drive like I do - like bats flying outta hell. If you're driving LESS than 10MPH OVER the speed'll get passed in MI. I love it. :)

twilightgazing said...

Our system is crazy and dependent upon how built up the area is.

Residential 50-60km (31-37mph)
School zones 40km (25mph)
Non built up residenital, or dual, 70km (43mph)
Non built up area 80km (50mph)
Freeway 100-110km(62-68mph)drops to 80km at certain points
Highways range 60km-100km (37-62mph)
Country roads 110km

So my 20 minute drive to work I go through 50km, 40km, 60km, 80km, 70km, 80km, 60km zones - now just to pay for that speeding fine!

Ingrid Gray said...

Interstates are 70, except when you get close to downtown Nashville, then it's 55. The bypasses around the city are also 55. It varies by highway, but most are 45-55. Residential areas are 25-30. School zones are 15-20. I don't acknowledge speed limits unless there is a cop around.

Ms Jenna said...

Wow, I thought 25 mph for the school zones was slooooow. Here in good ole MO we like to give the children a run for their money. Interstates are 70, residential is 30 except where posted. Main roads in cities usually like to be around 45. Construction is typically 55, sometimes 60, but nobody follows it. We just slow down as is needed for whatever is going on. Then again I have a few speeding tickets under my belt so perhaps my perception of what happens isn't the most accurate...

Mrs. Hyde said...

I have no freaking idea. I tend to wing it.


I live in a country town in NSW, Australia. In the
residential area 50kph=31mph
school zone 40kph=24mph
main road thru towns 60kph=37mph
nearing a town(built up but not in town and not really highway driving) 80kph=50mph
hwy 100kmh=62mph

twilightgazing said...

Hey JM, if you feel like tackling our crazy speed zones, feel free to drop by my place as there is an Award for you.

Jax said...

Here in NY we have speed limits but you can go 10 over and you won't get pulled over any more and you will have lights and sirens behind you.

Interstate - 55mph
Freeway - 40 mph
Primary Roads - 30mph
Construction zones - 30 mph
Residential - 25 mph
School Zones - 15 mph

Chief aka Dad said...

This is why I won't buy you a radar detector!!!

The Onion said...

In Wyoming, it is so flat that you can see the Highway Patrolman from a long way away....however, below are the posted speed limits:

Interstate: 75 mph (means 80)
Highway: 65 mph (means 70)
City limits 30-40 mph (means 5 over)
School zones/Residential 20 mph (means 20)

The Adorkable Ditz said...

The posted speed limits here are mostly 45 mph. Residential/business/school is 25.

There is a few roads in the county that have a speed limit of 50-55mph like the main street outside my house.

The freeway is 65 but people usually go around 70 at the slowest.

The Adorkable Ditz' Missteps

Nicki said...

WV is always my favorite part of the Virginia-to-Pennsylvania commute. Your speed limits are way higher than both VA or PA. So for the 20 minutes that I'm in the state, I floor it and blare Zeppelin's "Rock and Roll" until I have to enter mild-mannered Pennsylvania.