Monday, March 21, 2011

Hi GUYS!!!

Ah, bloggy world, how I have missed you. I was beginning to think I'd never get to blog again with the way my work schedule has been!

But for now, I'm back. I hope.

Last week, I told you guys that I had gotten Boyfriend a SUPER AWESOME surprise but left you hanging about what it was. Well Saturday, I took him to see his favorite movie in the whole entire world turned into a play/musical. Willy Wonka. It was AMAZING. We had so much fun and I really wanted to take an Umpa Lumpa home with me but Boyfriend said I couldn't.

I highly recommend going to ANY play for a date, because its something different and sometimes you can catch one that costs no more than going to a movie.

Anyways, I have a dilemma going on about chopping my dog's balls off  getting my dog neutered. He has a vet appointment on Thursday for his annual check up and I told them that I wanted to talk about getting him neutered. I know all of the benefits and what not, I mean, he's 5 years old and they preach it to me every time I go there, but the COST IS RIDICULOUS. I don't just have $300 laying around. I wish I did.

It just makes me so mad that you are always hearing from vets...and Bob spay and neuter your pets because of animal overpopulation, but how do they except people to afford it?

And another thing...why is it that everyone is always "America is so overweight, children are obese, no one is active, blah blah blah" but it cost more money to buy a salad than a cheeseburger and more money to buy a treadmill than a game console and a couch combined.  I think it should be a law that healthy food is CHEAPER than fattening food. You cannot tell me that it's more expensive to grow a head of lettuce than it is to raise a cow.

Yet we are criticized for being "Fat Americans."

Something has got to give. I paid $12.00 for a salad the other day where they sell whole pizzas for $5.50.

Ok, I'll shut up now.

P.S. I missed you guys.


The Empress said...

Welcome back. Great date idea by the way. I totally would have wanted to bring an umpa lumpa home too!

The whole situation where heathly food isn't affordable for people is crazy and completely wrong.

As for the doggy procedure, does it cost that much at the humane society?

PS: I'm in a blogging tournament over at Thank Q for Common Sense and would really appreciate your vote. There is a link on my blog. Thanks a bunch!

Amy said...

Awww we missed you too! (or I did at least!)

I hear you on the pet spay/neuter thing... I went through that whole dilemma in the Fall. I feel much better now that I did it. I would just start saving up for it a little here and there and maybe by the Summer you could.

I agree with the healthy eating being pricey - it makes it soooo hard to make the right choices. Now that I am doing the gluten-free thing I have to eat in all the time anyways, which is more expensive at the grocery store, but less overall because I'm not spending $10 here... $10 there eating out.

Please stay back!!

Oilfield Trash said...

Welcome back.

I agree with you about how healthy stuff is more expensive that fatty stuff.

lyndylou said...

I missed you too! I love going to plays/musicals, it is so cool.

The price of healthy food is just as extortionate here in the UK believe me. What's that all about huh? lol

I will just blame the government the next time I have a pizza ;)

SkippyMom said...

We missed you too! Thanks for coming back!

A play is an awesome idea - a good place to catch them that aren't too expensive are the local high schools. They put on some pretty good productions and tickets are usually under 10 bucks.

I feel your pain on the healthy stuff being more expensive - it is true, but everyone can find ways to get fruits, veggies and lean meats in their diets. It just takes a little research. I was on food stamps after my first husband left and I managed to feed the three of us on a little over $200 a month, including a boatload of milk.
It can be done. It is really hard, I admit. So much easier to pick up a 1.29 bag of cheetos than 3 apples for the same price.

And walking, running, the local playground/school track cost nothing - you don't need a treadmill in lieu of a game boy and a couch.

I guess it is just what we make of it.

Bubbles said...

Do you know if you were in England if you're on benefits your pet can have everything for free too... so I'm told anyway... and then those that don't claim benefits pay full price... That gets up my nose when it involves prescriptions, dental and eye check up...

Its like organic food and sprayed with rubbbish food... surely the sprayed with rubbish should cost more considering the cost of chemicals and the science side of things involved...

steph c said...

I think everyone was busy last week.. silly life getting in the way of blogging ;)

And I totally agree about the healthy food vs fast food cost. It's ridiculous that we pay so much for vegetables. If people want us to be healthier, let us afford it.

Aimee said...

Welcome back. Hopefully you will continue to be able to blog even with your work schedule. I know how that goes. Work makes it impossible for me to blog or read blogs as often as i would like.

Healthy food does cost way too much money,. I love going to sprouts but its sooo expensive in comparison to Ralphs or Vons or Stater Bros.

I love love love going to plays. I have been to several. My favorite was when i went and saw Rent and Adam Pascal and Anthony Leppert were in it. It ws fantastic!

Thats why I love Shelter animals here in CA because 1) I like saving the animals and 2) for the adoption fee they are already spayed or neurtered. :) Good luck with it tho

Thisisme. said...

Welcome back. Pity about the Umpa Lumpa!! As LyndyLou has already said, the cost of healthy food is just as expensive here in England.

Bouncin' Barb said...

Welcome back to you! So glad you and Boyfriend had a great time. What a great gift. It's Bruce's favorite movie of all time too. You also make very valid points about the pet population control and the food and overweight USA issues. Run for politician! I'll vote for you!

Rusti said...

I totally agree about the cost of food!!! Healthy should be less expensive!!!

Meg O. said...

Yay! You're back! What a neat present!! So, that's what I've been saying about plays since... FOREVER. Best way to spend a date! Since I pretty much live and breathe theatre every day (sort of part of my job description), Greg and I don't really go to plays together (except my own, which is enough for him).

And... why don't you get pet insurance? We insured Dexter when we got him and it covers neutering and preventative care, and then you have a small deductible, like your own health insurance. It's not that expensive. If you want, I can look into which company we use and let you know.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

welcome back! i hear ya on the healthy food stuff... i just spent $263 on groceries (and had an additional $40 in coupons on top of that) and the only meat I got was turkey bacon! I did get a couple of packages of lean lunch meat for sandwiches, but the rest was healthy stuff. Salad fixings, apples (nearly $6 for 7 apples - red delicious, not even the fancy ones!), "light" salad dressing, thin sliced bread, healthy cereal, skim milk (for me), almond milk (for ron), etc, etc, etc. It was ridiculous but it's got to be done.

becca said...

squeal yes i squealed so excited your back missed you and your post. as for the willy wonka play that sounds amazing

Jess said...

I couldn't agree more about the healthy food thoughts. I try to buy as healthy/organic as possible, but with two kids it's nearly impossible to buy all healthy. It just costs way too much. I think that's ridiculous.

Kinoo said...

I too totally agree on the food thing grrr!
On the dog thing I've gotta say that yes it is expensive but it also a good thing as it reduces the risk of prostate problems and testicular tumours later in life.
Hard choice to make (especially if the boyfriend has a say - they tend to be a bit protective when it comes to testicles no matter whose they are!)

On My Soapbox said...

$300.00 to neuter a dog? Wow, those are some expensive balls!

Funny that you should mention "obese America" - I just wrote a post about that this morning. Not sure when I'll post it, though....

Glad to see you back!

Mynx said...

*flying hug....
Missed you JM
So glad you are back. Love live theatre so try to drag hubby along when I can

Jumble Mash said...

Aw I love you guys!!! Especially when you agree with me. Hee Hee.

Mrs. Hyde said...

I know! I get pissed off by the healthy yet expensive food. Try feeding a family of six on one mediocre income and those bastards would see how difficult it is to prepare healthy meals on a budget.

And Bob Barker is such an asshole.

The Adorkable Ditz said...

You know why that stuff is so cheap? The meat they use in burgers and such is filler meats that isn't used in the better meats.

But I agree eating healthy is hard here in America because the really good for you stuff is hard to find.

Have fun with trying to get your dog neutered.

Nicki said...

I missed you!

I'm with you on the theatre thing. I adore going to plays. Or musicals. Or Disney on Ice.

Oh God...I really just typed that.

amchornetgirl said...

We have a place out here called Happy Paws that does discounted spay/nuetering based on what you make. Of course I didn't find out about it til after I paid full price to get my dogs fixed. Maybe you have something like this in your area?