Friday, April 1, 2011

Not always smart, but fun.

Well I took Bowen to the vet this morning and can't pick him up until 5. Most depressing thing ever. I was afraid he'd cry and panic when I left, but he just went with the vet like it was just another ordinary day. He didn't even say goodbye to me.

I almost had to pull over TWICE on the way there to puke because I was so nervous. I didn't sleep at all and Boyfriend kept telling me to calm down, but I couldn't. What's it going to be like when I have kids? I remember when I was young the stupid, yet fun things I use to do. I could have gotten hurt a lot. Luckily I didn't, but will my kids?

But all of this got me thinking about some stuff I used to do that wasn't always dangerous, but...well...just see for yourself.

1. My BFF used to blindfold me in the car, drive for miles and miles, pull over, hand me the keys and then tell me to find my way home. Sometimes it would take me hours before I could figure out where I was. Those were the days before gas cost you an arm and a leg.

2. Right down the road from where I grew up was a sand quarry that had been turned into a race track for dirt bikes, four wheelers, or whatever floated your boat. Everyone I knew owned four wheelers. We would get on our four wheelers in the morning with a case of beer attached and not come home until we needed more beer. Then we'd go out again. I would go days without eating.

3. I think I've mentioned this before, but right across the road from my house was a huge cornfield. All the neighborhood kids would wait until DARK and then play hide and seek in the damn thing. Only the seeker was allowed a flash light.

4. When no one was home, my siblings and I would push the trampoline right next to the pool and jump in. This happened until my little sister hit the side of the pool because she didn't jump high enough.

5. My sister and I had snuck a cigarette from my mom once and before she got home from work, we smoked it. Then my sister dumped the ash tray in the garbage. A few minutes later, I was sitting at the computer and smelled smoke. I turned around to see that the trash can was on fire. I picked it up, threw it in the bathtub and turned on the water. We opened all of the windows and aired out the smoke. A couple hours later my mom walked in the house and said, "What did you burn?" Busted.

6. We used to tie a rope to a four wheeler and then attach a sled or tube. One person would pull us around in the snow going as fast as we could. It was awesome until you flew off.
What are some things you did when you were young? Things that you wouldn't want your kids ever doing perhaps?

P.S. Dad if you're reading was all Big Sis and Little Sis. I was innocent.


bruce said...

lots of things with fire.

and ether.

started the storm sewer on fire.

and ether.

burned stuff and blew up stuff.

lots of drinking and driving...(no longer too many dead/ f*d up friends...but we used to all. the. time.)

shot each other with bb guns.
just to name a few...

Oilfield Trash said...

My brother caught a trash can on fire just like that once when he was younger.

Nicki said...

I miss the days of #1. Now whenever I suggest going for a drive everyone cringes and hides their keys. Cars should run on magic or pixie dust or something.

Thisisme. said...

You certainly got up to some cool things when you were young! Eeek! I wouldn't like to do that cornfield thing all in the dark! Scarey! Hope dear Bowen will be okay when you pick him up. Enjoy the weekend!

The Onion said...

Did you grow up next door?? No, no, the pool isn't right. We did almost ALL of the same things on your list.

1. We pulled the trampoline under the neighbors two story deck and jumped off. We did this until one of us was catapulted into the concrete flower garden barrier. Fail.

2. My brother made us smoke cigs even very young so we wouldn't tell on him. There was a lot of fire danger on the side of the house, smoking cigs in the snowmobiles.

3. We used to drive down this long, long, loooong road that had only a pair of foreboding streetlights at the end. We would cut the car lights and then haul ass down said road toward the gates of hell. Maybe we were stoned.

4. We were not allowed to ride the neighbor's 4 wheelers, but when my mom wasn't looking, we would ride them to "the sand dunes" and drink a warm beer - just cuz.

5. My Dad actually pulled us on a sled on the snowmobiles. Our safety was to put your moon boots out to keep you from sliding into the tread. Great work, Dad!

6. We used to lay out on the roof..naked. stupid. and hot. And rough.

becca said...

too be young and foolish those were the days

Jess said...

LOL My cousins and I still talk about how shocking it is that none of us ever broke a bone! My favorite thing we used to do was push my uncle's 25ft ladder up to the trampoline, climb to the top and do flips off of it onto the trampoline (this was our version of the Olympics - we even made score cards). A couple of times one or two of us would go flying off the trampoline onto the ground, but no broken bones. Luckily. We were forever climbing trees, too. Once I was at my best friend's house and her brother decided to put his four wheeler on the roof of the garage, ride off of it onto the trampoline and see if the four-wheeler would bounce. Unfortunately their dad came home before he could actually get it up on the roof.

On My Soapbox said...

Every time I take the cat to the vet (even if it's for boarding), I am a nervous wreck. I especially hate holding him when he has to get a shot or have his temperature taken!

Chief aka Dad said... get a pass on this one...cause it was exactly the same with me and your was always them...cause I was the angel :-)

hed said...

I miss being younger and being fearless. Playing chicken in the road. Poking animals with sticks (nicely). Saying what you felt with no rhyme or reason.

Now, as an adult, I am afraid of more imaginary things then I ever thought possible-and most of them are all in my head.

hed hed above water

Meg O. said...

LOL at the cigarette escapade! What fun little stories! Bowen will be okay, I promise! Dexter has been the same kitty sans balls!

steph c said...

I was way too good as a kid/teenager.. I seriously didn't do anything dumb. Nowadays not so much ;)

Also.. Bowen will be okay!! Both of my cats have had their sexy parts snipped and they are still as crazy and cute as ever ;) Still.. I had to take them to the vet this morning and they freaked.. I felt SO bad :(

caterpillar said...

I liked the PS. part of think I used to love playing on the swing set, trying to see who can go the highest...

StephanieC said...

I totally feel your pain about dropping an animal off at the vet's. And I worry, too, that I will be a wreck when kids come.

As for being bad as a kid... I had waaaaay too guilty a conscience, and dad just had to look at me or my sis a certain way and I would nearly poop myself... so no good stories from me.

I missed out on a lot of fun, I see.

Seriously?... Reeeally??... Seriously?

jules said...

The cornfield game sounds really fun!

Anonymous said...

You innocent, me the little devil. Seriously I was one of the brattiest kids ever.