Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bad Day Cheer Up

I'm having a really lousy morning. I woke up late only to rush out of the door to find that my tire was flat. After fixing that, I show up at work almost two hours late, just to be ushered into a meeting that made me want to rip my ears off and mail them to Africa. Oh, I should mention now that after a recent surgery, I am no longer allowed to have caffeine. Me. The former three cups a day before lunch time cannot have coffee anymore. So I don't even have my coffee to help me get through this day, and last time I checked, I wasn't allowed to drink alcohol at work.

I need something to cheer me up, so I have decided to post about things that make me happy! (In no particular order.)

1. My Boyfriend. He makes me laugh. And he doesn't annoy the piss out of me like most people. And he is perfectly content watching me play video games...as long as he is allowed to play next :)
2. Cheddar's Legendary Monster Cookie! Oh, its just amazing. Under all that chocolate fudge, ice cream and whip cream is a warm gooey chocolate chip cookie.

3. Master Chief drinking the coffee I'm not allowed to have? No. Halo 3 makes me very happy because I get to blow things up and shoot lots of people. It makes me giddy when I get MVP. It makes me laugh out loud when guys get angry that a girl beats them. Wish I had an XBOX 360 at work. 4. My dog looks just like this cartoon. Except my dog weighs like 120 pounds. And he is black. And his tail is longer. And his face is different. Okay, it looks nothing like my dog. But it still makes me happy. My dog/son is a 4 year old black lab and the sunshine to my rainy days

5. When my boss goes on vacation. Oh those are the best days! It means I get to sit at work and play on the Internet and/or read all day.

6. Mini Golf. I think I just found something to do this evening!

7. Playing my Bass. I am not very good at it, but it is pink and it makes noise and I like to learn new songs. It's very stress relieving.

Well, there you have it, 7 things that make my day super. I feel better already.

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