Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Good Vs. Evil

This morning was just like any ordinary morning. I hit the snooze button three times, and in my haste to get to work on time, I made quite a discovery.

Until they invent personal jet packs, I must walk down a flight of stairs every morning to reach the first floor of my apartment. Once on the first floor, I can venture out into the world of grown ups and begin my daily duties. But FIRST. This happened....

You see, my morning didn't start out very well, at all, and I'm very afraid that this is becoming a trend. (Please see previous post.)
Now, I need to introduce to you my two roommates. One is a twenty six year old male who likes to eat us out of house and home, sleeps way too much and talks about killing kittens a lot.

The other is a twenty five year old female who is pretty shy and keeps to herself. She leaves dirty dishes in the sink a lot, but that's all we really have to complain about.

My dog also lives with us, and he usually follows me around wherever I go and I have to convince him that if I go into the bathroom alone, I will indeed come back out so that he won't follow me.

So, guess who comes to my rescue?

My dog? Nope. He was too busy sleeping because he had had a wild night with the female greyhound next door.

My female roommate that is sweet beyond words, you say? Nope. She was too busy sitting down on the stairs behind me laughing until she was choking. She had witnessed the whole thing.

So, if you guessed that it was my kitten-hating, eats and sleeps too much roommate, you were partially right. He stood at the bottom of the stair case asking me if I was okay. Don't you hate that? When you are clearly not okay and someone keeps asking you if you are? Why, yes friend, there is blood gushing from my forehead, but I feel great!

I crawled down the last step and began crawling across the carpet on all fours. That's when my dog decided to wake up and start licking me in the face.
After getting to my feet, I realized I only ended up just having a sore wrist and a knot on my forehead, thankfully. And I discovered that sometimes the good people will sit at the top of the stairs laughing at you as you fall to the bottom.

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