Friday, July 23, 2010

Dog vs. Ferret

Remember my sweet and innocent roommate? Well, she has a ferret that I'm fairly certain was sent from Hell. Then it was shipped to PetCo where my roommate found it and thought "Oooh! A Ferret! I think I'll buy that!" It's albino, too, so it has little red beady eyes. It's some scary shit, I'm telling you. BUT luckily, I have a big scary dog to protect me.

HAHAHA! Not! My dog is as afraid of the three pound demon as I am. So to keep the peace, my roommate agreed to keep the ferret in her room unless my dog and I are absent. But then, she had the bright idea to buy a gigantic hamster ball so that we could all live in harmony without the fear of being bitten or having our things stolen and hidden in random places.

First, the ferret hates the hamster ball, and understandably so. It is not a hamster. Second, my dog felt like he had the upper hand. For a minute. He was walking around with his head held high as the ferret was pretty much at a stand still because it couldn't figure out how to make the ball go.

Look! He even got brave enough to try to bite the ball.

But then, the inevitable happened. The ferret learned how to maneuver the ball, just to get revenge on my poor pooch. So my dog took off with his tail between his legs as the little ball creature chased him around the apartment relentlessly.

Here he is. Defeated. Poor thing doesn't have an ounce of dignity left.

Ferret-1,651 Dog-0

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Jacob Franklin said...

My male american pitbull terrier is afraid of my ferret luckily my female boxer loves the little weasel