Monday, July 26, 2010

The Zoo and Revolving Doors

My boyfriend and I went to the zoo and to a comedy club over the weekend. We had a lot of fun except for the 101 degree weather we had. I was so close to getting into the polar bear exhibit to swim with them, but my boyfriend was like "Polar bears are vicious and they will kill you." So, I decided against it.

Then, they were letting people pet an elephant. I started jumping up and down (seriously) and was all "I wanna pet it!" But boyfriend said, "They are charging people ten dollars to pet the elephant. That's stupid!" So, I didn't get to pet it.
At this point, I was pretty bummed out because I wasn't allowed to pet an elephant OR swim with the polar bears. Also, it was just sooo hot outside. So boyfriend had an idea that would cheer me up. He led me to the Reptile/Amphibian house. And I was really excited because I love love love turtles. Oh and the building had air conditioning. There was also a gift shop inside, so boyfriend said, "Pick any turtle you want and I'll get it for you." So naturally, I ran over to this one.

All happy and bright eyed, I picked up the turtle and handed it to him. He returned by looking at me like I had gone crazy and put the turtle back. "I meant from the gift shop."

Then I laughed and said, "Oh I know, I was kidding." I walked away, hoping he'd buy that and picked out a cute stuffed sea turtle. I named him Mr. Bubbles.

Then, while trying to find our hotel, our GPS took us through the ghetto. Seriously, Magellan, install a feature that avoids ghettos at all costs!

Ahem, anyways. Upon arriving at our hotel, I realized that I now have a new phobia. Revolving doors. And not just any revolving doors. Automatically revolving doors. You have absolutely no control over the revolving. That's some scary shit. My boyfriend went through the evil doors and I just stood outside watching them and waiting for people to get trapped. When I continued to watch, boyfriend came back outside and asked what I was doing.

: "I, ugh, I think I'm going to take the handicapped entrance."

Me: {Looks down at my shoes to hide my embarrassment} "I'm scared I'll get trapped."

{Stares at me for a minute.} "You wanted to climb into the polar bear exhibit, pet an elephant, and steal a turtle, but you won't go through revolving doors?"

"Yeah, pretty much."

"Give me your suitcase. You cannot possible get trapped if you aren't carrying anything."

I thought that that was very logical, so I handed over my suitcase and went through the doors. I didn't get trapped and it was actually kind of neat! So I get through all proud of myself and turn to wait for boyfriend-who happens to be trapped in the revolving doors because my hot pink suitcase got jammed.

Great weekend!


Stacey said...

Awe no swimmig with the polar bear?? lol That is so funny how your boyfriend got trapped in the revolvig doors. Btw I love your blogs..Keep them coming!!

Admin said...

Hey! Thanks, I'm glad you enjoy my ramblings!