Thursday, July 22, 2010

I got a New Toy!

Last night felt like Christmas in July!! When I got home from work, I noticed something different about my entertainment center. Upon exploring the change, I discovered this...

Yes, the new XBOX 360! Isn't it pretty?? For all of you 360 fans, you are probably either aware of the new console or already own one. I was going to wait and buy mine until all the fuss was done and over with, but once again my boyfriend managed to surprise me.

The new design is super awesome. It's sleek, slim and shiny. It's so, so much quieter, too. My favorite thing is the cool little button that you simply touch to eject the disc. Apparently the PS3 has had a similar feature all along, but then again who cares. (Sorry PS3 lovers)

Anyways, the new console doesn't use the memory cards, so you don't need that anymore. A simple flash drive works on this and all new updated 360's. It has a 250GB Hard Drive, built in Wi-Fi and is all set up and ready for the Kinect. Don't know what the Kinect is? You must go here.

Well, that's all I've seen different about it so far, but it's pretty much a must have if you ask me.

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