Sunday, December 19, 2010

Half-Assed Weekend

I'm taking Simple Dude's approach today and doing a Half-Assed post. If you EVER need a laugh, go over there and follow him. You can also join in on the Half-Assed Weekends.
  • I began sorting my Christmas gifts by person today and realized I've lost one of my little sister's presents. I've torn the house apart and cannot find it. I am torn between thinking someone stole it and thinking that I never actually bought it.
  • I went to a graduation party last night. Dad was there for a while, but after he left, I hardly knew anyone. I decided to leave and upon exiting the venue, Hubby and Fill-In Boyfriend walked in. We had a blast. Then a girl I just met that happened to be a lesbian got really drunk and kept trying to use my boobs as pillows.
  • Dad got me a new XM transmitter for my birthday. He installed it today. I do not want to ever leave my car.
  • I swear to you that I'm watching Toy Story right now.
  • I should be watching The Office, but I cannot concentrate on blogging while Jim in on screen.
  • My office Christmas party is tomorrow. I made a pie that consists of whip cream and vanilla pudding and Boyfriend ate the whole thing. I had to make another one. He thinks it is the greatest thing in the world and it literally took me 60 seconds to make.
  • For all of you that are taking the week off for the holidays, have a wonderful super duper week and I'll see ya next week. Merry Christmas.


Bouncin' Barb said...

Boy, that sounds like some fun party. Lesbians, boobs and alcohol hmmmm hahahaha.

Simple Dude said...

This is the perfect half-assed weekend post, just throwing thoughts out there like that. Love it!


Tress said...

@Barb- LOL I guess it was a pretty awesome party. Did I mention the alcohol was FREE?

@SD- Thank you and I see that the Half-Assed Weekend Posts are really taking off! That's awesome!

The Tame One said...

I want to be Pam when I grow up.

Jess said...

I love Toy Story. The third one makes me cry though.

I also lost a present and searched all over for it only to realize later I forgot to buy it. Did the same thing with wrapping paper.

becca said...

for a half ass post this was a good one. plus it's nice to know you tote your own pillows around with you.

Jimmy said...

OK a pie that takes only 60 seconds to make---I'm in :)

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

LOL - my kind of pie, except it would need to be made with chocolate!

had a very busy day myself (finishing Christmas cards and my own journals for work) and now that it's past my bedtime, i'm not feeling the sleep coming on. this is bad news for tomorrow!

totally love toy story!

Thisisme said...

That pie sounds really good. I think a recipe is called for, Jumble, for all your blogging friends to have a go at it. Laughed when I read about the lost Christmas pressie. When my girls were younger, I used to hide things in all sorts of places and then forget all about them. They would usually turn up round about Easter time! LOL!

Mynx said...

Great Post JM. Soon there will be nothing but half assed postes on the weekend lol.
The pie sounds interesting but yum

Tress said...

Thanks everyone! Now I'm gonna have to share the pie recipe! I don't think anyone has ever asked me for a recipe before. :)