Saturday, December 11, 2010

Shit Boyfriend Makes Me Watch vol 3

BF: You like Nicholas Cage?

Me: Love him.

BF: Ok, I've got a movie for us, then.

Nicholas Cage in the 80's, directed by the Coen Brothers, and teamed up with Holly Hunter makes for a pretty great movie. It's a little odd at times, but all in all pretty awesome.

Hi McDunnough (Cage) is a thief and has been in jail numerous times where he meets Ed (Hunter), a police officer. Hi proposed to Ed after learning that she has just been dumped by her former fiance.

They get married and soon want to try for a baby. Well, the discover that Ed cannot have children.

A local famous furniture store owner, Nathan Arizona, and his wife just had quintuplets and the news got to Ed and Hi.

They figured, Hey what the Hell, they have more than they can handle and end up stealing one of the babies.

Two of Hi's friends that he met in jail come to visit after escaping and find out about the baby being that of the rich Nathan Arizona. So, they steal it in hopes of getting ransom money.

But Nathan Arizona has hired a bounty hunter to find the baby, too. Hi and Ed have to race to get the baby back before the bounty hunter does.

This movie is funny and Nicholas Cage is spot on with his not-so-smart character. I definitely recommend.


Bouncin' Barb said...

This was a cute movie. I loved this one and another of Cage's early ones Racing with the Moon with Sean Penn.

Simple Dude said...

I've always loved this movie.. basically since the 80s. Must see!


lyndylou said...

Can you believe it but I have not seen this and I love 80's movies!!

Will definitely try and see it now though :)

Jess said...

This movie is hilarious. Excellent pick!

bruce said...

awsome movie!!!

i love HH...

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Thisisme said...

I love Nicholas Cage, but certainly had never heard of this one. Gosh, he looks SO young in the photo!!

becca said...

i like this movie good choice by boyfriend

amchornetgirl said...

Great movie! I haven't seen it in forever. Maybe I need to rent it!

Milk-2Sugars said...

gotta love Nicholas Cage, I like him best in City of Angels