Friday, December 17, 2010

I don't have anything to complain about today. Shocked? So am I.

It's Friday and I have nothing to rant about because I've had such an awesome week. Boyfriend made me an awesome birthday dinner last night and I got a bottle of red wine from work and although I don't drink wine often, we indulged.  Not to mention when I logged on this morning, I reread all of the wonderful birthday wishes you all left for me and it put me in an awesome mood. I think I'll print them out and read them every day or when I'm having a bad day. Thank you so much everyone.

I've decided to do the Post-It note thingy that you see on other blogs today to share with you some random thoughts since I really have nothing to complain about today.


steph c said...

I love the post it thing!!

And.. I'm in love with Jim from the Office. Like, so much. (Actually.. Jim and Pam as a unit, I love them too!) Gahhh <333

Amy said...


And we'll take Bieber back after you get rid of Cyrus. He's your punishment for Miley.

I'm so glad you had a wonderful birthday!!

Jess said...

I'm with ya on Bieber, but you already knew that!

Hope you have a rockin' day!
(Wow, when did I turn into Dick Clark?)

FreeFlying said...

I just got the instant streaming Netflix and have, consequently, been watching the Office all over again in back to back episodes from season one. I LOVE Jim. Sometimes it makes me sad that I can't be real life friends with some of the people from my favorite shows. I'd like to call them when I'm on the road.

Bouncin' Barb said...

You are just too cute! Glad you had a great birthday.

Krissy said...

High fives for the gum, Post Office, and the Bieber things. You are sooo right! Glad to hear your birthday was a great one. Your post is on my blog since I just couldn't wait. :)

Danger Boy said...

Yes, where DID December go? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?
Humbug! :)

Simple Dude said...

I'd be worried eating the bowl of cookie dough and cake batter would be the LAST thing i'd do before dying!

I can hear my scale wincing just thinking about me eating that.


Bursts of Bubbles said...

I love this idea of random post it notes... I may pinch it for my blog one. I love your random facts too.

Thisisme said...

Such a great idea, those post-it notes! Totally agree with you about the Bieber thing!

Canadianbloggergirl said...

LMAO @ Justin Beiber. Funny funny funny. I seem to think there are a lot of music "artists" that the USA has tormented us with. Pay backs are truly a bitch!

I'm glad you had an awesome week!

ps. you were a cute kid!


Tress said...

@Steph- Me too! They are the best non couple/couple EVER. The freakin angst between them is crazy. (Only on season 3)

@Amy- I really wanna say that's unfair but I can't. I can't even argue with that. We are sorry. ;)

@Jess-Yes, Dick, I do know your hate for Bieber.

@FreeFlying- That's how we started watching it too. We were bored and were like "cool season 1 of the office, lets check it out." That was like three days ago. We are season 3 now. I'm obsessed. And I want Jim to be my real life friend too. And Pam. I heart her.

@Barb- Thank you, Barb!

@Krissy- You are the only one that commented on the gum so far. I thought I was on my own there and that my taste buds were just really weird.

@Danger- LOL. Definitely WTF

@SD- But if I had to go out, I wanna go out doing that! I can't do that now for fear of dying or gaining 6,000 pounds, so if I'm close to the end anyways...why not?

@Bubbles- I like it too. I'm pretty sure there is a link up on Tuesdays with some bloggers. I found it through Talkative Taurus and Batcrap Crazy

@Thisisme- Haha everyone hates Bieber. Too funny. Thank you.

@CBG- Glad you got a chuckle out of that. Amy pointed out that we bestowed upon you Miley Cyrus. I am sorry. We are even.

Krissy said...

Hey, CBG... I will GLADLY take out Miley for you if you'll take out the Beibster. I didn't know we "did Miley" to you.

lyndylou said...

Love the post its - funny and very cool idea :)

Jewels said...

Love the post-its! I can't agree more with the Beiber statement. That kid needs to fade away (though I'm sure time will take care of that for us). He is incredibly obnoxious.

Krissy said...

How many crazy teenage girls are going to find this blog b/c of frantically googling his name now? LOL I hear his voice is changing, so God help us let it turn to something they won't want to hear. Wait.. That was heartless, right? Meh!

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

first - how do you do the post-it note thing??? inquiring minds have to know.

second - 100% ditto on justin. blech.

third - cake batter, not so much; yay on the cookie dough!

Jumble Mash said...

Ok for the post it notes go to


hosts a link up every Tuesday.

hed said...

I'm guessing you've played the "what-if" game and have planned your "what would my last meal in prison be"? Cause I have-but cookie dough and cake batter-at the same time?

My poor hubs had never had raw cookie dough until he came to the States. For shame!!!


bruce said...

i have had more than enough cookie douhg as evidenced by my waisteline...

oh wait cookie dough was not code for booze and beer was it?
strike that...
it is a bozz/beergut...
what were we talking about?

great post!!

bruce johnson jadip
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The guy book
the guy book

Mynx said...

Dear JM,
We dont hate you, just the letters. It's not that we mean to be mean, well I dont, it's just that too many people piss us off by being mean to us.
Signed a Post Office Person

PS hope you face those letters all the same way. :P

Tress said...

@Hed- Wow! What did he think of it?!

@Bruce- Haha no it wasn't code. Thank you!

@Mynx- I put the whole entire letter together with postage, including tearing off the receipt for him. All he has to do is stamp the receipt with the date stamper. And he is still mean to me.

Nicki said...

Oh, LORD. My love for Jim has no bounds. Men everywhere wish that character had never been written because Jim set the bar so damn high.

Tress said...

So agree Nicki. I keep saying, "See Boyfriend. See how sweet he is?" I think Boyfriend is getting annoyed:)