Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Catching up

First I would like to thank Simple Dude for taking care of Jumble Mash yesterday. He did a lovely job, didn't he? Also thank you to everyone that made him feel welcome!  AND thank you to everyone that came over from his blog! I hope you stick around!

Now down to business. I'm going to skip Wee Bit Wednesdays today because I feel like I haven't talked to you guys in forever!! How was everyone's Christmas?

Mine? It was fabulous! I got everything and I asked for and then some, but most importantly, I got to see my family. We had sooo much fun. Oh and Boyfriend got me Nintendo Monopoly! And a beautiful Coach ring that he made me go on a scavenger hunt to find. It was awesome and I asked if we could make it a tradition.

Also my Christmas Eve completely turned around. It started out not so well, but then, I got my iPad (thank again Dad!) working correctly, I tuned my new guitar ALL BY MYSELF, Boyfriend got to come home early from work, and it stopped snowing long enough for us to make it to all the Christmas parties. Oh and I didn't lock myself out in the cold anymore.

Now to the iPad. Do any of you play Words with Friends? If so, email me ( and tell me your user name! We will totally play!

And since I just didn't do totally forgot to do the trivia we go...

What is the most popular New Year's resolution in the United States today?

As always, first to answer correctly gets to choose the Giggle Button occupant for the week.

Two more questions just for fun. What is the best thing you got for Christmas? What is the worst?


Thisisme said...

My best Christmas pressie was my WiiFit, which I shall look forward to having a good at, but not until next week when all the celebrations are over! Didn't really have a duff present this year, thankfully! Glad you had such a great Christmas, Jumble. I've been all morning trying to catch up with all my blogging friends!!

Amy said...

I am going to go ahead and guess to lose weight!

The best thing I got for Christmas was probably my GPS even though I didn't ask for it... that or Cranium Scribblish (yayyyy)

and the worst thing? Some game my MOm won as a prize that she just wrapped in case we wanted it - I didn't so I just left it at home :)

I'm glad you got spoiled and had a fabulous Christmas!!

Jumble Mash said...

@Thisisme- Yay for the Wii Fit! I've heard good things about it!

@Amy- You win!! Email me and let me know about the Giggle Button! (

Anonymous said...

My favorite present this year is a diamond and london blue topaz ring my sister gave me. It's stunning and I can't stop looking at it...which is dangerous while driving.
*If you are interested there is a picture of it on my "Christmas and Lots of Snow"*

The worst by far was a denim button down collared shirt that my grandmother gave me. There is simply NO way in hell I will ever wear it. I don't care if it is Ralph Lauren!!

amchornetgirl said...

I got some cool gifts this year, but the best is a tie: a beautiful ring and the V8 motor mounts in need to get my AMC Hornet on the road again (both from my fabulous hubs). I didn't get any gifts I don't like! :)

Bouncin' Barb said...

JM, I'm so glad you had a great holiday. Starting a tradition is always fun.

AmberLaShell said...

Sounds like you got some great presents! I honestly didn't get antyhing for Christmas, not one thing... But, it's okay, the only people that would have bought for me, (fiance and mother) we all decided to wait until Jan to do our Christmas, and we made it for the kids this year... Happy Holidays!

Bubbles said...

Thats great that you had a fantastic christmas eve and day :) and it makes it extra special with presents.

I'm wondering if the ny resolution is to lose weight as that is something that happens here.

lyndylou said...

Is it to exercise more?

I had a lot of lovely prezzies. My favourite is the earrings that my 16yr old bought me with her own money(first time ever!!)and I didn't get a bad present at all. Lucky me :)

Mynx said...

If I can include my birthday pressies, I would have to say my faves were the house charm for my bracelet from my kids, and a Gecko ornament for the new house from my brother. Hubby gave me stuff for my lap top which was great too.

No bad pressies

I play words with friends. Find me with Misti23. Love a game with you

Krissy said...

Sounds like you had a great Christmas! We did, too. I would have to say the best present I got was hugs by all the little ones, but if you want something real and not mushy that would be my Kindle! I LOVE it!

My least favorite was making my niece cry, but it was because she loved the necklace I got her for her son and for the daughter she lost. That was tough, but she likes it so much she says she may never take it off. :)

Anonymous said...

I had a great Christmas and I'm glad yours got better. My brother got that Monopoly for himself a few months ago and he loves it.

Hey if you want I'm willing to do a guest post for you if you want. My email is on my blog if you're interested!

Have a happy Wednesday!

hed said...

You got the Nintendo Monopoly! SO JEALOUS!!! If my math is working correctly, isn't this your first Christmas with boyfriend? Did you do anything to commemorate (G-rated lol)?


twilightgazing said...

I was spoilt this Christmas. My favourite gift perhaps the hand-painted cocktail glass from my sister and cocktail recipe cards... so this year's resolution, to mix up awesome cocktails. My naughty witch from Mynx was also a highlight.

I'm addicted to words with friends and would love a game, my username is Trouble always.

Jimmy said...

It sounds like your Christmas was great and I am proud you didn't get yourself locked out again :)

I got a Kindle and I am so happy with it so far, now just have to add a few more books to it :)

bruce said...

glad you are back...

glad your Christmas was happy...

Tress said...

@Jewels- I loved the ring. So beautiful! And grandma's gifts were...interesting.

@amchornet-So I love you for putting jewelry AND car parts at number 1.

@Barb- Thank you! I hope it sticks!

@Amber- I know a few people that are doing the same thing. They are waiting until to get their husbands/wives gifts and focused on the children. Not a bad idea with economic times like these.

@Bubbles- It is to lose weight. I kinda figured that when I was reading up on some New Year's trivia. Amy guessed first though. You can be mad at her :) jk

@lyndy-It was to lose weight. Almost the same thing! And yay for your earrings!

@Mynx- We are totally words with friends...friends? LOL. It sounds like you got spoiled this Christmas! You deserve it though:)

@Krissy-Jeeze just go around making people cry? Haha jk...that was a lovely gift. Very thoughtful. And yay for your Kindle. Those things are great.

@Adorkable-The Monopoly board does rock. I'd be more than happy to have you as a guest!

@hed- Yeah! Come over and we will play! LOL. And yes this was the first Christmas with boyfriend. And no we really didn't do anything to commemorate. Do we suck or what?

@twilight- You did get spoiled! And leave it to Mynx to get a naughty witch:) I'll add you on WWF!

@Jimmy-Haha thanks! I was very proud of myself, too! You are the second person to say they got a Kindle! Hot item this year!

@Bruce-Thank you!

Jess said...

Part of me would really love to have an iPad, and the other part of me thinks it's just a ridiculously oversized iPod Touch. Either way, kudos to you!

I'll email you my username for WWF. I'm addicted to that game. Seriously, Hubs is concerned.

Nicki said...

Look at you, tuning a guitar by yourself! I love scavenger hunts, but I mostly love making them. When I have to do them I get really frustrated that I'm not figuring out clues fast enough and eventually I'm forced to conclude I'm the worst scavenger ever and I could never survive the zombie apocalypse.

My favorite present is ridiculously dorky: it's a grocery store gift card so I can splurge on luxury food items, like pork tenderloin, steaks, or seafood. Yeah. Dorky. My worst present was one of those oversized pens. Oversized pens creep me out and make my stomach turn. But I smiled and said thank you, even in the face of terror.

Jumble Mash said...

@Jess- it is an oversized iPod touch. But I love it! We will definitely play wwf.

@nicki- lol I don't think I'm very good at them either. They are still fun though! And the grocery store gift card rocks! That would be awesome.

steph c said...

Glad you had an AWESOME Christmas!! Sounds like Santa was good to you :) My fave gift was a KitchenAid mixer that the future in-laws got for us; I'm half ashamed to say that but I LOVE IT.