Monday, December 6, 2010

What do you MEAN you don't like Christmas music?

Boyfriend and I put up our Christmas tree last weekend. It was my idea because he just doesn't really get into Christmas. Or his birthday. Or any other day for that matter. He's just not an excitable person. I however, will jump up and down and squeal at the mere sight of a Christmas present. Even if its not for me.

Anyways, I sent Boyfriend out to the garage to get the bins. When he came back in, I was blasting Little Drummer Boy and dancing around with my dog.

Boyfriend stopped dead in his tracks and said, “What the Hell is that?”

I looked around. Didn’t see anything weird. Wiped my face thinking something was on it. Nothing. I looked down at the dog. He looked fine. “What is what?”

“That awful music.”

It was my turn to freeze. “You don’t like Christmas music?”


“How can you not like Christmas music?”

“It’s usually really depressing.”

“Not all Christmas songs are depressing.”

“Name one.”

“This one.”

“Little Drummer Boy is about a little boy who was too poor to buy Jesus anything and the only thing that he could do was play Jesus a song on the drums.”

“Ok, bad example.” I started to think. I’ll be Home for Christmas. Nope. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Definitely not. Ah...“Rudolph!”

“No one would let him join in any reindeer games. He was sad.”

“The Hippopotamus song.”

“The little girl is NOT going to get a hippo for Christmas. She will be devastated.”

Then I just growled at him. “It doesn’t matter. We have to listen to Christmas music while we put up the tree. It’s a rule.”

“Says who?”

“Me.” I shrugged and started putting our artificial COLOR CODED tree together. Yeah, it’s an awesome tree and I don’t have to water it.

Well, Boyfriend starts going through my Christmas ornaments and becomes extremely happy that everything is blue and silver. Then he found my cute little icicle ornaments. And used every single one of them on the tree. There are more of those ornaments than any other ones. But hey, he was getting into the Christmas spirit, so I let him decorate however he wanted, even though I’m VERY particular about my Christmas tree. Compromise at its best.

So while we were putting on the final touches, I heard him humming to the song that had just come on.

“There! Rocking Around the Christmas Tree! Not depressing!”

He stopped and thought about it for a second. “What if someone can’t afford a Christmas tree to rock around?”

“Oh just stop. Love the Christmas music or don’t talk to me about it.”

Once the tree was complete, Boyfriend took a picture of it and posted it on his Facebook. Christmas spirit was starting to ooze outta him.

Cell phone quality. Gotta love it.

He then hung the stockings. Then he complained that it wasn’t snowing. Then he made hot cocoa for the both of us complete with mini marshmallows. And then he put in The Grinch (Jim Carrey version) and we sat cuddled up on the couch watching it. When the movie was over he said, “I love our Christmas tree.”


Danger Boy said...

Glad he finally got over his case of bah, humbugitis. :)

steph c said...

Lol this is too funny! My fiancé also does not get into the Christmas spirit, or any spirit for that matter. I've seriously gotten mad at him before for not being excited.. I mean, hello.. it's Christmas!!?

Love how boyfriend turned around though ;) Success!

Jess said...

Cute tree! Oh and I'm with you - Christmas music must be playing while putting up the tree. Well, that or Christmas Vacation (which is what we did this year).

Simple Dude said...

I'm starting to come around to the spirit.. but just starting. Our Christmas tree has been up over a week now and we're getting snow about every other day - so it is certainly starting to look all Christmasssy.

I am not going to pop in Christmas music in July or anything, it doesn't do that much for me. BUT.. I cant see how someone would call it depressing. Really most of it is uplifting. I dont think a depressing Christmas song would become very popular!


lyndylou said...

very funny! I am also very particular about my tree but when you have kids you have to try not to be.

I used to wait until Holly went to bed and then I would rearrange all the ornaments!

She just found that out last year and now she watches me like a hawk!

amchornetgirl said...

My hubs isn't too Christmas-y either, but he doesn't mind me getting all into it, at least! And he likes the jimi Hendrix Christmas album I bought him a few years back.

Ingrid Gray said...

I loved this! My boyfriend and I decorated our (also artificial) tree yesterday. He suggested we take a break, and while I sat on the couch, he proceed to hang more ornaments. Boys are silly when it comes to the holidays!

Amy said...

SO cute!! You'll rub off on him eventually. My boyfriend is like extreme Christmas spirit, he actually keeps talking about how excited he is for when we have our *own* Christmas and our parents come to us (you know when you have kids) and that made me explode with joy inside and also makes me want to cry on cue because that means I won't have Christmas with my parents anymore and I'll be a real grown up (wahhhhh)

I STILL haven't watched Elf yet. I need to get on my Christmas movies stat. I have only watched Fred Claus and the Grinch so far...and part of Christmas with the Krunks at the gym.

Also other non-depressing Christmas songs:
12 Day of Christmas
White Christmas
Jingle Bell Rock
Here Come Santa Claus
Frosty the Snowman
Winter Wonderland
Merry Christmas Baby
Santa Claus is Coming to Town
We Wish You a Merry Christmas (there is a video of me singing this when I was 4 in Florida in like March)

So there... take that ammo home with you!

Here in Ottawa there is one radio station that is ONLY playing Christmas music until Christmas... yup it's all I listen to in my car.

Uninspired Blogger said...

I think christmas is a very cool holiday to celebrate. I personally don't celebrate christmas (I'm not christian) and growing up, my mom would never let us have a christmas tree lest it influence us in that religious direction.

All I really wanted was a tree to decorate

becca said...

don't feel bad my hubby doesn't do christmas music either however he does like the song "12 days of redneck christmas" guess that explains alot

Bursts of Bubbles said...

So you converted him :)

Bouncin' Barb said...

Nothing can compare to that first Christmas tree. Well, except when your kids start making ornaments for it in kindegarten and years later your tree is full of keepsakes and memories. Cherish it. The tree is adorable! And play those carrols to your hearts content.

Daffy said...

Yeah!!! Love the tree and the music! Some of it is a little sad but just skip over those. No big deal. Of course I'm a little over zealous this year. I've had too many where I had to fight scrooge to celebrate but this year I don't. SO it's Christmas out the wazooo!

Molly Malone said...

Awww bless him! He sounds just like me! My teeth go on edge every time I walk into a store and it's blasting Christmas music... as stores have been doing since bloody October...

Tress said...

Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments!! You all made me smile! I'm glad I'm bringing him over to the light side :)

Dad said...

In the interest of honesty and full disclosure, I can tell you ( as the primary Santa in JMs life) ....she gets MUCH more excited when the presents are for her :-)

FreeFlying said...

Aw. You converted him!

FreeFlying said...

Aw. You converted him!

Meg O. said...

Awwww.... too sweet!!! I love it! Greg says he 'hates Christmas' but somehow we ended up with four Christmas trees in our two bedroom apartment....

hed said...

JM, I love Christmas. LOVE IT!!! But I HATE Christmas music from the depths of my being.

For 14 years I have worked in retail/food, and literally after Halloween is 24 hours of non-stop Christmas music. On a loop. Forever and ever. When you're a manager and are working 50 hours a week, Christmas music tends to slowly suck your soul away.

My favorite Christmas song? "Do They Know it's Christmas" by Band-Aid because it's totally 80's!

The worst? A tie between Michael Bolton's "White Christmas" and "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree"-the version of Ronnie Spector.

There's my life story, LOL!


Mynx said...

Gorgeous post. He really is a big softy for all his bluff and bluster. Hope you showed him the christmas song on my post the other day. If that doesnt make him appreciate fine christmas music nothing will hehe

Tress said...

@Dad- Ok...maybe you're right.

@FF- Indeed:)

@Meg-Haha! Nice. We used to put up three in my old apartment.

@Hed- Well that is a completely valid reason to hate Christmas music. I'm sure I'd hate it too if I had to hear it all the time.

@Mynx- I didn't, but I'm going to! LOL

Nicki said...

And the grinch's heart grew three sizes that day!

Tress said...

Haha indeed it did:)