Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Have a Guest Week: It's a Big Deal, It Is to Me

Today's Guest Post is brought to you by Jess from It's a Big Deal, It Is to Me.

Jess chose topic number 5...Bucket List.

When my blogging pal JM asked me to guest blog, I was super-excited. What a great opportunity! Not only is it fun (and an easy way for me to present my awesome blogging skills to potential followers), but who WOULDN’T want to read my stuff? I’m fantabulous.

I’ve decided that for this guest post I’m going to present to y’all my bucket list, only I gave it a different name:


Sounds better, yes?

So, here are the things that I really really really really really want to do before heading off to heaven to kick it with Jesus.

1. Punch Justin Bieber in the face. (I’ll have to wait a few years since he’s still a child, but I’m willing to wait. I’m also pretty sure I’ll still want to punch him in the face in three years.)

2. Stalk Johnny Depp (effectively) and consequently have a restraining order filed against me. (I’d so have that thing framed and hanging on my wall.)

3. Make out with Craig Ferguson, Mark Harmon and Ryan Reynolds.

4. Write a tell-all involving three A-list celebrities.

5. Spend a weekend in Vegas with Jim Carrey.

6. Sneak into Kristen Stewart’s home at night and write funny dirty words on her forehead while she’s sleeping.

7. See Aerosmith in concert. Preferably before Steven Tyler needs hip replacement.

8. Go out in public wearing nothing but 90s attire (spandex, neon shirt, faded denim jacket, white socks scrunched down and high tops that light up. Oh yes, and a scrunchie in my big frizzy hair.)

9. Walk through a drive-thru and actually be allowed to order food.

10. Give an emotional, encouraging speech in front of a large crowd and have it followed by the kind of applause that starts with one guy clapping really slowly, then people start to join in until everyone is standing, clapping and nodding.

11. Hire a band to follow me around all day providing music to go along with the various events of my day.

12. Have brunch (with mimosas) with John Cusack. Optional post-brunch make-out session allowed.

13. Join the mile-high club. Preferably on an international flight. Preferably in the middle of the day. Preferably with a handsome foreign stranger (it doesn’t count as cheating if you’re flying over water. I looked it up).

14. Win a karaoke contest with my rendition of “Endless Love.”

15. Be in the audience for a “Friends” reunion. And chill with the cast afterwards. And make out with Ross. Or Joey. Aw, hell, I’d even make out with Chandler.

I know this isn’t your typical bucket list, but honestly, who really cares if I write a poem or have my novel published or travel to Paris? Nobody. It’s the weird stuff you get remembered for. So, the next time you see a chubby chick streaking across the screen during an NFL game, look closely, because it just might be me.

Admin Note: {Watching NFL game very closely} Ahem...Jess is always this awesome...go check out her out!!!

It is a big deal,it is to me!


Jess said...

Thanks for the compliments! I feel like a celebrity! LOL

Good times...

Admin said...

You are very welcome!

Meg O. said...

HAHA! I love her bucket list! AMAZING!!!! Go Jess! :) :)

Molly Malone said...

Love the Kristen Stewart one - make sure you do it in Sharpie!

Queen of the Rant said...

10-11 are my favs you are freakin highlarious

Emily said...

It's alarming that I've done 4 of these things already, I'll let you imagine what 4 they are.

Gina said...

I've done number 9 and number 7... twice. Good list.

TeamJazz1 said...

OMG *Squeals* This is so much fun!!! Can't wait to see who is up tomorrow! I've done 9 and kinda 8 except it was 80's attire.

Nicole said...

LoL I love it!!!! I would sooo wanna be in that audience for the Friends reunion too!!

Miss Innocent said...

HAHAHAHA on NUMBER 1! hahaha im not yet finished reading... hahaha i just had to post about it. HAHAHA poor justin.. haha

Miss Innocent said...

jumble (i emailed you btw).. re changing my name hehehhe..

@ JESS.. hahaha! most of these are about celebrities!!! you are realllyyyy a movie fanatic! :) btw. i met my aunt in the recent family reunion we had. well she works in Warner Brother.. and they used to see the friends gang there! hahaha *envy*

Jess said...

Great comments. Thanks y'all for reading! And big thanks to you, JM! I received 5 new followers yesterday, and I'm blaming you. LOL

So thanks!

Admin said...

It was my pleasure! I gained two followers after your guest post Jess...so I blame you:)