Saturday, September 18, 2010

I Have A Guest Week: Me!

Well although I’m not a guest, I’m going to participate in this week’s festivities.

I have decided to choose topic #5...A Bucket List.

Here we go. Before I die, I want to

1. Carve Brad Pitt a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Winnie the Pooh has a freakin’ star, but Brad Pitt doesn’t. What kind of crap is that?

2. Go to Rome.

3. Get married to the love of my life.

4. Have two children. (Two boys, because girls are mean.)

5. Buy a house with a big yard.

6. Develop my telekinetic super human power.

7. Photograph the world.

8. Play the Bass like a pro.

9. Write a book.

10. Dance with Ellen Degeneres


Jess said...

I would so love to boogie with Ellen!

Great list, and great guest post week!

Miss Innocent said...

JM!!!!!!! your bucket list is something i know you can really achieve! i think i want that too! lol

and with the telekenetic powers. i used to have a school mate back in highschool who could do that! he was featured in our local news. and one lunch time our tables were right next to each other.. i so wanted to approach him and let him bend my spoon. HAHAHA

so it means.. you can do it! hihi

and Jess.. my aunt works at WB studios. HAHAHAHA ... i asked her if she could bring me to the studio. she told me that Ellen shows are held there too! hahaha :)

Miss Innocent said...

btw.. jm! thanks for the guest posting! :) had super fun, i feel like a celebrity for that moment. hahaha whenever people comment

Admin said...

I had so much fun this week. Thank you both!! It seemed to be a hit and I know I gained some followers!