Thursday, September 23, 2010

Yes, It Can Be Destroyed.

Friday I was sitting at work, minding my own business (probably blogging) when I heard something behind me. I didn't pay attention at first, but then someone cleared their throat.

I spun around in my chair, kind of annoyed that someone was interrupting my hard work and this is what I saw.
I jumped clear out of my freakin' chair and backed up as far as I could away from the road kill.

My co-worker immediately burst into a fit of laughter and I really didn't understand what was so funny about her holding a dead animal in front of me. Gross. 

I picked up my desk phone and she was asked me who I was calling. I was all,"First, the pysch ward, and then the animal police."

She stopped laughing then and told me that it was a dog toy! It's like an un-stuffed animal. There is absolutely no stuffing in these things and they actually feel like real fur. So it seemed like a good idea to get my dog one.

First of all, $16.00 for an un-stuffed animal is ridiculous. Second of all, their selling point is that your pet cannot tear the stuffing out and get it all over the place and its a lie. My dog is known to rip all the stuffing out of everything he gets and the un-stuffed animals are no exception.

When I first got home, I honestly thought he had finally let the ferret have it.  But was his the toy that was supposedly indestructible.

So long Mr. Un-Stuffed Gray Fox.


Nicki said...

I officially have no faith in any dog-proof toys anymore. The more labels they have about being "indestructable!" and "lab-tested!," the quicker they will be destroyed.

I think I just found my thesis topic.

Admin said...

Well I'm glad my dog and I could be of some assistance :)

The only thing I've ever found that he doesn't tear up are Kongs. And its probably because he doesn't like them very much.