Thursday, September 2, 2010

5 Things That Drive Me Crazy-Traffic Edition

I'm trying to do the 5 Things That Drive Me Crazy posts every Friday...but this are getting in early. Why you may ask?

BECAUSE I'M GOING CAMPING. Again! I am leaving for the airport soon to pick up Boyfriend and then we are spending the entire weekend camping. No work until Tuesday!

I will miss you all this weekend. Have a super fabulous awesomely fantastic Labor Day!

1. Not using turn signals- How hard is it to let traffic know which way you are going? Get rear-ended once and I bet you it will fix that problem.

2. Cell Phone Users- Ok, I have been known to use my cell phone while driving...pretty much every day, but I have been given the gift of multi-tasking. If you cannot drive and talk on your phone, HANG IT UP.

3. Parking on the street- Where I live there are a lot of residential side streets that I can take to work that cuts like 10 minutes off of my commute. However, there is this one truck that parks on the street every day and it completely holds up traffic. Every morning, I have to pull behind it because other cars are coming and there isn't room for the three of us.

4. Tailgating- You should have left sooner if you were in the big of a hurry.

5. Yellow light brakers- I just hate it when someone slams on their brakes as soon as a traffic light turns yellow. You have like 5 seconds to get through the yellow light...there is no need to panic.


Jess said...

GIRL. I'm right there with you on these. I get such road rage. It's a good thing I'm a polite southern girl haha.

Oh and have fun camping! Don't lose any bras this time! :P

Gina said...

I will admit to being a yellow light braker. BUT- I come from Phoenix, where almost every single intersection has red-light cameras on them. Get two (or three, cough, cough) red-light tickets to the tune of $250 bucks PLUS driving school... you'd start braking, too!

Hotcakes said...

that's great! !! im going camping too tomorrow!! :)

talk to you next week!

Admin said...

@Jess- I packed extra bras this time. I'm a quick learner.....sometimes:)

@Gina-Red-light cameras suck! We only have like one of those in my town. You are def. forgiven for being a yellow light braker :P

@Hotcakes-Happy Camping! Have an awesome weekend!