Monday, September 6, 2010

Weird but True

Everyone is always trying to think of ways to make money. Some ideas are just weirder than others.

Tired of mopping and sweeping your kitchen floor? Have no fear, you can make your child do it.

Just put this mop on and let them crawl! You can even dip them in Pinesol and water to get a shiny clean!

No child? That's okay, too. You still don't have to actually do any work (some people are severely allergic).

Rainy day threatening to ruin your hair and makeup?
Try this stylish rain guard.
Remember when you were little and the father figure in your life would give you pony rides around the house? Poor dad had to have had such a bad back from hauling around a toddler. But, of course, we can fix that.

The Dad Saddle!

Speaking of fathers wanting to be involved in their children's lives, here is a prime example of a dedicated father.
Now dads can breast feed, too.

Do you have a cold? Tired of stuffing your pockets with used up tissues? Try this.

And finally.....

Does your pet have a little separation anxiety? Do you hate to be away from your furry loved one? Well, now you don't have to!

Just carry them with you wherever you go!

Have a Happy Labor Day!!!


Meg O. said...

LOL! OMG..... laughed at everything on this list. I've seen the baby cleaner/onsie before.... hilarious!

Jess said...

These are all ridiculously fantastic. Love it!

Hotcakes said...

hahahahah ive seen these before in an email

Admin said...

Haha thanks guys! I enjoyed searching for weird inventions. There sure are a lot of them. This post could have been verrrrry long.

Amy said...

My boyfriend ACTUALLY wants the Nubrella. He saw it on Sharktank and talks about it all the time. He likes the idea that you can bike with it and wants me to buy it for him. I say no way in hell.

Admin said...

LOL You get total girlfriend bonus points if you buy it for him and then show me the pic of him wearing it! haha