Saturday, November 27, 2010

It was just a dream

Calandreya really hit me with suggestions and they are much appreciated! Thank you times a billion!!!

She told me that she would like to hear about a memorable dream I had and what I thought it meant.

Not long ago actually, I had a dream that shook me up so much that I had to wake Boyfriend up and make him talk to me until I could fall back to sleep. It was just so vivid!

That same night, Boyfriend and I had gotten into a small argument, but I went to bed angry.

I fell asleep and the dream went something like this...

Boyfriend and I were at a party with only two other people there. Another male and female. Well the female kept flirting with Boyfriend which was pissing me off, but it wasn’t until she flashed her boobs and Boyfriend helped himself to a feel did I get angry and storm out.

So my dream self was steaming mad and driving when my phone rang. I answered it and Boyfriend pleaded with me to meet up with him. I agreed to meet him at the mall. I drove home and got his laptop so I could give it back to him. (Everything else I was keeping apparently?) I pulled into the mall and started walking up the sidewalk when a white car pulled up beside me.

As soon as I saw the car I knew something was wrong. A guy jumped out and said, “Ok, give me the laptop.”

I handed it over to him, but then he grabbed my hair and threw me into the backseat of his car. I caught a glimpse of the license plate which was 3HPZ (yes I still remember) and was going to text it to Boyfriend and tell him to call the cops.

Every time I tried to start typing a text, the bad guys would look at me though. There were three of them in the car and we were now driving around trying to find drugs. Why they needed me? No idea.

We pulled into a park and they all got out. The perfect opportunity for me to text Boyfriend. I wrote out the text.

“I’ve been kidnapped. Called 9-1-1. I love you.”

I didn’t include the license plate number for some reason. But I hit send. It came back and said I had no service. I kept trying to send the message over and over again but it wouldn’t go through. Then the bad guys got back into the car.

We drove back to the mall and the only thing I kept thinking was that I needed to press send. I felt so helpless that I couldn’t even send out a little text message.

The car finally pulled back in the mall parking lot. I was home free. They were going to let me go. As I started to get out of the car, I was thinking, I’m going to get to see Boyfriend again. I swear I will never fight with him ever again.

But then, the bad guy shot me in the back of the neck. I stumbled forward and immediately realized that I had lost my phone, of all things. I could feel the hot, hot, heat of the wound at my throat. I could feel the warm blood trickling down my face. I was choking on my own blood. But I would not die. I just kept thinking, maybe I could live through this. Maybe I can survive. I can’t die like this.

I heard the bad guys yelling at each other about how to dispose of my body.

I must have moved.

They shot me three more times in the back.

Then I sat bolt upright in bed grabbing my neck and coughing. It was the weirdest and most haunting feeling I’ve ever experienced. I’d never actually felt something from a dream before.

What do I think it meant? Not to ever go to bed angry again because you never know if you are going to be given tomorrow.


Thisisme said...

Crikey Jumble, that was some dream. Amazing that you remembered it all so clearly. You must have woken up in a right old panic! Very rare that I remember anything that I dream.

Bouncin' Barb said...

JM...that is not a dream, that's a damn nightmare. I can't believe the vividness of your details. Thank goodness you had bf there to comfort you when you woke up. Yes, don't go to bed angry. Life's too short. If it's ok with you, I'm going to write a post about a 'visit' I had from my Grandma and also from my hubby. I believe it was more than a dream.

Anonymous said...

That is NUTS!

Tress said...

@Thisisme- I sure did. I remember most of my dreams and they are all really vivid. I remember dreams clearly that I had years ago.

@Barb- Go right ahead! I'm interested in reading! I have nightmares a lot...and they are usually very clear.

Mynx said...

Ok no more tv cop shows for you Missy, especially just before bedtime. And no more going to bed on an argument. Kiss and makeup first. Hugs

The Empress said...

Wow! That was some dream. And although I play a dream analysis expert in the blogosphere, I need to go away and think about this one for a while. In the meantime, listen to Auntie Mynx when she says to never go to bed with an unresolved argument. xo

Jess said...

That's awful! I have really vivid nightmares, sometimes so bad that I can't sleep well for days afterward. I hate that.

Dad said...

Or the dream could mean that if Boyfriend is playing squeezy-squeezy with some chickie's should keep his friggin' laptop!!!

becca said...

wow what a dream i hardly ever remember my dreams

Meg O. said...

WHOA! What a crazy dream! I haven't had any dream like that ever!

Tress said...

I wish I didn't have dreams like that but most of them are, sadly. I will obey Mynx though :)

And Dad...shut up :)

Peregrin said...

You didn't believe your anger at Boyfriend was unjustified - in the dream he copped a feel from someone else. Your anger took form in the kidnappers - that's what took away your ability to communicate effectively, and that's what threatened to end your relationship just as they ended your life in the dream. The thing that draws my attention in this dream is that your kidnappers take away any means of communication. Your laptop is taken, you can't text, and in the end you focus on losing your phone. What this tells me is that you feel you can't communicate with Boyfriend (or at least, that's how you felt the day you had the dream) and that this lack of communication was a big problem for you. What you took away from the dream was pretty close to the mark. I believe that it's perfectly normal to get angry, just don't stop talking until you've made yourself clear.

Pleasant dreams!

Tress said...

Wow Peregrin. You pretty much hit it on the nose. That is a great interpretation.

steph c said...

Peregrin's analysis blew me away.

Aside from that, I've totally had bad dreams like this where I've woken up actually crying.. it's the weirdest thing and I hate when it happens. Hope your dreams get better...!

Anonymous said...

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