Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's a Love Story

Ok, I warn you now that this post is going to be long, but Free Flying wanted to hear a long lost love story and as promised, I tend to deliver. Although, I don’t think it qualifies as a long lost love story, but this is my love story. Mynx also wanted to hear about how Boyfriend and I met, so I hope you enjoy.

As I previously mentioned, every boyfriend I’ve ever had has cheated on me. My first real boyfriend and I started dating when I was 15 and I practically let him cheat on me because I thought I was so in love. The first time I found out about him cheating, he apologized and I forgave him. Then it happened over and over and over again. Total came out to 6 different girls and only God knows how many times it actually happened.

After him came a wonderful man with whom I just had nothing in common. We got along well and he was so very handsome but we just didn’t click. We toughed it out longer than we should have and eventually he started seeing some girl he worked with and then left me a short time later for said girl.

Then there was the bad boy. He was fun and exciting and kept me on my toes. As soon as I found out he was cheating on me with my best friend, I dumped both of them. I wasn’t having it anymore.

So there was a couple more after that. Same old story. I fell in love. They cheated. My most recent ex and I dated for 3 years and ended up nearly hating each other before we called it quits. We would scream at each other and say really mean things for the sole purpose of hurting one another.

After him, I decided that I was going to take time out for just me. I didn’t want to date anyone. I couldn’t trust anyone and I was extremely tired of getting hurt. So for about two years, I remained single. I was asked out, but would always make up some excuse. I was having fun by myself and didn’t worry about anyone but myself. I did what I wanted when I wanted.

Then, I finally started dating again. I went on a horrible streak of bad first dates. Set ups, blind dates, dates with guys that were friends. None of them ever made it to a second date. This one guy in particular seemed very nice when we first started talking on the phone. It was winter and it took us a while to meet because of the weather, but when we finally did, the date was a train wreck. He was very clingy and kept trying to feel me up. ON OUR FIRST DATE! Through the course of the date, I just kept wondering how I was going to get rid of him. When I dropped him off at his house (no, he didn’t have his license!) he tried to kiss me and I backed up. I told him I just wasn’t ready. Then he tried to invite me inside. I made excuses and finally got the Hell out of there.

He texted me and called me constantly after that. He even went to the pet store and bought a chinchilla and named it after me! After one freaking date! When I finally told him to stop calling he said (and I quote) “Ok, that’s cool. Do you wanna go on a ski trip with me and my family?”

I hung up on him and decided then and there that I wasn’t going on anymore dates. I canceled on a lot of people that were trying to set me up. Sometimes I would wait until the day of the date and then call the guy and make up some excuse as to why I couldn’t go.

Months later, I was being set up again. We exchanged phone numbers through friends and he eventually texted me. His first words were, “Hey, I thought I’d take some time out of my video gaming to associate with the outside world. How are you?”

I smiled at the text, because I could definitely relate to that and replied. For weeks we tried to set up a date but his schedule always conflicted with my schedule. So I kinda thought it was never going to happen but talking on the phone and texting each other was nice, so I continued. He sent me a friend request on Facebook and I browsed through is pictures and was very pleased with what I saw.

Finally, he called and asked me to go to dinner with him. I started panicking. I immediately went into get-the-Hell-out-of-this mode and tried to think of excuses to get away from him. I couldn’t. My friends told me that I should go and deep down, I really wanted to.

But then, he called and said he had to work late and couldn’t go. He cancelled on me! I was furious, but then I knew how the guys felt that I cancelled on. Karma is a bitch, especially to me.

So then one night, I went to Wal Mart for the midnight release of New Moon (don’t judge me) and got a text from him. Conversation had been light after he had cancelled and I’d kinda written him off. He asked me what I was doing and I told him. After he made fun of me, he told me to have a good time. I put my phone in my pocket and continued waiting in line.

An hour later, I get tapped on my shoulder. I spun around to see this beautiful man in front of me. I recognized him from his pictures on Facebook. He smiled and said, “It’s nice to finally meet you.” I immediately hugged him as if I’d known him forever and he hugged back. I made my BFF stand in my place in line and for two hours we walked around Wal Mart and talked. He was amazing. Better than I had imagined.

Upon leaving, he asked me on a real date. Thrilled, I accepted and then we parted our ways.

When date night came, I was terribly nervous and going over and over in my head all the things that could go wrong. BFF was there helping me get ready and offering tons of moral support (thanks again BFF) and I looked at her and said, “This is my last first date. After this one, I’m seriously done.” She laughed at me, but I wasn't. I hadn’t been on a second date in years and I didn’t get my hopes up about this one.

We met at a restaurant. We were both clearly nervous, but looking back, it was adorable. He was a perfect gentleman. Didn’t try to feel me up at all! Imagine that! We ate our meals and then talked for hours. We never had any awkward silences and had so much in common. At one point he said, “You know, I really thought you would cancel on me.” If only he’d known how many times I’d cancelled in the past. (I asked him later on why he had said that and he said because he just had a feeling that I would.)

We stayed at the restaurant until the waiter started looking at us like we were freakin' crazy, probably because we were taking up a table on a busy night. So he paid for dinner and then walked me to my car. A huge ball of nerves swelled in my stomach because I thought he was going to kiss me. But he didn’t. He hugged me and told me to have a good night.

Of course, it wasn’t what I was use to, so I wasn’t sure if he was actually into me or not. A real gentleman was a whole new ball game for me. And he was very hard to read.

I immediately called my BFF and she answered the phone with, “So how are we getting rid of him?” and I said, “No, no! It was the best first date, ever!” She couldn’t believe it and neither could I.

Two hours later, not two days, not two weeks, but two hours later, he texted me and told me he had a great time and would love to go out again.

And so we did. We went on a few more dates until I finally asked him to come to my house for a movie night. He did and again was a perfect gentleman. Didn’t even try to kiss me! Then, we had another movie night a couple days later. We were laughing at something other people probably wouldn’t laugh at, and I was surprised that his sense of humor was so much like mine. I looked over at him and he looked at me. Without even thinking, I leaned in and kissed him. Then we made out for like an hour on the couch. ;) Then he got up and went home. That’s right, he didn’t try anything else. We just kissed.

A week later and after seeing each other nearly every day, he asked if I would officially be his girlfriend and I accepted. For the first time in years, I was in a relationship. And I never even hesitated. I trusted him already and it felt as if I’d known him longer than what I really had. After all, we were so much alike, he was practically me with a penis.

The next week, I went to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. I missed him like crazy. The day I got back, he came over and I ran into his arms just like in the movies. He kissed me feverishly and told me he loved me for the first time. I knew right then, that I had found the one, if such a thing exists.

You all know him as Boyfriend. We live together now and are as happy as ever. He is very sweet to me and I don’t think he would ever betray or hurt me. I have given him my whole heart and he is very careful with it. After all, he has been hurt, too.

Growing to know each other better, we discovered that we don’t have everything in common. Where he is a bit of a workaholic, I hate work. But his motivation gives me motivation. And my refusal to listen to him talk about work all the time has helped him leave work at work. Where he loves snow and cold weather, I hate it. But his excitement makes the cold a little more bearable. We complete each other. We laugh constantly. We teach each other new things all the time. From our pasts, we have both grown to appreciate a good thing and not take a minute for granted. Not to mention when we do have an argument, we sit down and talk it out instead of screaming at each other. We never name call and if one of us is wrong, we admit it instead of defending ourselves, making everything worse. I’m not saying we haven’t had any problems, because what relationship doesn’t, but I am saying that I wouldn’t trade him for the world and the minor issues we have had, were just that. Minor.

And didn't I say it was going to be my last first date? :)

Thanks for sticking it out! I know ya'll have many more things to do than read a long post so I appreciate it. Ready for trivia?

In the TV series MASH (yes another MASH question), what was Radar's surname?

I always thought Radar and I could have been BFF's.


Bouncin' Barb said...

Radar O'Reilly?

That post was awesome and so cute. I think there is a romantic in each of us and we always love a good love story. He sounds great and we know you are so you must be a perfect match. Hugs.

Tress said...

Awe Barb, I so love you!!! Thanks so much!

And yes, you got it right!!! Email me and let me know who you want on the Giggle Button!


steph c said...

Such a sweet story, thanks for sharing :) I know all too well how disheartening it can be after a slew of terrible men and terrible dates. I truly believe in finding the right one when you least expect it, as mushy as it sounds!

Meg O. said...

Hi Tress! I'm back! Finally! Sorry I've missed a lot of your posts but I'm looking forward to reading more. Anyway, this was a wonderful post. I looooved it. He sounds like a really sweet guy, and I looooooooove a good love story! True love always does that - sneak up on you when you least expect it, and especially when you're not looking for it!

Nicki said...

ADORABLE! So glad to get to hear how you & Boyfriend got together.

Tress said...

@Steph- Mushy? Maybe. But oh so true! Thanks :)

@Meg-OMG WELCOME BACK!!! I'm looking forward to catching up on the life of Meg-O as well!! Thanks for stopping in!

@Nicki-Thanks girl! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Bursts of Bubbles said...

Aww that is so sweet, you almost have me in tears... thanks for sharing:)

Mrs. Hyde said...

What a beautiful love story. You don't seem old enough to have gone through so much heartache. Bad boys are fun to play with, but nice guys are good for sharing your life with. Oh, I have another one: bad boys take care of your hormones, but nice guys take care of your heart. I could do this all day, so I'll stop now. Best wishes for your romance!

becca said...

aw i loved the story it was sweet

Anonymous said...

THAT was an awesome post.You made me mushy and I am not mushy. I was cheering for you while I read. YEAH YOU!!! ♥

Uninspired Blogger said...

that's a really sweet story and I'm glad to hear about the happy ending :)

amchornetgirl said...

That was so sweet! I'm glad you found such an awesome man!

Tress said...

You all are so sweet. I was really unsure about this post because its not my norm, but you all made me very happy that I did! Thanks!

Kevin Michael said...

I just threw up in my mouth a little. Lol jk!!

Cute story. =)

Mamarazzi said...

wow...there were a lot of creeps but i am glad you finally found an amazing guy who makes you happy.

Thisisme said...

You obviously had to be with a lot of frogs, before you found your prince! Lovely story and I'm so pleased that it all had a happy ending, and you found Boyfriend.

Jess said...

Aww! I love the story of you and boyfriend. So cute! :)

Tina said...

So sweet my teeth hurt! I love how-did-you-meet stories!

The answer is Walter "Radar" O'Reilly.

pirategeek9 said...

Awwww. YAY for happy endings.

Your story sounds very similar to mine and Hubby's...even the fact that he loves cold and snow and I hate it.

Tress said...

{Giggles} Once again, I have the BEST commenters, EVER! I got up this morning and logged in to see Kevin puking from my post and Tina getting rotten teeth! Hehe. You all are wonderful!

StephanieC said...

Aww.. I love it.

I had a similar build up with failed online dates before I met my BF of 6+ years.

Once we started dating it was the same thing - no games, no foolishness - just "I like you, that was fun, let's go out again".

I was so happy I gave it a chance because he's the best thing that has happened to me!

I'm very happy for you and your BF and think it is super-sweet when you say "his motivation gives me motivation".

Yayyyyy to happiness!

Krissy said...

That is awesome, and I'm glad you pointed me back to this story that I missed. Boyfriend sounds wonderful, and it was so sweet of him to come meet you at the store. I'm glad you didn't cancel on him. :)

Anonymous said...

Haha, you with a penis. I like that!