Friday, November 12, 2010

Honesty is the Best Policy

Thanks to the awesome Mrs. Hyde at A Bitch Called Mom, I have won an award!
Honest Scrap. I love it! And if you haven't read Mrs. Hyde's blog, you need to get over there. Run. Don't walk. I'm pretty sure this award was made just for her because she says whatever is on her mind and whatever most of us are thinking and just don't say. So thank you Mrs. Hyde. You made my Friday so much better!

Of course, there are rules. I have to list ten honest things about myself. *Sigh*

1. For a small period of time in my life I was into drugs pretty badly. That was 7 years ago (holy crap) and have been drug free since.
2. The greatest person in my life is my dad.
3. My mother is a pyscho.
4. I hate when people fuss over me. Like after I had my surgery, everyone wanted to come see me. It annoys me to no end.
5. I absolutely cannot stand gay bashing. If I hear a complete stranger gay bash, I say something.
6. I don't like sharing my feelings with anyone other than BFF and Boyfriend. Everyone else gets the happy-go-lucky person they expect.
7. I get very aggravated when a person depends on me. Not that I'm undependable, I just hate the pressure. That's probably why I'm still waiting to have children. I need to get over that.
8. I am completely and utterly afraid of the dark.
9. Out of the 5 long term relationships I've had, Boyfriend is the only one that hasn't cheated on me. (Not to my knowledge and I don't think he ever would. If you are reading this Boyfriend, I will beat you down if you even think about it. :))
10. I asked for Candy Land for Christmas.

I don't know if anyone even cares about any of those things, but there ya go. I followed the rules because I'm honest!

Also there is no rule about passing the award along, but I'm going to anyways. Enjoy my blogging buddies!

It's a Big Deal, It is to me!
Thanks for that info, Aimee!
Unexpected Surprises
Life's Journey With a Smile
Forget Me Nots and City Sidewalks

These are all really great blogs. I hope you will head over and check them out!


A Redhead Named Sam said...

Congrats on the blog award! I just found you through Simple Dude's blog and wanted to stop in. :)

Amy said...

Awww thanks :) Honesty is the best policy.
I'm totally jealous you have that camera. I am in a spender restricted depression right now.

I'll do this tomorrow :)

steph c said...

YAYYY!!! Congrats on YOUR award, and thanks for passing it along!! It's my first blog award :)))

amchornetgirl said...

Good job on your new award!

Bursts of Bubbles said...

This award is great and I love your honesty. I also don't like a fuss being made over me and I hate people who depend on me just because they are too lazy to use their own brain.

Bouncin' Barb said...

We both won this so we must be pretty darned honest huh?

Loved #9 and #10. That made me laugh. Thanks! Congrats to you. Glad we met on here.

Aimee said...

AWWWW Thanks!! Also wow thanks for being so honest. That is good that you dont have a drug problem anymore

Thanks for the award :)

Mamarazzi said...

SUHWEET blog award!

i cannot belive every serious boyfriend of yours cheated on you!! you are a doll, i can hardly imagine it. boys are dumb.

thanks for your thoughts on my Friday Confessional bloggy peeve post. i think it is interesting that you respond in the comments. i never thought about doing that, i guess because once i comment i never go back to the comment portion again in a blog.

Jess said...

Congrats and AWW! Thanks hun! You're such a sweetie.

P.S. Candyland is awesomeness.

Tress said...

@Sam-Thanks for stopping by! Thanks!

@Amy- It is a pretty awesome camera, I can understand the depression:) And you are welcome.

@Steph-Thanks and you are welcome! I'm also very happy to have given you your first award although I think you shoulda gotten one a long time ago.

@Hornet-Thank you so much!

@Bubbles-Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy and totally agree

@Barb-Of course we are!! And I'm very glad I met you, too! I never thought I'd meet so many friends when I started my blog.

@Aimee- I am definitely glad that part of my life is over. Lol. You are very welcome!

@Mama-Boys ARE dumb. There isn't a true statement. And you are welcome. I really enjoy your blog. If I have time, I go to every blog I follow a few times a day and check back on the comment portion.

@Jess-Thank you BBFF and you are welcome!

becca said...

yay congrats on your award

Mrs. Hyde said...

Glad I could add a little extra happiness to your day!
Good shit on being drug free for 7 years! The first time I read your blog I knew you were a fighter. I admire that.
Gay bashers are insecure assholes who fear they might be gay. They need to stop being chickenshit, live their own lives and let others live theirs.
The first time you feel your baby kicking in your belly, your only instinct will be to love and protect. You just have to trust yourself.

Brittany said...

thanks girl!!! :)))

Mynx said...

great post JM. And belive me, we want to know all about you. The mre info, the better the stalker wall *evil laughing. Thanks for sharing :)

hed. said...

"I don't like sharing my feelings with anyone other than BFF and Boyfriend. Everyone else gets the happy-go-lucky person they expect." Yep, me in a nutshell as well. Great list, very honest Jumble.

Hed hed down under

Tress said...

@Becca-Thank you!!

@Mrs. Hyde-I'm beginning to love you more and more each day. LOL. Your comment really made me smile, thanks.

@Brittany-You are very welcome

@Mynx-Stalk me any day. I'd be honored :)

@Hed-Really? That's interesting! Glad to know there is someone out there like me:)

pirategeek9 said...

Congrats on the award.

I totally agree with #5.

I think either Target or Toys R Us is going to have Candy Land for $1 on Black Friday. I aimed a little higher for Christmas. I want an iPad. 0:)

Tress said...

@Pirate- Thanks!
Oh and, I asked for an IPad, too. I just don't think I'll get it. LOL.