Saturday, November 13, 2010

Shit Boyfriend Makes Me Watch vol 1

At least once a week, Boyfriend and I have a movie night. Maybe once out of the course of our relationship has he let me pick the movie. Well, after the most recent weird ass movie that he made me watch, I told him I was going to start blogging about the crap he makes me watch.

I'm going to try to do this every Saturday, but it may change from time to time. Then I'll rate the movie on a scale of 1-5, one being meaning the movie sucked big time and 5 meaning that you should stop what you are doing and go rent the damn thing.

The first movie I'm going to tell ya'll about is a 1975 film called One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

A very young Jack Nicholson (who annoys me to no end by the way) plays a man named McMurphy with several assault convictions and thinks that he can get out of doing work in prison by pretending to be insane. So he is sent to a hospital for help and actually fits in pretty well.

He tries to liven up the place and gets a lot of the other patients involved in things like card games and basketball. He also gets them into a lot of trouble. Oh and some of the other patients? Danny DeVito, Christopher Lloyd, and Vincent Schiavelli. I didn't even know it was DeVito until Boyfriend pointed it out because he is just so young in the movie.

(Movie is not in B&W, don't worry)
Anyways, the head nurse pretty much gets tired of McMurphy's crap and gives him a bunch of shit. So he rebels even more and actually throws a party in the hospital after hours. He sneaks booze, cigarettes and girls through the window and they all participate in the festivities. At one point they start putting alcohol down a patient's feeding tube. It was pretty hilarious.

They all pass out and get caught the next morning and McMurphy gets into some serious trouble. Including electric shock therapy. I wish I could tell you the rest, but it would give away too much. I did actually end up enjoying this movie, which surprised me, since I don't like Jack Nicholson. So my rating?

I couldn't give it full three so I gave 2 3/4. And I kinda really suck at reviews. Sorry for that.


Jess said...

I loved Jack in The Shining, A Few Good Men and Batman. Other than that, he annoys the hell out of me.

hed. said...

I did not dig this movie...and the nurse got an Oscar, which, well, she was meh. How can you not like Jack Nicholson? :P

Hed hed down under

becca said...

jack nicholson one of my favorite actors and honestly i kind of like this movie however i much perfer the book to the movie

Bouncin' Barb said...

Now I know I'm a little older than you guys but when this movie came out it was a phenominal show. The book was 10x better but I thought the acting was brilliant. Plus it gave us an insight to the horrid ways mental patients were treated. Did you know that Michael Douglas made this movie? He and Danny DeVito were roomies in college and Michael decided to turn this into a film. Brilliant!

Jumble Mash said...

Wow I had no idea that the movie was a book! I may have to pick that up sometime. I seriously can't even explain why Jack gets on my nerves, but he does. Especially in his more recent movies.

Thanks for all the input guys! I heart you!

Simple Dude said...

Yeah, this was a popular book before a movie if I remember right. I actually like the movie, and like Jack in most things he does. This was before he became the egomaniac I think he is now, but I still find him talented.


irishgrudge said...

I read the book a few years ago and loved it. I watched the movie afterward and don't remember too much about it, other than I thought that it wasn't near as good. But isn't that usually the case?

Tress said...

@SD-Jack was good in this particular movie. Maybe it is his ego that bothers me. I dunno.

@Irish-That's so true. 99% of the time when they make a book into a movie, it sucks. And its crazy about the little things that they get wrong.

amchornetgirl said...

I dug the movie when I saw it ages ago...never read the book, but I obviously need to after reading these comments!