Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dear 15 Year Old

Calandreya wanted to know what advice I would give to someone that is 10 years younger than me.

I’ll soon be going on 25 and so I’m shooting for a 15 year old that was like me at that age.

Dear 15 year old who thinks she knows everything there is to know,

You don’t know shit. You are not as smart as you think you are and you will indeed be put in your place time and time again. You have a lot to learn and I know you aren’t going to take my advice, but here it is anyway.

It doesn’t matter what other kids think about you. It doesn’t matter if you are in the cool crowd or not. When you graduate, you will never see those people again and you are pretty much wasting your time. So stop bugging your parents to buy you expensive clothes. Real friends don’t care what you wear.

Speaking of real friends, stop hanging out with girls that like to surround themselves in drama just because they get bored. They will only suck you in and bring you down. They will also turn their backs on you any chance they get.

You are not going to find your one true love at 15 years old. If you do, you are one in a million. So don’t take it too seriously. Don’t forget about your friends when you start dating either, because when that boy moves on to another, your real friends will be there for you. Those stupid girls I was talking about earlier will be there to snatch the boy up.

Don’t try to grow up too fast. You wouldn’t BELIEVE how time flies after you graduate. Enjoy being in school. Skip class every once in a while, but don’t do it too often because then you will have to take finals and those really freakin’ suck.

Don’t let anyone walk all over you. Put your chin up and talk back. Like I said, these kids aren’t going to matter in a few years.

Be nice to your parents!! I cannot stress this enough. Sure, they are embarrassing and always wanna know what you’re doing and where you’re going. You are 15. Not 18. They have every right to know what you’re up to. Remember, they are trying to keep you safe. When you get older, you are going to appreciate your parents a whole lot more than you do now, so don’t burn any bridges.

Also, don’t you even think about smoking a cigarette. Ever.


Almost 25 year old who knows she knows nothing at all about life and is never surprised by what happens next.

Trivia time! What actress holds the record for most Oscars won?
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pirategeek9 said...

Great advice. I think I'd say the exact same thing.

Actress with most Oscars - Katherine Hepburn. :)

Canadianbloggergirl said...

Ok, since I wasn't fast enough for the win, do I get brownie points for knowing the 2nd place woman with the most wins? If so, Ingrid Bergman came in 2nd for the most oscars won!


Thisisme said...

Brilliant advice for a 15 year old, Jumble! I particularly like the one about never get so wrapped up in a boy, that you forget about your girlfriends. I used to tell my two daughters that all the time.

Tress said...

@Pirate- YAY You win! Email me about the winner! jumblemash@gmail.com

@CBG-TOTAL brownie points :)

@Thisisme- That is a lesson I learned the hard way sadly. If I ever have daughters, I will be sure I remind them of it all the time.

becca said...

love this to bad we all could not go back and tell our 15yr old self how tings will turn out maybe we wouldn't have been so stupid.

amchornetgirl said...

Boy was I dumb at 15! Luckily I grew older and ever so slightly smarter! Great advice!

Bouncin' Barb said...

Excellent advice JM...Someone did me a favor at 15 and I thank them to this day. I'll write about it next blog post.

Jess said...

Sheesh, if I could get my SEVENTEEN-year-old cousin to take some of this advice, she'd be a lot better off (and would annoy me a WHOLE LOT less)! Damn kids.

hed said...

Love this. Remember when your parents or someone older tried to give you this clarity when you were 15? Remember how they had no idea what they were saying, and how stupid they were for acting like they did know?


hed www.hedabovewater.com

Mrs. Hyde said...

My oldest daughter is 17 and I'm going to make sure she reads this. She thinks I'm crazy and I don't know what I'm talking about because I was never a teenager. I just sprang from my mother's womb fully grown and in my 30s.
In June I did a similar post on The Well-Fed Spirit. It's a letter to my 28 year old self. You should take a look at it when you get a chance. The post is titled 'Even Better Than You Think.'

Tress said...

Thank you all! I do wish I would have listened to this advice when I was younger.

Dad said...

Well lovely daughter...lucky for you I'm not one of those "I told you so" types :-) You have certainly gone through a few tunnels but you have come other the other sides a stronger person and I am soooo proud of you. Oh, by the way...when you have a child....I'm gonna make him or her the biggest spoiled brat you've ever seen...just so I can watch you deal with it :-) Love ya sweetness :-)