Thursday, November 4, 2010


First, I wanna thank you all for your support. Your comments on my last post were amazing and really meant a lot to me. My grandma was a very important person in my life.

Now down to business. Who would ya'll like to see fall off the map?
As I suspected, Justin Bierber took this one home. I personally voted for Lady Gaga, but its ok, JB annoys me, too. Did you know that he is one of the most popular Twitter users, though? He has something like 5,500,000 followers. Crazy. A lot of people give a shit about him, which is weird to me.

New poll is Which is your favorite social network?

Anyways, Thisisme won the trivia challange. The question was What was the python's name in the novel 'Jungle Book'?

She guessed Kaa and was 100% correct! Go check out who she picked to be on the Giggle Button!

Until next week....


Anonymous said...

I despise Facebook and why I keep mine is beyond me. I want to scream and shred the goody happy blessed fake status updates. I'm a Tweeter ;)

amchornetgirl said...

I voted for all 4 to fall off the map! And I hate the social media too, but I have to use them because of my band. I guess I'm already an old fogey!

becca said...

hugs :)

Nicki said...

Still thinking of you lovely...but now I know not to send the bouquet of Gaga albums.