Friday, November 19, 2010

Shiny Turkey Award!

Me, Myself and I from Ramblings of an Emotional Idiot has given me the Shiny Turkey Award.

Cool, huh? Thank you so much! Everyone needs to go over and check out her blog. She cracks me up!

Of course, there are rules to this award. I have to write about an experience that has to do with food, intoxication, cooking/baking or the holidays. Then, pass it on to a few blogs of my choice.

So first, here are the blogs I've chosen.

A Bitch Called Mom
Absolutely Narcissism
The Loaded Handbag

I cannot wait to hear their stories. I absolutely love these blogs.

I really had to think about what story I would tell because I wanted it to be about the holidays but I have so many holiday memories I wasn't sure which to choose.

But finally I chose to tell ya'll about a Christmas at my grandpa's house.

On my dad's side of the family, we have lost too many loved ones. My grandmother passed away when I was sixteen and three of four of my uncles have passed away. We've had Christmas in that house every year since I've been alive. It's different now, because so many people are missing.

But the last year that we were all together, was one of the best I can remember. My grandpa's house isn't big by any means. And my grandma had eight kids of her own, and then those kids had children. I have like 22 first cousins. Its ridiculous. We all crammed into that tiny house every Christmas and it was AWESOME.

That year,  my dad had bought my youngest cousin and ball pit. You know, like the ones at McDonald's? But the actual pit looked like a swimming pool and you actually had to blow it up and then pour the balls into it.

Well, they decided to go ahead and put it up right then and there. It took up the entire living room. Then my dad decided that he would get inside the ball pit with my little cousin.

Then, a war broke out.

It started with my little cousin throwing a ball at her dad. Then my dad threw a ball at my uncle. Then those little plastic multicolored terrors were flying through the house everywhere. My grandma was yelling at us, but no one was listening.

Balls were zooming passed by head and I could think of nothing better than to get out my video camera and document the whole thing. As soon as I started recording, a ball hit me right in the eye. The video shows me dropping the camera and cursing up a storm.

Then I picked the camera back up and watched. I was just an innocent bystander by I bet you I got hit about 100 times. The younger kids all started to join in (yes, it was only the adults at first) and the uncles started using the children as shields.

Then someone, and to this day no one will admit it, broke my grandma's lamp. She came into the living room and started collecting the balls from us and scolded each and every one of us. That video is very precious to me. And I wish I still had it. Someone stole my camera along with all of my tapes from my old apartment. At least I still have the memory.


steph c said...

That sounds like an amazing time.. I was always jealous of big families!!!

Dana said...

Sounds like my Christmases as a kid! My mom was one of ten, so I also have about a bazillion cousins. :) I love that there's video evidence.

amchornetgirl said...

Awesome story! Sucks that the video was stolen, but they can't steal your precious memory.

Brittany said...

What an incredible story! I really love it! Sounds like something my family would do! :))

I also had my camera stolen! I didnt care about the camera per say, but all the pictures on the SD card devastated me! People are jerks and I hope karma is a biYatch!

Jess said...

Congrats on the award! I can just picture a ball battle going on in my grandmother's house....she'd kill us all.

Tress said...

@Steph- I can't even imagine having a small family. Boyfriend's family consists of like 6 people. It's soo weird to me.

@Dana- Isn't it awesome? The more the merrier!

@AMC- You are very right, I just wish I could have it to show my kids one day.

@Brittany- right?? Assholes!! I don't give a shit about the camera, but come on! Leave the tapes at least!

@Jess- Thank you! LOL My grandma almost went into panic mode. She would get really nervous when any of us started acting up.

Bouncin' Barb said...

That sounds like it was such a fun time. I bet your holidays were great with that big family. It's not the same anymore. It's lost so much of its joy for me. The pressure to buy, buy, buy is terrible. But you can never lose those memories is right. Just have to tell it in story form. Great post. Congrats too!

becca said...


Mynx said...

Awww I wanna ball pit now. Can just picture it. Bet you guys still laugh and try to accuse others of breaking grandma's lamp

Bursts of Bubbles said...

Oh thats so funny and sounded like tonnes of fun :). Its a shame though that someone stole your videos and cameras :(, really people never think about their actions just about what they can gain from breaking into a house.

Mrs. Hyde said...

That was an awesome holiday story. I was laughing my ass off by the time I got to the part where the men were using the kids as shields. Sounds like so much fun! I may start a ball fight at my in-laws' house this year. They'll love that...well, I will at least.
Thanks for the award! I'll try to do you proud with my story.

Sandy said...

What a great holiday story, sounds like a fun family.

Thisisme said...

Great post! Such a descriptive piece, that I'm sure we can all picture it in our mind's eye! Such a shame you lost the video though - bet it was priceless! I'm an only child, so I an always very envious of people who have siblings and larger families. At least now, I have three grandchildren, so our little family is growing!!

Mamarazzi said...

ooooooooooh FANCY award...congrats!

Anonymous said...

As the "accused" Dad in the story...I just want to go on record as being innocent of all charges...I'm sure I just wanted to bond with my neice in the ball pit :-). I'm pretty much an angel and would never start throwing balls in the house...let alone break Mom's lamp!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all

Nicki said...

Okay, first of all? That is HILARIOUS. And the above comments just add to it.


Thirdly, THANKS FOR MY SHINY TURKEY!!! I'll have to start thinking up stories now....

Tress said...

@Barb-Holidays are usually a blast because we have such a large family, but Christmas is definiately losing its luster as I get older.

@Becca-Thanks sweetie!

@Mynx- LOL yeah its a running joke around here. And hey, your hubby bought a bow without your knowledge, I think buying a ball pit is only fair ;)

@Bubbles-Exactly. I don't even care about the camera, but come on, leave the tapes!

@Mrs. Hyde- Thank you! It was pretty freakin' hilarious. Throughout the tape, I just keep cracking up. That is, until I was hit in the eye.

@Sandy-Thank you so much!

@Thisisme-I can't imagine a small family. I love love love craming everyone together and having moments like these. We have only two babies in the family now so we need to start adding more!

@Mamarrazzi- LOL Thank you, hun!

@Dad- OMG I'm so posting about you reading my blog now. LOL

@Nicki- You are very welcome. And thank you!