Sunday, November 7, 2010

And I'm back.

Hi! I'm back...I think. Are you all still with me? Good. I missed you guys!! Hope your week was better than mine. I woke up yesterday morning, went to take the dog out in my pjs and instantly regretted not putting on warmer clothing.

Our first dusting of snow.

I think he's wondering why its snowing already, too.

Back porch.
Thanks again for all of your support over the past few days. And thanks for coming back :)


Simple Dude said...

Good to see you back!

I have read a bunch of posts and tweets from people over the last week talking about their first snowfalls of the year. Here in Minneapolis (the frozen hell that it is) we have not had any snow at all yet. Not even a flake. In fact we're looking at temps in the 60s for the next 4 days. Something fishy is going on... i'm hoping it means we'll have a mild winter but I doubt it.


Jess said...

Glad you're back! :)

Thisisme said...

Hi Jumble. Nice to have you back, and do hope that you're feeling okay. Can't believe you've had your first dusting of snow! The temperatures here have certainly dropped about 10 degrees in the last couple of days, and a heavy frost last night.

Bouncin' Barb said...

JM...did you really think I would abandon you? No sir!

Miss Vicki said...

Nice to have you back :)

Mynx said...

Awww I missed you. Welcome back. You have snow? How wonderful. Ooops is it? Doesnt snow here so I have only seen it about 3 times in my whole life so snow is a bit of a novelty for me.

lyndylou said...

Here in Scotland we had our first bit of snow in October!! Didn't stay long though. Hope you have a better week this week :-)

Tress said...

@SD- Thanks! Oh I would give an arm for some 60 degree weather right now! It was 24 this morning when I got in my car :(

@Jess- Thanks, girl! It's good to be back!

@Thisisme- I couldn't believe it either! I am in complete denial that winter is here.

@Barb-What was I thinking?!? I should have known you guys would come back. I have the best readers ever. And Barb, I was totally freakin' HOOKED on your blog yesterday. Boyfriend kept trying to talk to me and I was all "What? Huh?" And then I told him to shut up because I was about to find out what happened next! Hehe.

@Vicki- Thanks a billion!:)

@Mynx-For someone who doesn't get snow, I can see where snow would be awesome. But for me? I hate it. I've seen it. I don't wanna see it anymore. It's cold and hard as hell to drive in. Oh and I missed you too!!

@Lyndylou- Okay, your name is fun. I like it. Lyndylou. :) Ahem, October! Holy Cow!! I remember living in Boston when I was younger and almost every Halloween it would snow. But I sure am glad it doesn't usually snow early here. For the past few years the first snow has been on my birthday which is Dec. 16th. It came early this year, but hopefully it doesn't make it a habit.

becca said...

Brrr and welcome back

amchornetgirl said...

Welcome back! Hope you are feeling better now...and bundle up!

hed. said...

Noooooo! Don't post snow! Snow reminds me that CHRISTMAS belongs in the WINTER, NOT in the SUMMER! *cry* I guess I'll have to live vicariously through your pictures. Can you send me some snow in the mail? :)

Hed hed down under

Tress said...

@Becca-Thanks, sweetie! And Brrrrr indeed!

@AMCHornet-Thanks and I've already dug out the winter clothes!

@Hed-You crack me up. If I could, I would TOTALLY send you snow in the mail. Maybe I could pack it in a cooler and ship it?