Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Alone Time

Let me start off by saying that I love love love love love Boyfriend. Got it? Ok good. Then let me say that we spend pretty much every weekend, all day, every day together. Every Monday, Boyfriend has to work night shift. So he doesn't get home until around 11:00.

Monday evenings are pretty much the only time I get ME time. And if you've read my Pep Talk post, you'll appreciate this more.

I came home from work and immediately went to the backyard with my dog and sat in complete silence whilst enjoying the cool fall breeze.

Then I went back inside and had freakin OREO.CHEESE.CAKE for dinner. I did not have to cook anything.  I know, I know. I was supposed to STOP eating sweets. But come on...oreo cheese cake?

Next I took an awesome bubble bath. Then I watched like five episodes of Veronica Mars. Okay, I know I said I would quit watching TV series on Netflix just because they were sitting in the queue, but I can't help it. Veronica Mars should have never been canceled.

Would it be a surprise if I told you that I'm really bad at keeping New Year's resolutions?

After that, I read all of my favorite blogs until my laptop decided it had had enough. It died on me and now I'm typing this on Boyfriend's laptop.

At about 10:30, I was texting Boyfriend telling him to hurry home because I missed him.

One evening alone a week is all I need.

Oh and I got my hair highlighted over the weekend! So at least I stuck with a couple of promises I made to myself :)

Now for the trivia question!

What is the name of the python in the novel 'Jungle Book'?

As always, first to answer chooses who goes on the Giggle Button for a week.


Simple Dude said...

Me time is very important to... me. Especially after living alone for about 8 years, then moving in with the lady friend last month. She likes her alone time too.

She has a night class she takes once per week and I have occasional work commitments so we each get 'me' time nights and it definitely is nice to have!


Bouncin' Barb said...

You guys sound perfect for each other. That's just so awesome. Enjoy it. Cherish it. How long have you been together?

Thisisme said...

First of all, the name of the python in Jungle Book, was Kaa!
Your me time sounded wonderful. I love having "me" time as well. I guess it's important for all of us. I think it was Virginia Woolf who said that a woman should have money of her own, and a room of her own!!!
But then, it was lovely having Boyfriend home. You wouldn't want to be without him!

Amy said...

ME time is CRUCIAL. It's all a balance. Last winter my boss moved to Florida, and I worked alllllll by myself ALLLLLLLL winter... and my boyfriend was working co-op in tax season... so I'd be alone all day, and then get home and be alone all night (he'd get home around 10). It was the worst winter ever.

I love our time together, but I agree that ME time at least once a week makes the relationship stronger! I love going to the gym, particularly yoga classes, I feel like those classes are just for me and nobody else.

Tress said...

@SD- Wow. I've never lived alone. I bet that was an adjustment!

@Barb- Aw thanks! We are going on 8 months, although some days it seems longer :)

@Thisisme- DING DING DING! You win! Email me and let me know who will be featured on the Giggle Button :) jumblemash@gmail.com

@Aimee- I completely agree. Once a week is enough and OMG do I enjoy it!

Daffy said...

Good thing you got a winner...I'm terrible with trivia! But I LOVE some alone time. I often sit in the screaming silence and just let it swallow me. The photo of your dog in the backyard is so picture perfect! Certainly a spot I would love to plant myself! SOunds like a perfect evening!

Anonymous said...

Your weekend sounds blissful. Thats what I'm hoping for this week when I escape to FL for a few days with some girlfriends. Wine for lunch? Yes please!

Miss Vicki said...

OREO CHEESE-CAKE! Sound divine...yummy :) Glad you enjoyed your 'me' time.

becca said...

i love me time it is so rare that when i get it i truly enjoy it.

Aimee said...

Yay for alone time. I have usually 1 night a week of alone time and then about 2 nights girls night out. So I suually like hanging out with kevin 3-4 days.

Yesyerday I totally banned him to our bedroom so I could watch countless hours of Greys Anatomy Season 6 on Netflix (its the devil i tell you). Of coursr I was bawling my eyes out too.

Yummy oreo cheesecake. I never watched Veronica Mars. Do they have all the seasons available on instaqueue? I am almost done with Greys so I need to find a new addiction

Roberta said...

i can definitely never get enought "me" time. i simply love love love it! :)

amchornetgirl said...

Me and the hubs spend most of our time together, and it's awesome. Of course some nights when he gets home from work he goes straight out to the garage, so that's when I get my me time.

Tress said...

@Daffy-It really was a great evening. I love being in the backyard!

@The Tame One- Wine for lunch sounds excellent!

@Vicki-If I could share that cheese cake with the world, I would. It's amazing.

@Becca- Amen to that!

@Aimee-Grey's Anatomy is the most addicting thing in the world. I absolutely love it. And yes, Veronica Mars is on instant queue. When you are done with Grey's try it! I am sooo hooked! Although, it's only 3 seasons :(

@Roberta-I know, me too. One day a week is fine for me though. I'm a social butterfly and too much alone time drives me crazy and I start talking to my dog like he is a person.

@Hornet-Together time is awesome, but it sure is nice to just be by yourself once in a while!

Jess said...

Dangit, I knew that one! Should have read all of the blog updates yesterday! Shame on me.

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