Thursday, November 18, 2010

Insert Witty Title

Thank you all so much for voting, as always. Here are the results.

This is out of 27 votes. Even if you follow 1 blog, you are awesome in my book. Do you know how much us blogger's love our followers? Seriously. Followers are to bloggers what alcohol is to an alcoholic. No joke.

I personally follow 96 blogs. It takes me hours...I mean hours, to go through my reading list every day and try to comment. Sometimes, I just don't comment because I have no clue what to say, but I read them...every day. It's my morning routine.

I come in, sit at my desk, open up Blogger, post, then start reading. Usually by noon, I've caught up on everything and start on my actual work. It's my favorite part of the day. Honestly.  Then after I finish my real work, I log back on and check to see if there have been anymore updates. (I think I may be obsessed)

You bloggers make me laugh, cry, rant, ooo and awe first thing in the morning. My commenters make me so happy that no matter what kind of work bullshit I'm putting up with, its ok. I can escape here.

So thank you. Everyone. This Thanksgiving at the dinner table when I'm asked what I'm thankful for, I'm going to say my blogging friends. My grandparents are going to look at me like I've grown two heads and probably think that blogging is some kind of illegal activity. Boyfriend will say, "Gee Thanks." My sisters will start going on and on about which posts they liked the best. My mom will laugh and act like she has a clue.

Yep. I'm going to take over Thanksgiving conversation. No one's thankful speech will beat mine.

Anyways, back to being a follower, this week I am recommending *Dandelion Wishes*. I absolutely adore this blog. She is also doing an amazing giveaway. Go check her out and enter for a chance to win a whole blog makeover!


Ok! New poll for the week!

What is your status?

It only takes a second to vote!

Also, Barb won the Giggle Button trivia this week by answering In the TV series MASH, what is Radar's surname? first. The answer was indeed O'Reilly. Go click the button. Do it. 

Isn't Radar adorable? I heart him.

P.S. I'm trying to think of a reoccurring title for my Thursday poll results, Giggle Button winner, and blog recommendation. I'm coming up short. Anyone got any ideas?


Anonymous said...

I'm the second voter (first for single)! Anyway, I like how this post really makes a reader connected. I'm rather surprised that you can keep up with so many blogs, though. I only follow 25 and I can't even manage that! :D I really enjoy yours, though so I drop by whenever I can (like, maybe four times a week). Well, that's all I wanted to say. Ciao!

Thisisme said...

Interesting post. Blogging is certainly very addictive, isn't it. I almost begrudge it when I have to go out, and rush right to my laptop as soon as I get home again!! (Is thad sad?!). I amazed at how many blogs you are able to follow.

Jumble Mash said...

Ok...make that 97. I am now following Les Vestiaires :)

It is hard to keep up with all of them sometimes, but some only update once or twice a week. So that makes it a little easier.

Bursts of Bubbles said...

Oh wow that such an impressive amount to follow but if you find blogs that you entertained and happy then why not :). I read the blogs I follow everyday but don't always comment as I don't know what to say but it doesn't mean I aren't thinking about that person :)

Bursts of Bubbles said...

Oh wow that such an impressive amount to follow but if you find blogs that you entertained and happy then why not :). I read the blogs I follow everyday but don't always comment as I don't know what to say but it doesn't mean I aren't thinking about that person :)

steph c said...

I love your polls :)

And I totes agree about followers (and comments) It's not even funny how elated I am when I get a new one of either, heh.

Brittany said...

I follow and ridiculous amount of blogs! I dont always make it by every day, but I try! Its like a second job! I swear to God!

I made a feather on our Thankful Turkey dedicated to blogging! I love all of you sooo much!

Anonymous said...

I am shocked that so many people follow fewer blogs than me. I wouldn't consider myself really into the blogosphere...I only just began writing recently and don't have too much interaction with other bloggers. But I still read them like crazy. There are some in my reader that I don't love as much and I leave new posts there for when I've already plowed through my favorites.
I guess I just assumed that more experienced or established bloggers would have many more blogs that they follow.

Aimee said...

I follow way to many blogs too. LOL and at lmy old job I would be able to read my blogs while doing my work so that worked out., But my new job I am doing outside sales so yah wont be able to do anything until the evening time. /I might have withdrawls...

I love your Thanksgiving speech. Might have to steal it from you. But then they all might ask to see my blog and I wont be able to vent about my family any longer. I like to keep my blog a secret from most of my "real life friends and family"

amchornetgirl said...

Aw, we're thankful for you too! I never have blogged myself, and only recently started reading blogs, so there are only 6 I go to on a daily basis. I don't have internet at home (we moved last Dec and just never bothered...weird, huh?), but I'm on a computer most of the time at work, so when we're slow, I read blogs. Keep up the good work!

Jess said...

My cousins all think I'm a giant nerd for having a blog, but none of them do the internet all. No emails, no facebooking, nada. So I just smile because they don't really understand. :)

Miss Vicki said...

I feel the same way about the blogs that I follow as well :) Blog reading is how I start the day and then also finish the day. Its a fight in our household who gets on the laptop :)It is an addiction :)

Tress said...

@Bubbles- That's the way I see it, too!

@Steph-Thanks, sweetie!! I am the same way!

@Brittany- So true. Blogging is my second job, but its a job I like. And that I don't get paid for.

@Irish-Well, I guess that isn't the case! I'm totally not an established blogger (although I have come further than I ever thought) and I bet I follow more than most.

@Aimee- Oh no! Hopefully you can squeeze in some bloggy time still! I don't know what I'd do if I actually had to work all day.

@Hornet-No internet?!? How do you survive? LOL. Well I am EXTREMELY happy that I am one of the 6. I heart you!

@Jess-LOL that's hilarious. My sisters think its awesome. My dad just recently got the blog address and has started reading. Yikes!

@Vicki-I am SO glad I have my own laptop. Boyfriend has his, I have mine or there would totally be fights.

Bouncin' Barb said...

How bad does it look that I'm on the Giggle Button this week and posted a unusually negative post today. Guess I am going to have to write another one huh? I am exactly like you. I read a ton of them and I race for them when I get back to the couch. If you get behind it's almost impossible to catch up. Love it too! Thank you again!

P.S. What about Giggle, Jiggle, and Wiggle?

Me, myself and I said...

I swear I follow over 100 blogs. I sit down and catch up on all I have missed before writing my own posts.
I gave you an award!
Go to my blog to check it out!

Mamarazzi said...

THANK you so much for the sweet shout out. i follow a lot of blogs too but finally got to the point where i HAD to make decisions on which blogs to catch in my reader and which blogs i could actually go and comment on. i finally decided that i would just follow people who comment on my blog back to theirs. i still visit a few blogs that never comment on mine because i love them and i realize that not everyone i love is gonna love me back! LOL

i find it really interesting that you reply to comments in your comment section.

it never really occurred to me to go back to a comment i made and see if there was a reply.

do you know many other bloggers who do this? i typically reply via email.

Mynx said...

I was going to vote, but then I had to count and then stuff got nutty and I missed out telling you I follow 67 blogs. OMG. No wonder I never get anything done. And they are all wonderful. Oh no, look at the time, lol so busy on blogger and I need to get ready for work. Dang work for coming between me and my blogs.
Congrats Barb for winning the giggle button.
Oh and I am one of those that use my comments to reply to everybodies comments. So I usually wander back to see if my comments have been noted. Ok must hugs

Amy said...

I love your post - it's so true for me too... I suck though I don't read everyone's I just don't have the time. I read my favourites though... and don't always comment but try my best!

ANichols.Too said...

And now you have a new follower, so your addiction can be sated for a few! (waves hi!)

I can't imagine following 96--as is, I was about to post a blog on the exact same thing of followers and commenting and lurking...and replies to comments...but then I opted for the easy way out and posted a meme instead. The other will have to wait!

Mrs. Hyde said...

I'm so on board with your taking over the Thanksgiving conversation! BTW, I answered the poll but there wasn't room for my complete answer. So here it is: married with children but will be widowed real soon if this rum doesn't kick in!

Sandra said...

See, you have a desk job, and you can read blogs. That's sort of like my dream job right your company hiring?
I get two hours a day to madly scroll through and read as much as I can, but at the end of the day, I need 1-2 hours of sleep :P...ok, maybe 3-4.
You are my hero though, never forget it. You're like the queen of bloggers!

Krissy said...

I am blessed to have a desk job too, and I'll admit I am just starting to really get into the whole blogging thing and reading blogs. I am following you now too, so I hope that brings you a bit of joy. :) The best thing is when I am anywhere at all, I can always read blogs I follow on my iphone, even if I haven't tried to figure out how to comment through there yet.

Tress said...

Holy crap! I'm thrilled to see all the comments and that I have two new followers!!

@Barb- Haha, you are actually the second Giggle Button occupant to have done that. Also, Giggle, Jiggle, and Wiggle is awesome. I'm so using it! Thanks!

@Me-Awe you are awesome! Thank you so much!!

@Mamarrazzi- You are very welcome! Almost every blog I follow replies in the comment section. I think I've only recieved one email reply in all the commenting I do.

@Mynx-Haha, I know how that goes! Real life always interferes with what I really want to be doing.

@Amy- It is very hard to keep up sometimes. I think we all understand that.

@ANichols-Yay for a new follower!! Thanks!

@Mrs Hyde- I can ALWAYS count on you to make laugh out loud with your comments. That is hilarious!

@Sandra-Awe you called me queen! That's the best compliment I've ever recieved!! And I am a very lucky girl to be able to blog at work. Sadly, I may not have this job too much longer. See today's post for details.

@Krissy-I love love love followers, so yes you have brought me a ton of joy!