Friday, October 8, 2010

5 Things That Drive Me Crazy: Bar Edition

This one is for you BFF!!

Sloppy drunks spilling beer- It's one thing if you bump into someone and their beer accidentally goes flying down the front of your shirt. It's a whole different story if some idiot is jumping around and acting like a fool and continues to spill his beer...over and over again.

Last Call- Really? Don't make me stop drinking. Please Mr. Bartender. It's just starting to get fun.

Skank Fights- Why oh why do skanky girls insist on picking fights with the girls that aren't regulars? Like they hold it against us because we actually showered that day and got dressed up to go out. It's not my fault that they are bar rats and have sweat pants on.

Old Perverts- I, as much as the next girl, like a guy with confidence. But it is not in the least bit flattering when a man old enough to be your grandfather hits on you.

Techno Music- should have never been invented. I hate walking into a bar and they start playing techno music. You can't dance do it. You can't sing along. Well, at least I can't. Please...just stop the torture.


Bouncin' Barb said...


Aimee said...

I love this!

Last call, oh geezus. I hate it too but you know what I hate more? When they are complete dicks about it... Ive been to a couple of bars where they flip on the switches and go "Get the fuck out" What the hell is that? I paid you good money and now you are being rude? Its not even 2 am yet.

And lol I havent had the pleasure of seeing these skany bar rats. Cant wait

Molly Malone said...

I think some bars just pay random sluts to start bar fights for a bit of entertainment. Just a theory... And I'm with you on last call - bastards!

Jess said...

I hated the old and young perverts equally back in my bar-hopping days. Especially the losers with no vehicle and no job, trying to offer to take me for a ride, then saying, "Hold on, I'm sure my buddy will let me borrow his truck." Um, NO.

Tress said...

@Aimee-You are so right! I have had that happen many times. I can understand not wanting to work past your normal hours, but come on you are a bartender! You can't expect to be home early.

@Molly- Awesome theory. I'm with ya on that.

@Jess- Scrubs. Psht. I have been asked a dozen times if I could give THEM a ride home. And it's usually to their momma's house. HAHA

steph c said...

I always get my groove on like 5 minutes before last call. Lame. And I've found that I am a creepy old guy magnet.. I used to work as a hostess at an upscale steakhouse and there was this old large man who was a regular, who happened to be at the bar my coworkers and I went to after one shift. He flat out asked me "Do you have a boyfriend?" No. "You want one? You could be my mistress." ((barf)) Really?!

becca said...

OMG..too funny and i guess even old perverts are looking for love or lust