Friday, October 22, 2010

5 Things That Drive Me Crazy: Customer Service Edition

This edition of 5 Things That Drive Me Crazy is a little different, because well, it's about people and not things. Because the same general concept applies. Here we go :)

Those Who Think It's Satisfying to Report Others- Ok, if I get really shitty customer service, I'm going to tell a manager... at least. But that's if the person providing customer "service" is not even trying. But I cannot stand it when people report people in customer service just to have something to do. For instance, our new mail lady (have no clue if that's actually considered customer service, but it's what prompted the topic today so deal with it:)) that delivers mail to my work talks on her cell phone. A lot. And she doesn't dress very nice. But who the Hell cares? Well, apparently a co-worker of mine. She called and reported the mail lady and the mail lady was either fired or moved to a different route because she delivers no more. I think it's complete bullshit that someone would go and mess with someone else's livelihood just because the mail lady likes to talk on her cell phone and wears jeans everyday to work. She delivered the mail every day. She was nice when she actually talked. WTF is the problem?? Now her kids are probably gonna starve. And they'll have to kill their own dog for meat to stay alive. Just saying.

Those Who Treat Customer Service Reps Like Shit- So you walk into a store, grab the usual cup of coffee, giant cookie and pack of cigarettes gum (dammit) and get in line behind some lady. This lady starts bitching at the dude/chick behind the counter because the price of gas is so ridiculous. First of all, does anyone actually think the damn cashier can change that? Or that its their fault? Second, what right does anyone have to come into someone's work and start yelling at them like they are a waste of space? Especially at 7:00 am. Assholes.

Or the customers in restaurants who thrive on giving the waitresses/waiters a hard time just for the sake of looking cool in front of their friends. They should all be put on house arrest and never allowed in public again.

And'll never believe. Boyfriend works in a video game store. Two customers came in and were looking at buying a Play Station 3. Well apparently, they didn't like the prices of the game systems so one of them decided to whip out his tiny manhood and piss all over the damn things. A grown ass man, and I use the term loosely, decided that since he couldn't afford to buy the PS3, he would just piss on them so that no one else could buy them either. WTF is wrong with people?

Those Who Hate Being in Customer Service- On the other hand, I absolutely hate it when I go somewhere and the person behind the counter treats me like a waste of space. Doesn't even acknowledge me, let alone treat me well. I have to get their attention just so that I can give them my money and get the Hell out of there. And then they act like I'm bothering them by coming in??? Seriously, if you hate customer service, find a new job. (Any DMV employees in my area reading this? I'm so talking about you.)

Those Who Mess Up Because They Don't Care- I understand mistakes. Everyone makes them. I'm sure you can find at least one in this very post. It doesn't bother me. What does bother me is when I'm trying to buy my stupid bookshelf-in-a-box at Wal Mart and the cashier is talking to the cute boy behind her register whilst taking my money and giving me back the incorrect change. And then when I ask for the rest of my money, she acts like I'm being just down right contrary.

Those Who Act as if Your Money Doesn't Matter- Much like Those Who Hate Being in Customer service, except this person just doesn't want to help you actually buy something. For example, you go into an Apple store with a few hundred bucks in your pocket and know exactly what you want. All you have to do is get someone to help you get that IPad your heart desires, but no one will take the time out of their busy socializing to help you.

Or being a young female like myself, I know from experience that I cannot get a damn car salesman to come out and help me. But as soon as I have someone older, especially male, they are like flies on shit.


amchornetgirl said...

I've worked in customer service forever, and I totally agree with everything you said! And I can not believe some idiot pissed on video games because he couldn't afford them. Get a job!

Bouncin' Barb said...

This is really good and so damn true. It really does make me angry when people show their true selves like that. Either the customer or the rep.

My mother is one that takes it out on the help. I won't go out shopping with her any more and when we go out to eat I tell her to take it easy on the waiter. I've apologized to others for her rudeness too many times. It's shameful.

FreeFlying said...

I am SO with you on the people who work in customer service and act like you are inconveniencing them. I think it makes me so mad because I have to be nice and accommodating all the time when I'm at work. So, surely they can serve me a burger without giving me grief because it's, like, McDonald's and I'm almost positive that I'm not the first person to ask you for one today.

Canadianbloggergirl said...

I like it when those customer service reps call you at home, so you answer the phone by saying hello, and the other end says it is important that you stay on the line, we will be with you in a minute. don't call my damned house and put me on hold! I just hang up though, I'm not rude to them.

Tress said...

@AMCHornet- I couldn't believe it either. I was in shock, but I don't know why. It shouldn't surprise me with the way the world opperates now-a-days.

@Barb- Well I'm glad at least you apologized for her rudeness. I don't blame you on not going shopping with her anymore.

@FreeFlying- Too funny and all too true! Why do they have to make a shitty experience like eating at McDonalds even more shitty?

@CBG- I know exactly what you mean! I hate that, too. I get about 20 calls a day like that at my office. I'm like, if its that damn important then why are you putting me on hold?!

hed. said...

Ugh I've had to deal with them AND work with people like them. I swear, if I could, I would NEVER work in sales again. The Ipod thing was totally spot on-I went to Best Buy and walked around for 15 minutes before I walked out and took my ass to Circuit City. Hed

Daffy said...

OOh! Pick me! Pick me! I wanna stand on the soap box!! We have this person at work who gets into my business. She is the deaf/hard of hearing classroom teacher for the kids I work with but she in no way has any jursidiction over my job as a sign language interpreter. Yet EVERY year she, nearly weekly, complains about my schedule, where I'm spending my time and what I do during that time...I swear if she spent even 1/4 of the amount of time focused on the kids in her own classroom as she does worrying about WTF I am doing, the kids that pass through her room might actually LEARN something. There's a novel flippin idea! Teach ya biddy! She's just a bitter hag who has to have SOMETHING to bitch about. You'd think she would want to be a little nicer to me and not try to elimate my position since she routinely asks me to do things above beyond my job description and that actually pulls me out of compliance with ..... argh...sorry...I'm really getting into a tangent here. Bottom line? I'm doing my job and a doing a damn good job at it. She needs to mind her own effn business and worry about herself. Poor mail lady. If her job was being done satisfatory the who cares if she wore jeans and talked on her cell phone? Sheesh!

Tress said...

@Daffy- I should'a let you have a section on this post! Well freakin' said!! Especially-"She needs to mind her own effn business and worry about herself." Love it.

@Hed- I know, right!! Seriously...should we walk around shouting "SOMEONE PLEASE TAKE MY DAMN MONEY!!"

Miss Vicki said...

LOl :) Awesome post :) Having had some experience in retail, I worked in a local Salvation Army Family Store for 4 years, customer service was highly important to me and I didn't know how many lives that I positively effected by just being polite and friendly and treating them with respect, until I left. I was blown away by all the wonderful things they said about how they were treated in the store...I was just being me...treating people like how I would want to be treated :)

Aimee said...

I am with you on all of these. And wow its true people dont think what their complaints could do to someones live. I mean seriously, unless someone is really fucking up and being downright rude /i am not going to report them because I dont want to get the fired...Chain reaction and karma is going to haunt them

I cant believe that dude pissed all over the game consoles. WTF

And yes I hate people who are rude to customer service pople for no reason and get mad at the wrong person. My bf committed this crime yesterday...the parking was extremely INEFFICENT at horror nights and when he finally got up to pay he asked the girl "Why is there only 2 lanes open" in an annoyed voice. Granted he really wasn being an ass or anything but still I was like "hon she has no effect or authority over how many lanes are open"

Rude customer service people are the worst. I dont care how bad your day is going or how much you hate your job just do it and help me. Dont be rude, dont take forever, and dont treat me like I dont exist.

Fantastic post :)

Sandra said...

Ain't that the truth! I also find that people won't come out to help me in electronic stores where they sell cell phones and such. It's like they think I'm too stupid to buy the expensive Blackberry because I wouldn't know how to work it anyway...they happen to be right, but that's not the damn point!
Terrific post and I love each and every point!

Johnathan said...

I work for customer service and the constant abuse that we are put thru is outrageous i always try to accomodate everyone and i give great customer service but i asure you guys is so very hard to keep smiling and helping people as if they were babies after a long day of people bitching at you for everything for complaining and whining like little kids people has yelled at me called very nasty names people had threatened me with beating me up and then they want to call the manager ? Seriously just because i work in retail doest me you guys own me ... i know most of.those customers wouldn't treat me like that after work