Thursday, October 14, 2010

Who was naked?

Before I start with the poll results and Giggle Button winner, I have to recommend this to you guys.

Pink Ray Gun is offering awesome pumpkin carving templates. Like this one...

Vampire Bill from True Blood
Go check it out. If at least five of you email me photos of your carved pumpkins, I will share them on here. I know Boyfriend and I plan to carve next week, so you'll be seeing my pumpkins anyways. May as well make a whole post out of it! :)

Anyways...last week's poll was "How many articles of clothing are you wearing?"

Here are the results...
Out of 31 voters, 13 had on 1-3 articles of clothing, 10 had on 4-5, and 5 had on 6 or more. I find it disturbing/awesome that 3 of you read my blog while you were naked. Thanks to everyone that participated.

So for this week, the poll is "Which celebrity do you think gets the most lady lovin'?"

Also, Jess won the Giggle Button contest and has chosen one of her favorite blogs to fill this week's spot. Go click to find out! The question she answered was...

In The Big Lebowski, what is the main character's favorite drink?
Answer: White Russian

Happy Thursday! (One more day 'til Friday. I can do this.)


Jess said...

The idea of someone reading blogs naked is just....gross. PUT SOME CLOTHES ON, YOU FREAKS!

:) I'm the movie trivia queen. MUAH hahahaha

Bouncin' Barb said...

This was funny. Thanks!

Roberta said...

i feel like i HAVE to make time to carve pumpkins. i love love love Bill from True Blood!

amchornetgirl said...

LOVE pumpkin carving! I bought a nice white pumpkin last weekend (and we went through a corn maze!). I'm going to wait til it gets closer to Halloween to carve it, though.