Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bookshelves and Backyards

It’s official. Boyfriend and I are now roomies. Moving and unpacking was horrible. No matter how many times I move, it never gets any easier.

Boyfriend and I already got into our first living-together-argument while assembling a stupid book shelf you buy from a box at freakin’ Wal Mart. The directions were so dumb and made no sense and I wanted to put it together myself, but Boyfriend insisted that we follow directions. I got very mad at him and pouted. The bookshelf ended up looking great, though, so I pouted more because I wanted to be right.

We also discovered that our automatic garage door opener is busted and the landlord withheld that piece of information. And I absolutely cannot lift the damn garage door. Monday morning I was headed to work and could not get into the garage. So I had to go and wake Boyfriend up to open the garage so I could get my car out! This could be a real problem.

But there are many, many great things about our new place. For instance, no noise. Sure there is the occasional vehicle passing by and dog barking, but for the most part it is quiet and peaceful. I also realized how dark it actually gets at night when there are no street lights around.

We can go outside and mess around in the yard and let the dog play. It’s amazing just having a yard.

There are no more roommates coming in and out of the house at all hours of the night. No one I have to answer to when wanting to watch cartoons on T.V. instead of all of those crap reality shows like Hoarders. And I can walk around my house in the buff if I want. Although I probably never will. But I could if I wanted.

So far, I’m loving this decision.

Now...time for your question of the week!!

What was Mickey Mouse’s original name?

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amchornetgirl said...

I'm thinking it was Mortimer Mouse. I can totally comisserate with you on the bookshelf...I tend to get much more angry at inanimate objects than people! Hooray for backyards!

Bouncin' Barb said...

So glad for you guys JM. It's no different when you are older either. Bruce and I were together for a year before we moved in together. I was married for 23 years and owned my house and he was settled in his place. So when we moved down south it was an adjustment. And we're in our 50's. I slept on the couch one night during our first week and we never had an argument before. It's too funny how silly we can become. Seriously, I recommend living together to anyone who wants to get married. If you can survive that then you can survive the marriage. Congrats again.

amchornetgirl said...

About 95% of the arguements the hubs and I have can be directly attributed to me getting way to angry over something stupid and taking it out on him. Luckily he's smart enough to leave me alone until I calm down, and I'm smart enough to apologize when I freak out for no good reason.

Tress said...

Yay Hornet!! You got it right!! Email me (jumblemash@gmail.com) or just let me know on here who you want to be featured on the Giggle Button this week!

Barb- Awesome advice and I completely agree. And I have to say, if all we have to fight about is a bookshelf, then we are doing okay. We rarely argue over anything serious, so I guess that's good.

Aimee said...

Living with your boyfriend is tough work sometimes but it is so worth it. I live with ?Kevin and it is usually so great living with someone you love and who you can be yourself aorund. Arguments will happen often and the first couple of months are the msot difficult while you are trying to get use to living with each other. But just make sure that there is plenty of open communication and compromise. But never compromise on the toliet seat...That sucker needs o be put down (trust me I have fallen into the toliet one too many times in the middle of the night).

But man the perks are amazing. I do walk around in the buff. I get to watch whatever I want (well usually) and I have a person there that I actually want to hang out with. And youre so right with not having to worry about random people coming in and out at all hours. Or bringing random people home.

:) Good luck with the rest of the move.

becca said...

to first answer your question as i'm a huge disney freak mickey's orginal name was Mortimer but walt's wife lillian convinced him to change it.

and when will men learn we are experts at putting things together.

Jess said...

I thought it was Steamboat Willie.... LOL

Pragmatic Spector said...

haha your first "living together argument" sounds so adorable and not at all frustrating. Wow I can't help but swoon and sigh over the prospect of living together with my boyfriend :) you may not believe it but you are one lucky girl simply because you live on your own with a person you choose to live, despite whatever troubles came with that freedom.

Pragmatic Spector said...

Oh and Mickey's original name was Mortimer Mouse. haha. And did you know the antagonist from the movie Charles Muntz, is a reference to Walt Disney's first boss (Charles Mintz of Universal Studios) before he became independent?

Pragmatic Spector said...

sorry i meant to say antagonist, Charles Muntz, from the movie "Up"

hed. said...

Holy crap when J and I moved in together, I bought an identical end table from Ikea that I had purchased and assembled months earlier myself. He insisted on doing it himself, and it was so busted up and broken (because he didn't follow directions) we had to throw it away! Still, I would trade crappy craftsmanship for a warm body and security every time. Grats to you and the bf! Hed hed down under

Tress said...

@Aimee-thanks for the advice! We haven't had the toilet seat problem...yet, but I agree that there is no compromise on that one.

@Becca-Good job! And I don't think men will ever learn!

@Jess- You made me chuckle.

@Pragmatic- I am lucky, aren't I? The adjustment period is just well...an adjustment. And no I did not know that about Charles Muntz! Hmm. Thanks!

@Hed-That would have driven me crazy! But I do agree, warm body and security trumps craftsmanship!

Nicki said...

I am so jealous that you have a yard. A yard is very high up on my wish list. Maybe even above making my student loans magically disappear.