Friday, October 1, 2010

A Post With No Name

Feel free to skip this post if you'd like. Regular "5 Things That Drive Me Crazy" will resume next week.

Anyways, since few of you are probably even reading this (unless no one really skipped it, in which case nevermind), it shouldn't really matter what I write. I could write about the cute little stray kitten that has found its way into my heart even though Boyfriend says I can't keep. Little does he know I've already named it. It's name is Mr. Hobo Snoozer.

Or I could complain about the fact that someone with a red car swung their door open and hit my white car and now there is a red streak down the side. Asshole. Maybe I could tell you about how my college football team lost their first game this season last weekend to Jess' hometown football team, but instead, I'm just going to give you some updates about what's going on in the life of me.I rarely (maybe never) do follow up posts...but I wanted to catch my readers up on what's going on. Some of you expressed slight concern :) I feel like I'm on a roller coaster of emotions. So many ups and downs happening so fast has got my head spinning and my heart racing.

1. I got my freakin' Halloween costume! And Boyfriend decided to be Mad Hatter. I am very happy about this.

2. We found an apartment. It's absolutely amazing and the landlord loves dogs. We are moving on the 15th!!  Now we have 15 days to find someone to sublet Boyfriend's apartment. Not turning out to be an easy task. It's more stressful than I ever imagined.

3. Gina at Fantasy Casting actually took a recommendation of mine seriously (few people do:o)) and read Maximum Ride and created a fantasy cast. It was pretty much perfect.

4. I found out YESTERDAY that my EMT certification expires at the end of October. I have 30 days to put in 20 hours of training. With the moving...this seems highly unlikely.

5. This weekend is the Save 2nd Base Softball Tournament so I have to sit at the softball fields ALL.WEEKEND. You probably won't hear from me until Monday.

6. I have 31 followers, now. I didn't in a million years think that anyone would actually like my blog, let alone follow it.  Thank you my lovely readers and thanks to anyone and everyone that has ever linked me to their own blog. You guys rock. Please bear with me through these next couple of weeks...posting may not be as regular as usual.

P.S. This post makes little makes no sense at all. I am aware of that.

UPDATE: Just found out our new house phone number ends in 4077. First one to guess where that number is from and why it's AWESOME gets to choose which blog (it can be your own) goes on the Giggle Button next week. The Giggle Button is to your right. Scroll down. See it? Ok good.


Hornetgirl said...

Hooray for the apartment! We want pics of the Halloween costumes (I know we'll have to wait a bit). And good luck with all the other happenings (remember, sunblock is your friend when you're out at the softball tournament).

Gina said...

oooh... I covet your Halloween costume! :)

Oh, and my heart skipped a little beat when you said you loved the Maximum Ride cast!

ImplausibleYarn said...

Its a random post full of greatness, I love your Halloween costume and its great that you'll be part of a matching theme. congratulations on the apartment!

Admin said...

Thanks guys!!

@Hornetgirl- It's only 50 degrees here and its raining. Thanks for the tip though:) I think I'm going to go with a rain coat instead.

@Gina- My heart skipped when I saw you took me seriously:) Have you read any more of the series?

@IY- I love you for saying it's full of greatness. I almost cried happy tears ;)

Jess said...

MASH? That's what I thought of....

Sorry your boys lost to mine. Well, not really :P

Yay on the costume, YAY for new apartments, YAY for the Bookworm (who I follow)and YAY for kittens named Hobo Snoozer!

Admin said...

I've tried posting a comment three times and its keeps saying Service Unavailable. WTF is wrong with you Google!!!



Since you are already on the Giggle Button this week you can choose to either extend your stay or pick someone else to be featured. Up to you.

P.S. You are sooooooo not sorry LSU kicked WVU butt. ;)

Jess said...

Yay! I never win anything!

I'm going to whore myself out for an extended stay. LOL. I'm all about me.

P.S. You're absolutely right. Geaux Tigers! (I heart you!)

Jenny said...

New here. Love your random post. Also love MASH. For a song called Suicide is Painless, it's actually very beautiful. I wanted to be Hawkeye (or at least marry him) when I was little and I wanted to be best friends with Klinger and Radar.

Admin said...

LOL Jess...I so heart you. Whore on my sista. Whore on.

Jenny! Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. Radar and I are totally BFF's...he just doesn't know it. I absolutely loved Radar and had a cat named Radar. But it ran away. Probably because I always wanted to cuddle with it and it hated me. *Sigh* And Hawkeye is awesome. Have you read Alan Alda's book, "Never Have Your Dog Stuffed?" It's amazing if you like Hawkeye.