Friday, October 15, 2010

5 Things That Drive Me Crazy: Living in a College Town Edition

While watching my hometown college team play football last night, I realized exactly what I needed to do for my 5 Things That Drive Me Crazy list.

 Traffic- My boss actually let everyone leave early yesterday so that we could actually get home and avoid the game day traffic. I literally live 2 minutes away from the stadium, and no matter what time the game is, you cannot avoid traffic on game day. If the game is at 7:00 p.m., they start tailgating at 7:00 a.m. So on game days, its pretty much a known fact that you are stuck in the house unless you are attending. Not to mention that they actually reroute traffic everywhere and make it convenient for the people going to the stadium. The people just trying to get to the grocery store? Yeah, no such luck. Pizza places even refuse to deliver on games days.

Out of Towners- It's not that I hate people from other states/countries. I just hate that they don't know where they are going and slow down traffic impossibly more.

Extra Cops- Because of all the traffic and the thousands and thousands of students who pile into our small town every year, cops are plentiful. DUI checkpoints are set up all the time, which is awesome because I'm completely against DUI, but when you are just trying to get home from work, being stopped at a check point sucks!

Expensive Booze- College students drink. A lot. Our bar and club owners are very aware of that fact. If you go downtown, you can easily spend $6 on a beer. If you go five minutes out of city limits, you can get a beer for $2.50. Only problem is...the bars and clubs downtown are so much better.

Noise- On game days, I can hear the stadium noises. Crowds cheering, occasional fireworks, the announcers on the loud speaker, the music. It's kinda cool, unless you are trying to sleep, then its just annoying.

Thankfully, beginning Saturday, Boyfriend and I will be living in a very quiet neighborhood, 20 miles away from the stadium. I bet I'll enjoy game days a lot more.


ImplausibleYarn said...

completely understand! Not the stadium part exactly but the bad traffic and people not knowing where they are going and expensive booze? You find a lot of that living in a tourist trap area. Moving day is coming right up!

Amy said...

Yikes that's horrible! I am from a small town, and it gets horrible in the summer from tourists... it's a tourist town. My best friends Dad actually heard a tourist say once in a very busy grocery store on the weekend: "Locals should only be able to shop during the week". Yah.. uh no get out of my town.

In Ottawa traffic gets really bad when there is an Ottawa Senators (hockey) game, luckily the hockey stadium is 15 minutes west of Ottawa... it just sucks for the people that live WEST of Ottawa.

Bouncin' Barb said...

Great post JM....I find it so comforting that the cops are out in droves at an event like this. Who's watching out for the murderers, rapists and drug dealers? Fortunately it's not a year long season.

As for the beer. Now you know why people try to sneak it in. $6 is ridiculous for a beer.

You are moving? Good for you. Good luck in that.

Jess said...

I agree on the traffic part. There's nothing worse than gameday traffic in Baton Rouge. Howerver, the tailgating, noise and other fans make for mucho fun!

Jess said...


I hate posting and then realizing I have a grammatic error.

amchornetgirl said...

I don't live in a college town but we visit one very often to play shows...Lexington, KY. UK sports are freakin' huge there, and they do the same things that you talked about. We've been late to shows because nearly every place we play involves driving past the stadium. Sucks!

Tress said...

@IY- Indeed it is!! So excited!!

@Amy- Completely understand what you mean. The outsiders act like we are the problem! My town is small, too...but they just keep piling people in there like we've got room to spare. It's ridiculous.

@Barb- Sure am! Boyfriend and I have taken the next step :)

@Jess- When I first moved near the stadium I was all "Yay this is awesome. So much school spirit." Now I'm all "GET THE F OUT OF MY YARD YOU DRUNKEN HOBO!!!" Hehe.

@Hornet- There are a lot of towns that are huge into sports. My town for one. And I've heard Texas is pretty crazy when it comes to football. Our high school football games are held in college stadiums because they are so popular. It is really boring here, so I only assume people love football so much b/c that's all there is to do.

becca said...

thanks god i live in the country

Canadianbloggergirl said...

Wow sounds like an awesome place to go to school, but you're right not so much if you're trying to sleep. I'm all over big cities and living 10 to 20 minutes outside the city.

Far enough away to not have to deal with it, but close enough to enjoy it when I choose to!