Friday, August 20, 2010

Maximum Ride

Best book series ever.

Ok, maybe.

The Maximum Ride novels by James Patterson are truly incredible. They are so exciting! Every page is action packed.

The series is about six kids that were that were bred in a science lab and endured experiments that left them 98% human and 2% avian. Yeah, they all have wings and can fly. They are amazing! Max is the main character and pretty much the leader. They escaped the science lab and have to fend for themselves. Max is like fourteen and has to take care of everyone. She also has to worry about their protection. People from the science lab are always chasing them and trying to get them to come back.

As they grow, they begin discovering that they have more abilities than just their wings. But I won't give those away. These kids are constantly on the run and trying to figure out ways to survive while getting betrayed by people they thought they could trust.

These books are honestly appropriate for all ages although they are listed as young adult science fiction/fantasy books. My dad and my boss read them and absolutely loved them. Not to mention like half of my friends.

There are also graphic novels out and they are making a movie based on the series. BUT it is directed by Catherine Hardwicke who also directed Twilight and pretty much screwed the whole thing up. I can only hope she does better on the Maximum Ride novels.

Speaking of turning books into movies, ya'll should check out Fantasy Casting.

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