Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm out of things to talk about.

Well, it's Thursday and I really have nothing to talk about. I haven't played any new video games...still waiting on Halo Reach to come out.

I haven't had any funny mishaps that may or may not entertain you. (Ok, except for the fact that my nose ring is infected now and I think I should take it out.)

I haven't read a book in a while because I've just been too busy.

I did however get to watch The Other Guys with boyfriend the other night and it was hysterical! Go see it if you get a chance! Will Farrell is hilarious and Mark Wahlberg compliments his character fantastically (which I never expected).

Also, I'm working on helping my sister's softball team organize a breast cancer awareness softball tournament. So far, we have the dates set. We are really terrible at this. The tournament is actually called Save Second Base. How perfect is that? I wish I could say that it had been my idea, but I can't.

On the first day of the tournaments, my sister's team (which happens to be the championship team...woo hoo Go Sister!) is going to play against survivors and their families. To have a disadvantage, my sister's team has to wear bras on the outside of their T Shirts and stuff them with water balloons. In October. I will definitely be posting pics of the event.

But since I have some hook ups, I was put in charge of coming up with some T Shirt designs. I would like to share them with you. Keep in mind they need cleaned up and what not, but here are some samples.

What do ya think?

Any ideas?


Jess said...

I want to see The Other Guys! Maybe I can talk the hubs into going this weekend....

I think the Save Second Base tournament is an excellent idea! I'm a fan of the "Save the Ta-tas" tshirt design, but I also like the "Get your boobies felt" shirts too (they have the pink ribbon under the words just to be clear LOL). :)

Admin said...

OMG I love the Boobies Felt one! I'm totally going to run it by the committee! Thanks Jess!

Annah said...

I've heard wonderful things about The Other Guys so most def I need to go watch it :) You put me in your blog roll? You rock!!!!!! Why aren't you following me and helping with famosity though :( Waaaaaah. LMAO

Also, I always wanted a nose ring when I was younger but was too chickenshit. Now I'm too old. lol but I am still very much so lusting over a tattoo. Even if it's an inch in diameter I will get it one day, by the time I get the courage I'll probably be eighty years old though. Rocking it out.

Admin said...

I thought I was following you Annah! LOL. I will try again! Thanks for stopping by!

I actually have four tattoos and let me tell you they do not hurt as bad as piercings. I would rather have a hundred more than get my nose pierced again! lol.