Thursday, January 6, 2011

Giggle, Wiggle, and Jiggle

Good morning Jumble Mashers!

I asked you all last week who you would rather go on a date with and these are the answers I got.
79% of you would rather go on a date with a dumbass than with someone with nasty teeth or someone that is rude to the waiter. No one picked Mr./Ms. Liar Liar Pants on Fire. So yes dumbass, nasty teeth, and rude boy win over liar. I liked that. I cannot stand someone that lies.

I was looking at this article about dating statistics when I came up with that survey. Here are a few that I found interesting.

You have 15 minutes to make a first impression - if you're a woman, that is. If you're a man, you have a little more cushion. Women usually take about an hour to decide if you're going to have a second date.

#1 relationship argument is over money - according to a poll by the University of Denver. So, don't feel too bad if you can't agree about who's paying for the date. It's rather common, and not exactly a foretelling of things to come.
44% of the adult American population is single. That's over 100 million people.
Ok our new poll for the week is...
What is your idea of weekend fun?
Corey answered the Giggle Button question What 54-year old singer took everything off but her boots for a playboy cover? correctly. It was Nancy Sinatra! Go click the button and see who Corey chose!
And last but definitely not weekly blog recommendation.
Hed Above Water
Not only do I love Hed because we have a ton in common, but she is having a giveaway over at her place. She is trying to eat healthy and all you have to do to enter is send her a healthy recipe. But since I can't cook, like at all, I'm sure if you all stop over there and tell her who sent you she would allow me an entry!


Simple Dude said...

Nice post - love the dating stats. It's not easy being 'out there' on the market and dating can be a real pain in the ass. I should know, I've been through it many, many times in my life having never been married and now in my (ahem) mid to late 30s.

I have bounced between long term relationships that are 1 - 3 years but always ended. Luckily I've got a good thing going now that I think is the real deal!


Amy said...

I feel kind of bad now for choosing to date someone stupid over someone's looks... but I take pride in my teeth and I just picture some nasty ass teeth. I'm sorry but nobody wants to date snaggle tooth. Or Mr. yellow teeth I've never brushed them before. I guess it's not about looks per se but personal hygiene and being able to care about yourself.

Not the Hero said...

Oh dating. I have some ridiculous stories about dating, so many in fact that I created some rules to follow when dating. I'm currently writing about them on my blog.

becca said...

taking my son to the park to play while i sit under the tree and read and listen to my ipod. that is the funniest thing for me because he is happy and so am i.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

weekend plans... saturday is ron's 63rd birthday so we'll find something to do. he wants to go see tron {ick} so i may suck it up and take him. having only one balance nerve, and vertigo, i'm worried that the fast movements in the movie will make me ill.

i don't like nasty teeth, either. can't stand liars. or rude people. so i'd be stuck with the dumb person. one date. couldn't do it more than once.

Brittany said...

I Picked rude to waiter.. although if my date was rude to a waiter I'd be peeved! I wish there was a none of the above option :) lol!!!

Corey said...

first of all, thanks for the giggle button. now i feel like a freak for putting myself up there! ;) but i'm over it! self promotion! haha

also, love the idea of the polls! such fun!

and the fact that 100 million + people out there are single is a nice idea for me. Take into consideration that 50% of those are male, and that statistically 10% of them are gay, looks like i have a dating pool of about 5 million people.

thats not too bad ;)

Anonymous said...

I love Hed and Corey too! They are just so inspirational! I wish I had some healthy recipes for Hed, but I don't, I don't even want to win anything, I just want to help her obtain her goal, so before I help her...I got to help myself in finding an interesting healthy recipe.

Bouncin' Barb said...

Great post JM. Hugs!

twilightgazing said...

Does that "15 minutes to make an impression", translate to just wear a short skirt?

Dating can be hard work, but it can also be fun... and with those stats what am I doing over here?

SkippyMom said...

Air head is definitely the only option there. I would smack the crap out of anyone nasty to a waiter, I couldn't look at someone with awful teeth and liars are losers. Never.

At least the airhead would be fun. Think of the possibilities. heehee.

I am so sorry it took me so long to get over here, but I am glad I did.

Hugs Mash. :D

caterpillar said...

I thought I would choose Mr.Nasty teeth but on second thoughts, I think I'll stick with Air head...:)

hed said...

JM! I had cancelled my contest because I hit 50 readers-in three days!

After reading your blog and the comments from today's blog, I have decided to re-open the contest:

Thanks a bunch for the shout-out, and you're entered! <3


hed said...

Oh and PS-my weekend consists of vegging out and leveling my rogue. You didn't have that option! :D


Daffy said...

Well Liar Liar will be back in circulation officially come Feb.

Until then he's dodging cell phone bills. lmao

Sandra said...

I didn't take the survey. I have to say, I would have picked Mr. Liar...why not, right. It could be fun trying to see if I could tell when he was lying. I have four kids after all. I'm well skilled in the art of deciphering the truth.

Mynx said...

blog oving over at my place JM. Great post as always. And two great bloggers.
Corey, I would have picked myself too lol

Mrs. Hyde said...

It may take us an hour to decide if they're getting a second date, but it only takes 60 seconds to decide if they're ever going to get any.

FreeFlying said...

15 minutes. Ouch. That's tight. I hope that doesn't apply to girls' friendships as well. Although I suspect that it usually does.

Nicki said...

I sure hope stammering incoherently and downing whiskey and Guinness are attractive to men, because that's all I can accomplish in 15 minutes. Oh, I can tear apart straw wrappers, too.