Thursday, January 27, 2011

Giggle, Wiggle and Jiggle

Apparently, not many people watch Heroes, but I still did have some votes on last week's poll. It says currently I have 6, but I could have sworn yesterday it said 10. Oh well. Peter Petrelli and Hiro Nakamura tied for the win. I personally love Peter Petrelli. Not only because he has THE coolest power ever, but because of this.

Seriously, Google, you need more photos of this man shirtless. Thanks.

 See my point? Yummy.

So I have a challenge for you my lovely readers. Please email me ( or comment with some new poll ideas. Some people can't relate to the polls at all and I want some that everyone can enjoy! For now, no poll.

Also, Sam won the Giggle Button trivia this week. She answered, What's the name of the game played by Harry Potter and his team mates on broomsticks? Which is Quidditch. A lot of you knew that actually...Sam was just first. Make sure you click on the Giggle Button!

Now for my weekly recommendation!

Life's Journey With a Smile

And not just because she created Jumble Mash's new banner, but also because she is super sweet and her blog is an excellent read. Go check her out!

Don't forget! Today is the last day to enter the giveaway! Winner will be announced tomorrow.


lyndylou said...

I loved Heroes and he was hot hot hot!!!

Amy said...

awww thank-you :D

I sent you your new banner!! wohoooo!

I'll get my brain thinking on some poll ideas!

steph c said...

Ohhh Peter. Yum.

Thisisme. said...

I have never seen Heroes, but I've obviously been missing something here! He is gorgeous with a capital G!!

Gina said...

1) Rory totally should have ended up with Jess.
2) I remember season 2 of Heroes, they found a way to make him shirtless for like the first six episodes straight... his shirt even caught fire, and instead of putting it out, he just took it off and kept running.

I loved the first season and a half of Heroes. After that, not so much.

Bubbles said...

I can't always relate to it as something are U.S only but it doesn't bother me. I'll see if I can think of something.

I love you funky new banner.

Tress said...

@Lyndylou- You have very good taste my friend.

@Amy- It looks great, don't ya think?? I love it!

@Steph- Indeed :)

@Thisisme- I know right?!?

@Gina- AMEN TO THAT. Jess was so much hotter than Dean. I'd also have to agree with the first two seasons being the best. Wonder if they switched writers or something?

@Bubbles- Thanks! I love it too!

becca said...

oh so excited about the giveaway can't wait to se who will win it.

Meg O. said...

Yay! I love Amy! Cute banner! I do blog design too and currently on my second blog that's not my own! WOO!

Krissy said...

I watched the first two seasons and then there was too much on TV at the same time opposite that show so it went off my radar. Peter is hot though, I must say. It's always a bonus to get eye candy when I come to a blog. :)

LottieSpartacus said...

Heroes lost me about halfway through Season One...And I am torn about Jess - he was an absolute prick early on, then changed, but did he really??!! Dean was way too soppy for Rory - she would have been bored with him!

Maybe a Gilmore Girls poll??!!

twilightgazing said...

OH! I think I now have a reason to watch hero's.... will think about new poll ideas once my mind is less distracted :)

Tress said...

@Becca- I know! I'm excited too!

@Meg O.- I really need a whole blog makeover. How much do you charge?

@Krissy- Glad I could be of some assistance:)

@Lottie- Hahhaha, but of the two, Jess was definitely hotter.

@Twilight- Yes, even if you don't like it, mute it and just stare at Peter.

Mrs. Hyde said...

Love the new banner!

a bitch called mom

JBarone said...

yes very Yummy I love Heros!

Tress said...

@Mrs. Hyde- Thank you!

@Jbarone- Me too!