Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wee Bit Wednesday!

{one} name one thing you worry about running out of.

Dog food. Bowen goes through it so fast and there isnt' a grocery store around, so I'm always afraid he'll have to go hungry until I can get somewhere.

{two} what is your favorite pizza topping?

ham. yummy.

{three} what is your favorite harrison ford movie?

The Fugitive

{four} apple juice or orange juice?


{five} what’s your favorite thing to do on a sunday afternoon?

be lazy and play video games with Boyfriend or watch movies

{six} what is the wallpaper on your cellphone of?

Haha the turtle from my banner

{seven} do you have a favorite tv commercial?

I pretty much like all the Progressive commercials. Boyfriend thinks Flo is annoying but I LOVE HER.

{eight} what is the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

Liver. I know some will say that's not weird, but I don't eat weird things so that's as good as it gets.

{nine} what is one piece of clothing you can’t live without?

Bras? Panties? I mean the bra is pretty essential since I am a bit busty, but I guess I could live without panties.

{ten} if you were a character from “lost”, who would you be?

I have never ever watched that show. So I have no clue.

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Bouncin' Barb said...

I love Flo. She's fun, cute and sexy in her own way. Great character. These were good answers.

Bouncin' Barb said...

BTW...check prices of the dogfood in online pet supply stores. Petfood Direct, Pet Smart, etc.etc. A lot of times if you buy bulk they have free shipping and then you can get it right to the door. I used this when I had my 3 dogs and one was 85 pounds.

Amy said...

hahah I didn't think of bras and underwear... too funny. I can't live without a bra either I often sleep in them.

SkippyMom said...

Oh I know what you mean about the dog food and the rate the doggies go through it. Fortunately we live pretty close to a store for emergency food, but we do have to buy special food for our Chessie and that is pretty far.

And I love Flo too! So cute.

Mamarazzi said...

never watch Lost either, i am pretty sure we didn't miss anything.

steph c said...

I disagree with Mamarazzi. You must watch Lost. You will be hooked. I'm seriously so bummed it's over!!

Bubbles said...

Oh I never thought about Bras and underwears but I really couldn't live without those either... and I know what you mean about busty, mine would be all over!

I'm also glad to read I'm not the only one who hasn't watched lost as I thought I might be the only one.

The Adorkable Ditz said...

I got lost with Lost so I agree with you there. I couldn't live without panties! My ass is so big that it needs to be covered. I don't understand the concept of thongs, why not just go commando?!

My phone wallpaper is my Cam Man <3


On My Soapbox said...

For the first question, I think I would say toilet paper! Oh, and I haven't seen "Lost", either. I don't watch much tv.

BlessedMama said...

Wow, you are the 4th person (including me) that has never watched Lost! haha!
Yuck Liver!

Julie said...

Jumble Mash - i clicked thru to your blog from my friend Lynne's - you've put a smile on my face today - it's been a good day anyway, but i loved the post about the phone call - i'm afraid i'm a bit like you - i'd take the call just outta curiosity!!!

Hope yopu don't mind if i follow you! said...

I agree with the dog food. I feel like every time I turn around...its gone. I'm not going to lie, after I read number 1, I immediately turned my head to see if I'm running out of doggie food. LOL. Lucky, I'm still good!

A Redhead Named Sam said...

I'm thankful my dogs are they don't eat a lot. Though, I'll admit there have been days that I found myself without food someway...somehow. *shrug*

"Boyfriend thinks Flo is annoying but I LOVE HER."
Hahahaha, same thing in my house. I think she's just the cutest thing and I'll occasionally blurt out with, "I like cashmere socks!".

becca said...

cool answer and so glad to know you can't live without bras and :)

lyndylou said...

Can't live without a bra either!!! Otherwise my boobs would be at my knees! And Lost was ace!

I see my mad mate Julie from Glasgow is now following you :)

twilightgazing said...

If ever I ran out of dog food, I used to make rice and mix a tin of tuna in, my dogs loved this.

And I just love my bra and knickers, urgh panties, so couldn't live without them.

Ashley said...

bras!! how could I forget those!!??

Copyboy said...

Video games? Wow! You are a good girlfriend.

Alessandra said...

I could skip the bra, but couldn't imagine going without panties. Yes, dog food is very high on my list of don't want to run out of, right after cat food.

Really like your post today, I think I'm going to steal it:)

becca said...

gave you an award

Tress said...

Thank you all for the lovely comments! Wish I had time right now to answer each individually! But I do love each and every one!