Friday, January 7, 2011

A Loft

While laying in bed last night, Boyfriend and I were trying to go to sleep but both of us were a little too hyper so we ended up goofing off and acting silly. I started singing something and for some reason, Boyfriend very randomly said, “Aloft.”

Me: What? Like the ceiling?

BF: No, like in a house. A loft.

Me: Like you sleep in?

BF: You can sleep in it if you want to.

Me: If we don’t sleep in the loft, where do we sleep? In the bathroom?

BF: No, there is a master bedroom on the first floor.

Me: Oh, so what’s the point in having a loft?

BF: To store stuff in.

Me: We have a garage.

BF: No, not like that. We can store skis in it.

Me: We don’t ski.

BF: Just for decorations.

Me: Do we even have friends that ski?

BF: Yes, Jack and Jill ski.

Me: Oh, so we’ll put out the skis when they come over to impress them.

BF: Something like that.

Me: So what if John and Jane come over? What should we decorate with?

BF: Something religious.

Me: Got it. A giant cross.

BF: Yes, but we can’t burn it like Madonna.

Me: What?

BF: You’ve never seen the video of Madonna burning the cross?

Me: No.

BF: Yeah, she did. And then after that she turned British.

Me: .....

BF: She just started talking in a British accent. Don’t ask me.

Me: You love Madonna.



BF: Hey, we should steal your dad’s house and put a hot tub on the deck.

Me: Other houses have decks, love. Let’s steal someone else’s. Dad would be mad at me.


Danger Boy said...

Yeah, that's pretty random. I love those conversations, though...when your brain links up with your loved one and explores...random shit.

Jess said...

That's great. I love the Madonna part of the conversation.

Bouncin' Barb said...

Definitely a conversation that Bruce and I have had just with different Very cute.

lyndylou said...

lol funny, Holly and I have random conversations like that, great fun :)

steph c said...

Heh. Awesome. Good idea to steal a non-family member's house. Could create tension.

SkippyMom said...

I love being married and having these types of random conversations. I can actually understand your train of thought. Which is comforting in an odd sort of way. :D

Not the Hero said...

This reminds me of some of the conversations I have with my Sisters.

Me: Why don't you like swimming in lakes?

Sis: Cause of the dead bodies.

Me: What?

Sis: People dumb dead bodies in lakes.

Me: All of them.

Sis: Yea, what do you think the seaweed grows on.

Bubbles said...

Randomness is alway so much more fun

Thisisme said...

Isn't it funny where these random conversations come from?! He was right about Madonna starting to speak with a British accent! She probably doesn't now, as she has left us.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

ron and i have random conversations. trouble is, he's the only one who understands what he's saying half the time. still makes them pretty funny sometimes.

isn't what he's referring to (loft) the attic? we used to have an old house with a big attic and we converted it into our bedroom. it was pretty cool.

Krissy said...

I was worried when you started off with the fact that you were lying in bed, but that was cute! Kinda like letting us be a fly on the wall.. :)

Jumble Mash said...

@Danger- Yeah, I agree. Some of our random conversations stick in my head more than our serious or important ones.

@Jess- LOL the Madonna part was the most random, I think.

@Barb-Thank you!

@Lyndy-That's awesome! And they are very fun and they can lead to anything!

@Steph-Yeah I thought so too. I mean, Christmas would just be awkward.

@Skippy-I barely understand our train of thought so it is VERY comforting that you do! :)

@Not the Hero- That is awesome!!! Sounds so familiar to me :)

@Bubbles- Couldn't agree more.

@Thisisme- Really?? I thought he was just making that crap up. Man, sometimes he knows too much about Madonna.

@Teresa- Haha, as long as they make you laugh, that's quite alright. And I still really have no idea what he was talking about. I was thinking something like this

until he started talking about storing stuff in it.

Amy said...

Like a Prayer - is the Madonna video - my favourite Madonna video of all time -lovvvve it.

I miss my boyfriend - he comes home today!! YAY!

Tress said...

@Krissy- LOL Glad you enjoyed! I told him I was gonna start keeping a pen and paper by the bed because that's when most of our crazy convos happen!

@Amy- I absolutely hate it when Boyfriend goes outta town. I feel for ya! But yay you get to see him today!!! And thanks for telling me the Madonna video...going to youtube now.

On My Soapbox said...

Are you sure your Dad would be mad at you for installing a hot tub? He might like it!

Mrs. Hyde said...

I remember when Madonna started that British accent thing. It was both stupid and hilarious at the same time.

So...tell me what you two had been drinking so I can go get some of it for tonight.

Krissy said...

Do you keep your phone near? You can always use an app or something to remind yourself of the conversation for later. LOL

By the way, wasn't Madonna from like Detroit or something? British she is FAR from!

caterpillar said...

:) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love random conversations?!

becca said...

i love random conversations

Chief aka Dad said...

I could have done without the "While laying in bed last night, Boyfriend and I were trying to go to sleep..." part...yes, I'm in denial :-) But thanks for not stealing my're back in the Will :-)

Tress said...

@Soapbox- I'm sure he'd like the hot tub. Just not the whole stealing his house thing. :)

@Mrs. Hyde- LOL I'm sad I missed that whole stage in her life. And honestly...we were completely sober. Just slap happy!

@Krissy- I keep my phone and my iPad near me! I didn't even think of that. LOL. I have no clue where Madonna is from but I know she's American.

@Caterpillar- Smiles to you!

@AD- I do! So much!

@Becca- Meeee tooo!

Krissy said...

See, I had to look it up. She's from Bay City, Michigan. SO not anything even culturally close to English. LOL

Copyboy said...

I agree...the burt cross to madonna being british cracked me up.

Mynx said...

While house hunting, the youngest requested an attic. The oldest son however wanted a dungeon/basement "Better for hiding the bodies Mum" Bodies? huh?

FreeFlying said...

Ha! Too cute!

Nicki said...

Now I want a loft!

(I love your JM-Boyfriend transcribed conversations)